@taylorswift on the meaning behind ‘the last time’

It’s a really intense song and I’m so proud to have Gary on the record.” [x]

Gary hitting Amber with those court documents about Matt like OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AMBER AND SEE THE CREEP YOU’RE ENGAGED TO!

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He is making a ton of good points. Amber is upset because he won’t let Leah stay overnight. I feel like springing that the day of isn’t a good idea. It’s poor planning. I know I have my weeks planned by Sunday, I know where my baby will be on every day and if someone last minute asks to change those plans I’m probably going to say “no”. If Amber wants Leah for a school night she should ask at least a week in advance so everything is all set and it is a smooth transition.

Trying to explain Avenue Q to my mom and her boyfriend
  • Me: ok so
  • Me: there's two homosexuals, an unemployed man, his asian stereotype wife who is played by an asian woman so its not as offensive as it could be, a kindergarten teacher, a guy who stays upstairs and masturbates all day, and then this guy who just moved in
  • Mom: Wasn't the guy who just moved in coming to terms with homosexuality
  • Me: no thats a different guy
  • Me: wait
  • Me: theres only ONE homosexual and then his roommate who is not a homosexual
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Oh, and then there's Gary Coleman.
  • Mom: i forgot about him.

ive kinda given up on binders at this point bc my old one no longer fits and the last time i wore it my mom started commenting that my boobs looked “squished.” i cant really fault her for that i guess because she doesn’t know but what i can fault her for is when i tentatively brought up the idea of top surgery she immediately looked at me like i had grown two heads and then dismissed it with a “oh but youd never do that” and also laughs at garys tranny jokes.. so.
its nice thats shes cool with me being gay but like she also confronted me after i jokingly said im gay at something and was like but are you REALLY??? are you SURE youre gay?? and thats really as far as that acceptence extends for either of them. i dislike having to have two facebooks just so i can talk about stuff freely without ripping my whole family apart and i dislike that ill never be able to tell my mom or gary or dad about such a big part of me bc im scared theyre going to look down on me for it

Signs as Spongebob Characters

Aries: Larry the Lobster

Taurus: My Leg Guy

Gemini: Sandy Cheeks

Cancer: Patchy the Pirate

Leo: Squidward Tentacles

Virgo: Eugene Krabs

Libra: Pearl

Scorpio: Plankton

Sagittarius: Spongebob Sqaurepants

Capricorn: Karen the Computer Wife

Aquarius: Mrs. Puff

Pisces:  Patrick Star

Carrie Fisher was my first hero. She fought sexism, with people arguing about her weight and looks for years, she had to put up with that drivel all through her return to star wars and yet she prevailed and schooled the world on her women should be perceived. 

She fought mental illness and was open and acknowledged her bipolar disorder with grace and was so calm with it. She survived her battle with drugs and played one of the most iconic characters that will forever be remembered in history. She changed the game.