I will always remember Carrie Fisher for that time she went to the Force Awakens premiere and made Adam Driver carry her dopey-looking dog the whole time. And Adam Driver was just like “Well, I guess this is my life now,” because clearly there was nothing he or anyone else could do about it, and Carrie Fisher was well past the point in her life where she gave a shit about what anybody else thought about anything. I was genuinely inspired by this moment. Rest in peace, weird space mom.


@taylorswift on the meaning behind ‘the last time’

It’s a really intense song and I’m so proud to have Gary on the record.” [x]

Carrie Fisher was my first hero. She fought sexism, with people arguing about her weight and looks for years, she had to put up with that drivel all through her return to star wars and yet she prevailed and schooled the world on her women should be perceived. 

She fought mental illness and was open and acknowledged her bipolar disorder with grace and was so calm with it. She survived her battle with drugs and played one of the most iconic characters that will forever be remembered in history. She changed the game.

Gary hitting Amber with those court documents about Matt like OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AMBER AND SEE THE CREEP YOU’RE ENGAGED TO!

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