garys gang

Here is an “everybody” piece of artwork for the Kantou arc, which shows all of the major characters of the Generation I saga, bar one particular father figure.

「俺サトシ! 今度マサラタウンからポケモンマスター目指してトレーナー就業の旅に出るんだ! 俺の行く手には山や海の… いや、伝説いっさいなっているポケモン達がいっぱい待ってるはずさ!
新始まり: ポケットモンスター新物語! 今年の夏から伝説の冒険を繰り返す! 皆も俺と一緒にポケモンGETだぜ~!」

I cheekily asked him if I could do a novel with River Song. He said no, so that it couldn’t be contradicted by anything that may potentially happen with River and the 12th Doctor one day on the tellybox. And quite right too. ‘But,’ He said. 'Put in Bernice. I like Bernice, you should bring her back.’ And nothing brought a smile to my face more than that idea.
—  Gary Russell on Steven Moffat with the Big Bang Generation book. Buy here