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I dont understand peoples hate for Gary he was a tit at the begin but so was amber and everyone is praising her he stepped up when he was needed a just look at leah and how clever, polite, stable and well behaving she is to see hes done a good job, gary was young too people seem to forget the dads where teenage parents too and can make mistakes regardless of his weight ( he needs to sort out because leah only has him for stability) people need to quit bashing him and his weight hes a good dad

He’s not perfect (who is) but he stepped up for Leah and that’s the main thing in my book.


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Gary hitting Amber with those court documents about Matt like OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AMBER AND SEE THE CREEP YOU’RE ENGAGED TO!

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Sneak Peek | Sneak Peek: Does Leah Have A Crush At School? | Teen Mom S6, E10

Sneak peaks are up on MTVs website! For those of you who can’t watch the video..

Gary asks Leah if she likes going over to Ambers. She takes a long pause and says ‘eh, kinda.’ He also asks if she is getting enough attention with the new baby. She says yes and that she talks to Kristina when she feels left out, etc. Gary asks if there is anything more he can do for her and she says she wants him to get up early because she likes to do that.