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—  Gary Johnston, Team America: World Police
Gary Johnson decries domestic drones: ‘Big Brother is alive and well’

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson on Friday blasted Congress for making the United States a “wide-open playground for government snooping.”

Congress passed and Obama signed into law legislation to fund the Federal Aviation Administration through 2015. But the legislation also included provisions that would make it easier for law enforcement agencies to use unmanned aerial vehicles within the United States.

“The threats to privacy in America – from our own government – seem to never end,” Johnson said in a statement. “Does Congress really think they can just stick an ‘oh-by-the-way’ provision in an obscure piece of legislation directing the FAA to clear the way for 30,000 drones to fly over our neighborhoods, and have no one notice?”

The new law require the FAA to speed up the process by which it authorizes government agencies to operate drones. The law also requires the FAA to allow agencies to operate any drone weighing 4.4 pounds or less as long as it is operated within line of sight, during the day and below 400 feet in altitude.

“Big Brother is alive and well, and now we’re talking about making it easier for him to fly remote control planes loaded with cameras over our neighborhoods,” Johnson added. “Based on our experience with the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and several other laws Congress has enacted in recent years, it is not alarmist to fear or assume that when we give the government the power to snoop, they will indeed snoop.”

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Yeah but you forgot one. Gary Johnson. Libertarian candidate. Former governor of New Mexico and has a fantastic track record as such. He supported marriage equality before Obama’s “evolution,” which conveniently came about in an election year. He is pro-choice. He is anti-bailout. To learn more: (link)

He also climbed Mt. Everest and has competed in the Iron Man. Just so you know.

I didn’t forget him. I don’t think he’s a viable candidate, and even if he was, I just straight-up don’t want him to be president for the following reasons:

  • I don’t believe taxes are bad, nor do I think lower taxes are automatically better. I also do not believe a bigger government is worse, or that a smaller one is better. 
  • I believe we should have hella stricter gun control legislation.
  • I think stem-cell research should be publicly funded. The advancement of science and curing of diseases is not a debate, it’s an obligation of a technologically advanced society. 
  • I like Obamacare and he wants it repealed. 
  • He wants to abolish the department of education which is straight-up nonsense, and just hopes the free market will solve the student loan issue, making no provisions for what will happen when it inevitably doesn’t. 

Basically I generally disagree with Libertarian politics and he subscribes pretty closely to them.
Open the Debates: Demand inclusion of Jill Stein and Gary Johnson!

It’s time for Americans of all political persuasions to unite and demand real presidential debates, with the participation of Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

Three debates are planned, the first on October 3. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which controls the debates, is determined that only Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be allowed in front of the microphones.

That’s because the CPD is owned and run by the Democratic and Republican parties and the two parties’ corporate funders. The CPD took over the debates to limit the stage to their own candidates and to make sure that no challenging questions get asked.

The League of Women Voters, which sponsored the debates before the CPD took over, has called this situation “a fraud on the American voter.”

But we don’t have to remain silent about this affront to democracy and fair elections.

• Challenge the Commission on Presidential Debates!

Visit the ‘Occupy the CPD!’ web site and sign on to the statement. Tell the CPD that the debates must include every candidate who is on enough ballots to win the White House and who has demonstrated a minimal level of support — either 1% of the vote in a credible national poll or qualification for federal matching funds or both. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson meet all of these criteria.

• Challenge the Media!

Tell TV and radio stations that Americans voters are not stupid, that our heads won’t explode if we see more than two candidates or if we hear more than two sides (or even just one side, sometimes) on important issues.

Tell them that media organizations don’t have to play by the CPD’s rules, that they can schedule their own debates that include the Green and Libertarian candidates. They can also schedule off-site follow-up debates and interviews with Stein and Johnson after the CPD debates.

Tell them that news broadcasts and talk shows should invite alternative party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson who express ideas that are outside of the narrow Democratic-Republican spectrum.

• Challenge Progressive Organizations and Web Sites!

Any progressive, ecological, or antiwar web site, periodical, radio station, or organization or labor union that doesn’t demand a real progressive voice — Jill Stein — in the presidential debates is engaging in self-censorship.

Too many of these groups are so married to the Democratic Party that they’re willing to silence their own ideals by pretending that only Obama speaks for them.

I keep seeing a lot of people on Facebook posting an article that’s all about shaming people who are voting for Donald Trump, and that’s all well and good, but I would also like to shame the people (some of whom are friends of mine and have posted this article about Trump) who say they can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary, that they’ll vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnston or not at all. Any vote that is not for Hillary Clinton is in effect a vote for Donald Trump.

I sometimes joke that I’m too poor to have principles. I shop at Walmart (or I did when I lived in NC and I knew where the Walmarts were) because it’s what I can afford. That’s how I feel about this country: we are in too precarious a position for people to cling to their principles right now. If this were a contest between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, say, and people couldn’t vote for either of them and so voted for a third party candidate, I would be frustrated but I would understand. But this is not that. This is so far from being that that it’s shocking that people don’t grasp that. And I think what’s so frustrating is that a lot of these people who are acting on principle are also (mostly) straight white men. They’re “safe” no matter who is president. The selfishness of it is shocking, but also not shocking at all.

Principles are all well and good, but if your principles are more important to you than the welfare of 300 million people and the continuation of civilized society, well then, fuck you. Fuck you right in the ear.