gas dynamics


(this is v v v rushed and I wanted to add more characters but ran out of time hgosidighaiodsfjj)(also crappy birthday hat version under the cut)

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The bidders when they fart

i cant believe im doing this yet here i am shitposting

pls dont take this seriously lmfao

@yumascarrotdick here’s the farting headcanon lmaoooo

if you want shitposting @maidofstars @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @bolt8826

Eisuke: This little shit’s the type to blame others as soon as he farts, but everyone already knows it’s him because he’s the only one who’d make a big fucking deal out of it. His farts aren’t that loud or anything, really. In fact, they come out in cute little “toots.” He’s secretly embarrassed at how lame his farts sound. 

Soryu: Silent but violent. His farts are barely audible, so normally he’d be able to get away with it, if not for the god-awful smell. With the sheer amount of omelets he consumes daily, his farts always smell like rotten eggs mixed with Satan’s asshole. No one can hear him fart, but they all just know it’s him based on the odor alone. When people make fun of him, he brings out his gun to shut them up.

Baba: He has no shame whatsoever. His farts are like a classic whoppee cushion—not too stinky, somewhat loud, but annoying as fuck. He likes to make a big joke out of his farts, sometimes purposely sitting beside Ota or Mamoru just to piss them off.

Ota: In his defense, he tries to be stealthy about it. He always raises his voice when he feels a poot coming on. Also, he farts in tiny intervals to soften the blow (and hopefully, pass it off as nothing). Still, sometimes he isn’t able to control his mini-farts, so his little toot becomes a loud-ass horn.

Mamoru: He’s another person who just doesn’t give a damn. His farts are loud and proud, and best of all, they smell like absolute shit. They’re so bad, that the bidders have cleared the room every time they hear (and smell) the rancid shitstorm that comes out of his ass. Too bad he doesn’t give a shit.

Shuichi: He tries his best not to fart in public as much as possible. He usually holds it in the whole day, but at the expense of his comfort. Sometimes, he has this face that looks like he’s concentrating deeply, but no, that’s just him desperately (and painfully) controlling his sphincter muscle. When he’s finally, finally alone at home, he lets out a fucking cannon.

Luke: For some reason, he has no problem announcing his farts beforehand. He’s the type to gingerly lift his butt up to let the fart out, and it comes out sounding like a deflating balloon. One time, the others teased him about it, so Luke, with a straight face, explained the entire intestinal gas dynamics of flatulence to them, complete with morbidly graphic descriptions. They never made fun of him again.

Hikaru: He tries to play it off cool, but he’s cursed with having those awful wet farts. Hell, his farts sound like those diarrhea-esque sharts that give you a heart attack because you just fucking know there’s going to be something in your underwear. Poor Hikaru always has to go the bathroom to let out an air biscuit, lest he face public humiliation.

MC: She must have been a goddamn saint in her previous life because she was blessed enough to have those soft, barely-there farts. Her farts come out in gentle tufts of air, somewhat like little bubbles popping in a bubble bath. Everyone is completely baffled at how her farts barely stink at all, and she tells them it’s because her luck is so shitty that she deserves at least one good thing in this godforsaken life.


NASA has selected a science mission that will measure emissions from the interstellar medium, which is the cosmic material found between stars. This data will help scientists determine the life cycle of interstellar gas in our Milky Way galaxy, witness the formation and destruction of star-forming clouds, and understand the dynamics and gas flow in the vicinity of the center of our galaxy.

The Galactic/Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory (GUSTO) mission, led by principal investigator of the University of Arizona, Christopher Walker, will fly an ultralong-duration balloon (ULDB) carrying a telescope with carbon, oxygen and nitrogen emission line detectors. This unique combination of data will provide the spectral and spatial resolution information needed for Walker and his team to untangle the complexities of the interstellar medium, and map out large sections of the plane of our Milky Way galaxy and the nearby galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud.

“GUSTO will provide the first complete study of all phases of the stellar life cycle, from the formation of molecular clouds, through star birth and evolution, to the formation of gas clouds and the re-initiation of the cycle,” said Paul Hertz, astrophysics division director in the Science Mission Directorate in Washington. “NASA has a great history of launching observatories in the Astrophysics Explorers Program with new and unique observational capabilities. GUSTO continues that tradition.”

The mission is targeted for launch in 2021 from McMurdo, Antarctica, and is expected to stay in the air between 100 to 170 days, depending on weather conditions. It will cost approximately $40 million, including the balloon launch funding and the cost of post-launch operations and data analysis.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, is providing the mission operations, and the balloon platform where the instruments are mounted, known as the gondola. The University of Arizona in Tucson will provide the GUSTO telescope and instrument, which will incorporate detector technologies from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Arizona State University in Tempe, and SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research.

NASA’s Astrophysics Explorers Program requested proposals for mission of opportunity investigations in September 2014. A panel of NASA and other scientists and engineers reviewed two mission of opportunity concept studies selected from the eight proposals submitted at that time, and NASA has determined that GUSTO has the best potential for excellent science return with a feasible development plan.

Extreme Jupiter weather and magnetic fields

New observations about the extreme conditions of Jupiter’s weather and magnetic fields by University of Leicester astronomers have contributed to the revelations and insights coming from the first close passes of Jupiter by NASA’s Juno mission, announced on May 25.

The astronomers from the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, led by the UK science lead for the Juno mission, have led three papers and contributed to four papers in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, that support the first in-depth science results from Juno published in the journal Science.

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Once again, the redundancy of this #tbt post is negated by the simple fact that it’s Prom Season, and as a result David is both excited and worried about meeting Gillian’s parents for the first time. 

Gillian, for her part, is not worried about a single damn thing due to her smashing high-waisted pant and ribbed t-shirt getup, capped off with a checked loose-fit blazer with snappy lapel, pocket, and cuff accents

sadgaywerewolf  asked:

Imagine a world where werewolf!Nico has classically conditioned Jason to get really horny around, say, waxing gibbous every month because right before the full moon Nico WILL get super horny and they will have sex. And so now Jason gets turned on by almost full moons. It's a problem.

Jason felt restless. His skin itched and his mouth was sour with the taste of longing. He scratched his neck, unable to put a finger on it.

Maybe there was something he had forgotten to do? He frowned. He was pretty sure he had tackled everything, even his research for Introduction to Gas Dynamics that wasn’t due ‘til next week. But still, his hands ached for something to do, for something to achieve.

He sighed, sprawled over the roof of Cabin 1. The sun was just setting but the moon was already visible, not quite the silver medallion it’d turn into in a couple of weeks. The camp was slowing down. He could see a group of children of Athena chatting in front of their cabin. He huffed, messing with his bangs.


His attention shifted, the way the light contracted unnaturally to his left making him turn his head. Nico had just shadowtraveled to the door of his cabin and seemed intent in cleaning his poor converse of the thick mud that covered them. He was leaning with one hand over the wall, the other using his sword to shake his sneakers. His body took on an odd angle, his right leg crossing over his left thigh. 

Jason blinked. Nico’s hip looked bony, the rim of his jeans falling a little to the side. It looked sharp and angular in a way that left him dizzy.

He wanted to bite it. He wanted to suck it and kiss it, and leave Nico di Angelo breathless under him.


So that was it.

Weekly Series: Koreaboo's K-Pop Mood Playlist - Chill

Hey there, beautiful Koreaboo readers (oh yes, I’m talking to you). Welcome to the first installment of our K-Pop Mood Playlist, a weekly segment that will take you on a themed journey to discover some great Korean music. Some might be new, some might familiar, but all will be fantastic. 

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Open Letter to all who call for the death of Felicity Smoak

OK first of all I would like to say that I’m a comic fan and I love DC. I have read the Green Arrow comics etc…So I’m not oblivious to what is in the comics. With that said let’s get down to business…

Alright I started watching the show Arrow only recently. I was browsing Netflix and saw it and was like “hmmm this could be promising” So I came into the show with expectation of comic book based show. My mind already had the dynamic of Oliver Queen established. I knew that his love interest will be Dinah Laurel Lance and that she was the Black Canary. To say that I was excited was an understatement.

So with a hopeful heart and tons of snacks ( like A1 in the snack department) I settled down to watch a show that will be somewhat predictable because of my comic book knowledge. So when I was presented with a dark storyline with the show. My attention was grabbed and I knew Arrow would occupy my life for seasons to come. So when they introduced the Oliver/Laurel dynamic I was hopeful even though he cheated on her with her sister and said sister drowned. I was all like “ it’s cool it will work out in the end”. Then the show progress and the more Laurel was on screen I started rooting for them less.

I was all behind her dating Tommy instead of Oliver. I loved their dynamic. I mean Tommy was changing his man-whore ways for Laurel and she was super happy with being with him. When Oliver tried that possessive if-you-hurt-her crap I literally rolled my eyes. Like really dude what gives you the right. So at the end of season 1 I was heartbroken for Tommy, excited that the comic book storyline was there, and wanted to kill both Oliver and Laurel for breaking Tommy’s heart.

So there I was into this show and thinking it better get good from here. Then they introduced Felicity Smoak (yeah yeah I backtrack a little sue me). To quote Oliver it was something about her. She was that quirky geek that you take home and be like “Mom can I keep her?!” Like I legit wanted to be her friend. (Still wants to). So when she met Oliver and saw straight through his BS I was all like heck yeah. I’m in love with this woman *jumps up and down on my couch* I felt the beginnings of a friendship that will last the rest of their lives. With every BS story he gave her she saw right through it. So when she finally learned all of his truth it didn’t surprise her that much. Also she wanted to help so that made her a bad ass in my book from that point on. Not to mention that she had the bravado to stand up to him. So yeah certified bad ass (he is a killer Felicity not a poodle).

I was loving their dynamic. So when I started season 2 (took me a month to finish S1 let’s not get crazy here) I was prepared for that. I also was prepared for Laurel to be different because of Tommy’s death. Now still being the comic book person I’m and someone who strongly dislike when TV and movies stray away from the source materials (I looking at you Hunger Games would it have killed you to show a Haymitch falling off the stage shesh) I was still rooting for Laurel and Oliver. However as season 2 progressed I didn’t quite like that relationship anymore it was toxic and just didn’t work. With their long history of break ups and make ups. I thought they would be better off as friends. Which they could still have that Green Arrow/Black Canary aspect without the romance. During season 2 I started to get the vibe that it was more going on between Oliver and Felicity. The friend dynamic shifted between them and I just felt like it was more there. My mom even pointed out and she only watched two episodes with me. And I was all “no mom they are just friends. He is suppose to be with her *points to Laurel*” To which my mom says “I think he is most suited for the blonde girl with the glasses” ( who my mom thought was the actress who plays Rose on Hart of Dixie).

So when Sara showed up I was all like well there goes the who GA/BC arc (I know Sara = Canary). For all the comic book fanboys out there you had your GA/BC dynamic and you didn’t even know it. During a of this drama with the Laurels, Saras and Isabels of the world one thing stayed constant, Felicity. Watching her on screen was a breath of fresh air. She was still her adorable self. Yet she was also a woman who had strong feelings for a man that act like she existed yet she didn’t. She kept her badassery and it was a joy to watch. Like seriously without her Slade would still be around passing out Mirakuru like it was his job.

On ward to season 3…

This season is where a lot of comic book fanboys/freaks are so up in as and calls for the death of Felicity. Why one word Olicity…Yep they can’t stand that the writers shifted Felicity from quriky best friend to love interest. We get the age old “Oliver is suppose to be with Laurel” or my personal favorite “Felicity is so annoying”…Well let’s see if I guy was so committed to me that he gets on a boat with my sister said boat just so happens to sink “killing” said sister, is stranded on an island where he thought about me for about two second before he was all up on a Shado, then came back from said island to not truste enough to tell me that he is a green leather clad vigilante, who got possessive over me moving on with his best friend to the point that we break said best friend heart by sleeping together (BTW the same best friend could of been my soulmate js), just for you to hook back up with my sister not to mention the Helenas, McKennas, and Isabels of the world just because you didn’t want to move with me. I would be eff you Mr. Queen eff you very much. Like good riddance to bad rubbish all up in this piece. Oliver and Laurel getting togather at this point is laughable at best. If this was real life everyone would be pull her to the side saying that she is better than this. But nah nahhhh fanboys want the comics. Get the eff out of here do not pass Go do not collect $200. Their relationship was doomed from the start and was toxic. I mean you could poison the whole Pacific with their toxicity.

So get over it…please take you preconceived notions and kiss them good bye. This show step way from the comics in it’s Genesis…stop complaining stop whining about not enough action too much drama (it’s the CW drama is it’s middle name) and for the love of Pete stop calling for the death of Felicity Smoak…..

Came for the Arrow stayed for Smoak.

guys i don’t think any of us really grasp how huge these last few episodes have been as a pointer of swan queen going canon. these moments of mentioning henry’s two mothers and them being so blatant family unit is not for swen. those moments are for ga. these moments are huge huge signs for ga. they’re constantly reminded that the center family of ouat is charming & snow, and emma, regina, & their son henry.

last night episode had so many of those family moments, moments that were so overt, that a person who didn’t know the show, would see those scenes as swan mills family. 

we start of by having regina, one of, if not the most popular characters on the show tell emma that she’s too good for hook. and emma takes that sentence to heart. she doesn’t argue against it. she doesn’t voice offense. it’s in her head now. (also i have to say this, all that “forgiving yourself” was about emma, k moving on)

then henry bursts in on their coffee date calling “moms”. again. 

then they’re in the authors mansion and henry is about to argue with emma and regina rolls in with the sentence all ga will recognize. they’ll recognize it as something they themselves have said, have had their partner say, or have heard from their own parental figures. this is HUGE.

emma and regina aren’t just co parenting. they are the parents. they are the family unit.

“don’t argue with your mother - or your mother”.

and then the last scene that is so family unit it can’t be seen differently. emma and regina mention how their son is being emo and doesn’t want to speak to anyone, and charming gets up saying “maybe he just doesn’t want to talk to his mothers”.


this is so freaking domestic normalcy and it is being shown to everyone! if they were trying to keep emma and regina as “henry has a mother and a birthmother” charming would have said something like “maybe he just doesn’t want to speak with either of you”. they made another very very clear statement that “henry has two mommies”. 

ga recognizes the family dynamic. they’re gonna catch on. and we had all that glorious swan mills family and supportive regina in the same episode cs toxicity was called out and emma was dismissed by hook more than once. 

it’s going very slowly but it’s fucking going there. swendgame.