no offense but in the flesh wasn’t cancelled and amy is alive and kieren and simon exchanged a series of emotionally charged e-mails until they worked their shit out and they live in paris now and they’re doin okay and kieren is going to school and simon writes an overly long overly pretentious postcard to sue and steve every week and gary got locked in an industrial meat freezer and jem has a girlfriend 

Babyface ~ Epilogue

Summary: Phil’s brother runs one of the most infamous underground pornography rings in London. Convinced they are saving people from suffering on the streets, Phil chooses to ignore the illegality of the operation. But then Daniel Howell, who looks much younger than eighteen, is recruited and Phil starts to question how much good they’re really doing.

Genre: Angst, Drama, Smut

Warnings: Underage and forced pornography, Non-consensual drug use, Violence, Dubcon Mentions of abuse, Mentions of prostitution

POV: Third

Words: 885

A/n: I know I said in an ask that I wouldn’t write an epilogue but oops I accidentally did

(I just didn’t want to do my computing homework shh)

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anonymous asked:

yeah that would be nice thank you!!

ok here we go (sorry you had to wait so long but i have so many faves)

and these are the ones i have saved so if you want it just send me your email adress

  • purple and pearls - AU where peter is a teacher at oxford and carl’s and actor
  • england’s dreaming - 1970’s london, peter’s a punk and carl’s a rockstar
  • berlin - set in berlin in 1961 starting just before the building of the wall

Random click chain of the day:

Yesterday, I went to the grand opening of the new 520 bridge.  That led to me being curious about who Governor Albert D. Rossellini was.  Which, of course, made me go through the list of Washington governors prior to Gary Locke.  That led me to Dixy Lee Ray, who I’d heard of before.  But this time, after reading the biography, I got to wondering:

Dixy Lee Ray never married.  She was a tomboy.  There seems to be some speculation that she was a lesbian, but so far, I haven’t found any indication that was really the case.  There was no Sally Ride style posthumous recognition of a secret long-term relationship.  All I have found so far is that she was apparently very close with her dogs.  She made a campaign stop at the Dorian Society, where she spoke in favor of gay rights, but that’s hardly proof of sexual orientation.  It certainly is possible that she was closeted and that the people who knew respected that after her death.  However, she doesn’t seem to have given a damn about what anyone else thought about anything.  Loud, outspoken, and forceful, I get the impression that if she had been a lesbian, she would have publically owned it, with a “Yeah, I am.  Deal with it.  Don’t like it?  Fuck you.”

So…  Now I’m wondering:  Was Gov. Dixy Lee Ray asexual?


OK so I got this SUPER COOL ask a while back and I’ve been meaning to answer this SO–

I only did LOCKE, GARY and SILVER for this but:

LOCKE would be a bard (with maybe a level or two in fighter or monk– I mean look at her punches.  Or ranger for favored enemy: Team Rocket, haha).  She would be a valor school bard, using her commands to inspire her allies to do more damage and land their attacks.

GARY would be a paladin, with a vengeance oath– but becomes an Oathbreaker Paladin, channeling his energies into dark magics and the forbidden arts.  After LG he would seek a path of repentance though, working to change his ways and taking a new oath to do better by himself and those who care about him.

SILVER would be a warlock, though who or what he made a pact with is a secret he keeps closely guarded.  His magic is primal, and he seeks fights wherever he can to prove his strength.

So yeah!  that’s the main gang– if anyone else wants to do this they totally should!  It was really fun trying to figure out what classes these guys would be.  (LOCKE was the hardest to figure out, tbh.  GARY and SILVER came to me SUPER quickly, haha)


LOCKE would probably play fighter or barbarian, GARY would play a sorcerer and SILVER would be a rogue.  :>
Gary Locke: His Economy Class Ways Scare the Hell Out of Chinese Gov't Officials

China Daily, a state-run English-language newspaper, at first applauded his Everyman image, suggesting, “Perhaps it is time for Chinese dignitaries to follow the example of humble Locke.”

But Guangming Daily, an influential Communist Party newspaper, charged that Mr. Locke’s appointment “reveals the despicable intention of the United States to use a Chinese to control the Chinese and incite political chaos in China.” ….

“I don’t know what is in the mind of the government’s newspapers,” he said last week. “I am not here to make a statement about the lifestyle of Chinese leaders.”

Nonetheless, he does.
An update on Obama's personnel news: He's naming businessman John Bryson to head the Commerce Department.

Bryson is a former chairman and chief executive officer of Edison International, a California-based energy company. He also has an extensive background in environmental issues, having co-founded the Natural Resources Defense Council and served on a United Nation’s advisory group on energy and climate change.

If confirmed by the Senate, Bryson would replace outgoing Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, whom Obama recently named as his next ambassador to China.

(thanks wardashara for the tip)


Gary Locke, United States Ambassador to China on censorship and human rights in China.

“The situation has gotten worse…"