gary quinn


“(…) She waited for her lover to rescue her. But he never came. No one came. In a moment of despair, she cast a spell upon herself that she would never again feel the agony of love. But as her bitterness grew the spell turned into a curse. A curse on any man who dared love an Owens woman.”

Action Comics #980 Variant by Gary Frank

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Patrick Zircher (CA) Gary Frank

“REVENGE” part two! Both Superman and the Revenge Squad must traverse the deadly Black Vault in a race against time to reach General Zod! Amanda Waller’s secret Kryptonian weapon reveals himself to the world, but Cyborg Superman and Eradicator move in to recruit him. Tying directly into the events of this month’s Suicide Squad issues-and no matter who wins in this epic showdown, it spells certain doom for the Last Son of Krypton! 

In Shops: May 24, 2017


It’s just you gave me the showrunner job and essentially, took it away.
 - So, you stabbed me in the back?
No, I went to talk to Gary: somebody who could be objective, somebody that can be reasonable and cool-headed.
 - Stabbed. Me. In. The. Back.