Okay losers, listen up. All of you people making ‘gary motherfucking oak’ jokes and still thinking they’re funny, you listen too.


is GREEN. This is NOT GARY. I don’t care if they look alike. I don’t care that Gary is a choice for a name in the games. This is GREEN. or Blue if you really wanna call him that I guess maybe. But it’s NOT GARY

And this? Guess who THIS is:

Yeah THAT’S GREEN TOO and you know why? Because it’s OFFICIAL GAME ART. Games = Green (or Blue if you want I guess)

So how about this one? This one is obviously Gary, right?

Nope sorry, wrong again. This is ALSO Green. Game art, remember?

Then who the fuck is Gary Oak?

THIS is Gary Oak.

“he looks exactly the same omg” Except for the part where this is the anime and he has a different storyline.

This is also Gary Oak.

External image

“he looks the sa-” shut your mouth when I’m posting.

This is Gary Oak too.

External image

Because he becomes a SCIENTIST. Not a gym leader. So that obnoxious 'gary motherfucking oak’ you talk about becomes a SCIENTIST in case you forgot.

You guys seem to get except for a few stupid people that Ash isn’t Red. He was based on him, but he’s NOT ACTUALLY HIM.


Gary is not Green. You could do with learning THAT too.

Games = Green.

Anime = Gary.

And one more thing.

The 'Gary Motherfucking Oak’ shit is just as funny as every other meme. Which if you still think memes are actually funny, means you have a bigger problem than just character confusion. Find a new meme.

this has been a public service announcement from the gary oak foundation, 'fucking you up the ash since 1998’