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Underground houses pls

Here are some underground houses:

Cordoba House Emilio Ambasz

House In Leiria Aires Mateus

House in Pembrokeshire Jan Kaplicky (Future Systems)

Zero Carbon House Bolton (Gary Neville House) Make Architects


Villa Vals SeARCH + CMA

Worlds apart. Part 1.

Hello guys how is everyone? I’m so sorry I’ve not written a fic in so long but life gets a hold of you and there’s no such thing as free time. I wrote this fic well over a year ago and hated it and (still do) but @kneekeyta very kindly offered to beta this for me which she has, thanks hun I appreciate it :) so I thought I’d post part 1 of 18 and I’m going to be honest I’m not sure if I’ll post the rest as I’m not confident in my stories anymore, I feel like they are trash but we’ll see what happens.

A little about this fic. Rae is 16 and Finn is 18 and not through choice they are living together, be warned though they really don’t like each other… first, in fact you might not like Finn at all buttttttt if I do post the rest please stick with it because it is Finn and you’re not going to hate him forever lol Anyway I hope you don’t hate this too much :/                                                          

P.s Sorry if I’ve forgotten to add you to my tag list or I’ve tagged you if you didn’t want to be. I really can’t remember my tag list but I tried my best but please let me know if you want to be added or taken off :)

                                               Worlds apart 1.

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