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Gonna make a list for this AU cause tumblr tag mess the post order.^^’’

Concept art/costume design: 

Gary, Timmy, Remy  Juandissimo, Wanda, Cosmo, AC  NT, Chester, AJ  Mark  Jimmy, Cindy, Libby  Tim in different uniforms  Tim in different uniforns 2  Danny   Spongebob  Poof, Foop  Evil Danny, Evil Jimmy 

Random short Comics: 1 2 3

Love letter: 1 2 3 4

Remy’s backstory in this AU: 1 2 3

Gary and Danny’s relationship 

High School Danny and young Timmy: ( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 )

Crossover happened at Crossroad: 1 (1.52 3 4 (4.55 (5.56 7 8 9 10

Secrets between us: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  (to be continued) 

EJ and NT’s friendship

Random Arts: 1 2 ( 3 4 5 ) 6 7 8 9

Also there’s some ask/text post about this AU that I didn’t put in this list, but if you interested to know more, you could find them under “the Fairly High school AU tag” tag. lol

Will update this post whenever I make new stuff for this AU

  • Person: Hey why do you like draw the cartoons like idk gays or something like this?
  • Me: .....i think they are cute together :)....
  • Person: But,some cartoons have official pairings ykr...and is our are ruin it...
  • Me: ...knock knock..:)
  • Person: ... Who's there?
  • Me: *punch in da face* IT WAS PAAAIIIN! :D
  • pERSON: Damn it....
  • Me: .l.

I’m doing the emoji challenge pick from the list below
Yuri on ice
Fariy odd parents
Star vs the forces of evil
And gay characters
(Because why the hell not)

niyuuvampire  asked:

In the highschool AU how would Gary and Remy react to Danny? would they try to impress him to get on his good side since he's Timmy's 'Big Brother'?

hmm Maybe not, I think Remy don’t care about other people very much. Gary know Danny when he’s 5 years old, I think he like Danny, but myabe he won’t try hard to impress him.

Maybe Gary and Danny’s relationship would be like this:

And after they grow up….