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If ur wondering why Mexico is rioting atm and if ur saying “omg theyre rioting over gas thats so stupid” and blah blah blah.. Just know that the minimum wage in Mexico is $80 Pesos($3 USD) a day.

they earn $3 dollars a day

The gas in Mexico right now is $15.75 Pesos per liter (btw this is the cheapest gas price in Mexico I could find.. $15 pesos is about $0.80 USD) In order to fill up a 4 cylinder car, they spend around $550 Pesos($30 USD)

So lets say someone works at minimum wage for 6 days. They end up earning $480 Pesos a week ($24 USD). Yeah.. no theyre not gonna be able to fill up their tank.

They still need to pay bills, buy groceries, clothes, etc.

The president of Mexico is shitty and ever since he got elected the country has gone to shit and they still have to suffer 2 more years until he is out of office


Update: yes I accidentally wrote $3 instead of $4. I apologize sincerely for that misinformation.
The economy grew at sluggish 0.7 percent in first quarter of 2017
By coincidence, the new estimates were released on President Trump's 99th day in office and offer some of the first data on how the economy is performing in his new administration.
please keep us in your thoughts

Mexico is going through a lot lately and to make things worse, there was a school shooting in Monterrey yesterday, which is not very common here in Mexico (I think this is our fist recorded school shooting). We have a problem with our gas, our economy, the government, and now schools are freaking out too. I know that if these problems were happing anywhere else, it would be everywhere. All I ask is to keep us in your thoughts and help spread awareness about this. thank u

I Am Not A 90's Kid

I was watching a documentary today, called Best of the 90’s, and I realized, though I was born in the decade, I am not a 90’s kid. 

I am a member of Generation Z, everyone born since 1995. I am the last of the 90’s, born between 1995 and 1999. 

We didn’t watch Darkwing Duck, or Sonic the Hedgehog, but we have cartoons of our own. 

We remember having to rewind tapes, using VCR’s and watching technology change from this:

To this:

We may not remember much about Columbine, or 9/11, but we have grown up in the America shaped by those events, where it is impossible to remember a way any different. 

We grew up hearing the words: economy, gas prices, unemployment, war, Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism. 

We have seen struggles and fights, and watched the world change to pave the way for equality and acceptance. 

So no, we may not be “90’s kids”. But we are a unique generation. The bridge between the past and the new millennium. 

What generation do you belong to? What is something you remembered about when you were a kid?

The average L.A. driver lost more than 100 hours and more than $2,400 in fuel and productivity last year.

Cheap gas and a surging economy are taxing the nation’s roads and contributing to congestion that cost U.S. motorists almost $300 billion last year in wasted time and fuel, according to a new report.

Los Angeles had the worst traffic in the world among the 1,064 cities studied by transportation analytics firm INRIX. The average driver wasted 104 hours sitting in gridlock during the busiest commuting times last year, and lost $2,408 each in squandered fuel and productivity.

What a way to start the new year
  • January 1st: Gasoline prices rise to 15.99 the cheapest and 17.71 the most expensive.(mexican pesos)
  • January 2nd: Protest agaisnt the rise in hydrocarbons start in the big cities of the country. Rumors of revolution start to spread among the people.
  • January 3rd: Mexico City and Veracruz start to report lootings, starting with small convinience stores and then scalating to chain supermarkets. Protesters take gas stations and give out the gasoline for free, there are threats of burning them down. Rumor says the government is behind it.
  • January 4th: Mexico's situaton makes it to world news, citizens are afraid of leving their homes, people start panic shopping and by now only few supermarkets are open in Veracruz. The lootings continue.
  • January 5th: Five deaths have been reported untill now and the number of detained for the lootings rise to 800. Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto asks to the people 'What would you have done?' when explaining the rise in hydrocarbons prices. Public transportations are in strike in the state of Veracruz. Rumor says water and power will be cut down and a curfew will be installed.
  • January 6th: The panic shopping continues. Multiple panic messages are circulating in social media like whatsapp and facebook. The people start taking matters into their own hands waiting for the looters with any weapon they can find to defend their shops and homes. Several neighborhoods start making watches to protect their homes. Looters are now trying to enter houses. Rumor says the police is asking citizens to distinguish themselves of the looters by wearing white shirts when they leave their homes. Multiple children don't receive gifts in the day of the three wise men.
  • January 7th: Some citizens are traveling all the way to Guatemala to buy cheaper gasoline. Stores report loses of more than 1000 million pesos. Multiple schools have cancelled classes untill new notice. Hydrocarbons price is making rises in everything else.
  • And yet the only thing I see when going through the Mexico tag is people announcing their vacations or posting pretty pictures of Mexico.
  • #MeDuelesMéxico
Permanent Mission
Coke Bust
Permanent Mission

If you believe in freedom you wouldn’t support killing women and children no matter where they live.
If you support the troops, you won’t send them off to die in a war.
Spending billions of dollars spreading democracy all around the globe and we can’t feed our own poor.
We have piles of problems; we have needs of our own and struggles… without going offshore.
A permanent mission that started with vengeance and hatred still lacks an objective.
There’s even more violence and we’ve angered our enemies. This war has been ineffective.
So what the fuck are we doing and better yet tell me what the fuck have done. In fear of attack,
We’ve made an institution, and created a culture of imperialism and they can’t take it back.
Cheap lives, cheap gas. War economy, got to renew the contracts.
Keep going, don’t stop. Not just Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.
Keep going, don’t stop. 3,000 dead and I know you never forgot.

sunn-flower-too: I tried to like it … I couldn’t.

Crystal Pepsi is best enjoyed when reclining on your sofa in your tie-dyed t-shirt and backwards baseball cap, enjoying the gas prices and economy under the Clinton administration, while flipping through the channels between 3xtr3m3 sports shows and the old US-vs-USSR movies that you used to watch ironically. 


Signs and wonders. This is the American landscape. A desert of symbols, posted against the sky in some measure of defiance and a reserve of anger — an overcompensation complex made into a over-full economy of gas stations, travel lodges, and fast food joints.

It all starts with the motel. Symbols against the blank sky. Vegas, big box stores, the highway strips of suburban America. The details to follow. Turn at the sign. The rest is manifest destiny (99c gas, discount milk, free parking to the horizon).

We are called to the motor court. We are ourselves in the absence of place. The sand-swept beacon pulls at us.

Sign after sign, corridors of symbols and lures, when one disappears another one takes its place. The language of the road has no etymology, really. How does one make sense of stardust, thrown up by spinning wheels and illuminated briefly before dropping back to the parking lot.

I took my key, walked twelve steps, juggled the door, and sunk into the bed.

Blink. Blink.



All around the country, gasoline prices have been falling for weeks, down to an average of about $3 a gallon. Those lower prices are helping restrain inflation across the board.

On Wednesday, the Labor Department said its consumer price index barely inched up 0.1 percent last month. Over the past 12 months, the CPI has risen by 1.7 percent, roughly half of its historical average rate of increase.

That sounds great for consumers.

But some economists see possible trouble ahead. 

You’re Enjoying Low Gas Prices, But Is It Really A Good Sign?

Photo location and credit (top to bottom): Northern NJ, Route 17 (sarah_rosed) and Lexington, KY (macyaloi)

VIDEO: How fracking saved America from the Obama economy

You know those great gas prices you’re seeing at the pump right now?  You can thank fracking for that.  Fracking has finally given US energy companies (you know, those evil oil corporations) a leg up on the criminal oil syndicates of the Middle East.  

here’s the video:

Obama might want to take credit for the economic recovery, but the truth is that his administration has been fighting fracking all the way.  As Shapiro said in the video, the recovery has been in spite of Obama’s efforts, not because of them.

Anime is destroying our society at a fundamental level and corruping our youth

I believe the rise of nationalism, racism, and nazi sympathisers is a direct result of anime, as the japanese are a very racist and nationalist and xenophobic people who supported hitler in world war 2

In addition to nazism, anime promotes homosexuality with “yowie” and “yoori”

anime conditions our children to seek out “2d waifus” instead of real mates, decreasing our already dwindling population

americans and white europeans waste countless money on plasic “anime action figurines” and “man-ga”, damaging their domestic economy by shipping our money overseas

If we do not ban this blight on society soon we will be plunged into another technological dark age, please remember pearl harbor the next time you see your sons or daughters watching “toonami” or browsing the “man-ga” isles of the book store