gary orona

November 28, 2011

“The Watering Hole” by Gary Orona

Success rarely happens without tremendous tenacity. Sometimes when people say, “gosh you’re so talented” after watching a film or seeing a photograph I’ve done, it feels a little like an insult. It’s flattering of course and more often than not it’s stated as a well intended compliment but sometimes it feels like a kind of copout as if they’re saying, “well some people are just ‘born’ with it”, as if producing good works just comes naturally with no effort. It steals the blood, sweat and tears and years of work to figure this whole art photography thing out. Okay maybe there’s some talent involved… like 1% talent, 99% sheer willpower!

This photo is an excellent example of the sheer willpower I’m talking about. I probably drove out to this rugged spot in the Rover more than ten times hoping to find just the right conditions. Most people probably would have given up after 5 or 6 attempts, but I saw this thing in my head and just kept trying. 

Talent didn’t allow me this work, sheer tenacity did. I erected this work in my imagination and it just wouldn’t go away! Okay, call that talent if you want but I call it some kind of psychosomatic disorder!

Good Thoughts,

Gary Orona