Life Might Not Be The Party We Wanted But Lets Dance While We Can
im really bad with descriptions i just wanna party

Good Girls Go Bad x Cobra Starship // Uptown Funk x Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars // Shut Up and Dance x Walk The Moon // Best Song Ever x One Direction // Yeah Yeah Yeah x New Politics // Uma Thurman x Fall Out Boy // Don’t Trust Me x 3OH!3 // I Don’t Wanna Be In Love x Good Charlotte // Animals x Neon Trees // Want to Want Me x Jason Derulo // All The Small Things x Blink 182 // Still Into You x Paramore // If I Had You x Adam Lambert // Here’s to The Zeroes x Marianas Trench

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Eurovision Song Contest Swedish winners

1. Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Vienna, Austria 2015)

2. Loreen - Euphoria (Baku, Azerbeijan 2012)

3. Charlotte Nilsson - Take Me To Your Heaven (Jerusalem, Israel 1999)

4. Carola - Fångad av en Stormwind (Rome, Italy 1991)

5. Herreys - Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley (Luxembourg, Luxembourg 1984)

6. ABBA - Waterloo (Brighton, United Kingdom 1974)


disney witch heroines: charlotte

abilities: spells and potions, baking magic, sparkle magic

tiana teaches charlotte to become a witch. she teaches charlotte lots of things, but this is the best one yet. that’s the thing about them. they don’t leave each other behind. (charlotte would’a bought tiana fifty restaurants, if tiana let her.)  at first, charlotte is really bad at it. but tiana is patient and naveen plays music while they practice and make them both laugh when charlotte burns the simplest potion for the third time. but with time, charlotte gets better and better. she’s never as good as tiana, but she’s pretty good. she likes to use her magic to make things sparkle, to make things glitter and beam. she likes making little girls twirl into a magical tutu, give little boys tiaras that shine. maybe charlotte will never be a princess, but being a witch? it’s better. 

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