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The sprite of “Gary Stu” from the 2010 April Fool’s prank, “Another Days Sim Date” was originally from a work called “Rose x Diary”.

Started and left unfinished in March 2010, it was my first attempt to create a point and click adventure (like Xolga and Mr. Toko). I decided to not continue the project due to poor scripting, a somewhat predictable and unoriginal story, and nothing really just clicked with me. Overall, it was supposed to be on the horror/drama side, but I think I failed to achieve that graphic wise.

Here’s how the story went:

(Note: A lot of these characters have the same names as the characters in Kingdom Days Sim Date. I tend to reuse names in projects that have been discontinued…)

A young boy wakes up in an unknown place. He doesn’t remember anything including his name and face. The place he is in seems to be a mansion in ruins, making it difficult to get around. As he moves about, he finds pieces and pages of an old diary belonging to boy named Daniel. The events written in the pages seem awfully familiar to him and he comes to realize that the diary must belong to him.

The diary and flashbacks eventually revealed that Daniel and his brother, David became orphans after their parents passed away. The mansion belonged to a man named Ferris who lived with his daughter, Rose. Ferris was a close friend of Daniel’s parents and allowed him and his brother to live with him.

As Daniel continues to search the mansion for clues, he finds Ferris’s body crushed under rubble and mourns his death. Later he discovers a closed off room and finds Rose. She refuses to speak and shows much discomfort around him. He finds more pages from his diary about the romance that bloomed between him and Rose, but some pages revealed that his brother was greatly jealous of him as he had a one sided crush on Rose. Daniel tries to ask Rose about the situation, but she still refuses to speak to him.

Daniel and Rose travel through the mansion together and eventually find his brother’s dead body. However, his death appears to be a murder as there is blood everywhere and a knife wedged in his chest. Daniel is initially shocked at the sight, but Rose embraces the lifeless body and cries. As Daniel tries to comfort Rose, she looks at him and mutters “Why, David?”

Our main character “Daniel” realizes that he is in fact not Daniel, but the jealous and troubled brother, “David” who killed Daniel. All of the events in the diary seemed familiar to him because he was always with Daniel. As David tries to collect his thoughts and as Rose weeps, another earthquake occurs. David attempts to convince Rose to escape the mansion with him, but she continues to whisper “I want to be with Daniel.” David hesitantly exits the room and leaves the mansion. From outside, he watches the mansion crumble to the ground.

The ending is kind of open ended.

Faenor (Skyrim)

Someone asked for a Skyrim Sue a while back, and we realized we had none. I’ve been on a bit of a Skyrim kick lately, so I decided now’s a good time to go looking.

Faenor is a Falmer / snow elf. Yes, this is a man.

Ok no no, I’m not going to get worked up yet. Snow Elves are basically extinct, but a canon character said there might be a few living ones. This could be done well…

His birth was a miracle actually - he was born in blackreach, born by the creatures that are known as “Falmers”

Welp that should teach me not to hope for things.

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dowhatiwant2047 asked:

I have purposefully made a character a Gary Stu for satire reasons. Other people in my script point out the fact that he is a Gary Stu. Is this okay? I feel that its important to mention that the audience will eventually find out that he's not as much of a cardboard cut out as they initially thought and that he is holding a ton of secrets.

Let’s back the trolley up here a second. Don’t ever ask me- or anyone else- if it’s ‘okay’ for you to do something in your story. You are the author. What you say goes! If you want to write a story about people who walk down the streets backwards with ice cream cones in their pockets holding wockets juggling chainsaws- that is what you write.

Now, riddle me this. If he has all of these secrets, is he really a Gary Stu?

Above and beyond all that, what matters more than my opinion is that

  1. it make sense for your story.
  2. You enjoy writing it.

Everything else is just details.





Hibari is SUCH a gary stu and is so awesome and woooo and never loses. seriously? even if i didnt hate him, i would think that’d he, ONE PERSON, would lose against the entire Varia. 

That’s logic. he’s maybe strong enough to take down, what, lussuria? levi? maybe bel? but certainly not squalo or xanxus if he’s already fought the rest of the Varia!

make him lose for once! and it wouldnt be suprising or shameful! Varia is strong! aghhh Hibari has enough fangirls this wouldnt hurt okay.

please Amano don’t make me hate you.

I made the canvas a little small– oops////

But yeh,  uh– Decided to make a Five Nights at Freddy’s OC //BecauseitlookedlikefunandwassomeethingI'mnotusedtoo
Friends are making some too so we can create a little derpy group of animatronics//SHot

Anyway Its Shephard The German Shepherd haha
He’s an old model and also is the one that sings, he wears a head mic instead of a hand held one. 

I have yet to draw a humanized version of him but I will soon uvu/ 


Canine animatronic. Microphone ahead of it’s time. Blood running from eyes, Ya know, the usual

hi ~ so, first I’d like to say I love your blog and all you guys, I laugh for hours at the posts.

second, I saw everyone is submitting art of your mary sue character, but no gary stu. So i made a little gif. I hope it’s working and that you like it ^^

We are so glad that you love our blog! everyone at MSFP are glad that we can bring enjoyment to people!

This man you have made is absolutely fabulous! Thank you so so much !

-Castor Pollux

What the heck Pollux? Brain fart much? XD

*Sparkly giggles*

If you’re gonna use my name, at least sparkle, love!

Also, thank you so much for the art! It’s stunningly wonderful!~

I must say I love the sparkles.