As first reported by Pop Cult News, Kate’s upcoming film Man Down (also, featuring Shia LaBeouf, Jai Courtney, and Gary Oldman), will have it’s international premiere during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The film’s screenwriter, Adam Simon, didn’t comment much on the content of the film, but did note that it “definitely deals with a very serious issue that’s going on right now” and that it has “a very serious message.” No news on a trailer, but hopefully one will drop soon.

Man Down will release in theaters on October 20, 2015. [x]



In a 2014 Playboy interview, Gary Oldman said his screaming of the now iconic line “Bring me everyone!” in Léon: The Professional was improvised to make director Luc Besson laugh. “In previous takes, I’d just gone ‘Bring me everyone,’ in a regular voice. But then I cued the sound guy to slip off his headphones, and I shouted as loud as I could.” The yelled take is the one used in the film (x).