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Something Breaks Into The Universe

Breaking Into The Universe: A Zagreus/Hell Bent Theory

When listening to Zagreus, it came off as odd that the Divergence, despite having their long plan prevented from succeeding, apparently were able to break into the universe anyway, a short time before its end. This problem is compounded by the fact that the Time Lords’ version of history is still very much intact, as well as by the Divergence’s later fate in the Divergent Universe story arc.

While the later events could simply be the result of time being rewritten, it doesn’t resolve the question of how the Divergence was capable of forcing their way into the universe. However in the light of last night’s episode, we may have a solution.

It wasn’t the Divergence breaking through. 

It was the Time Lords.

“Gallifrey is currently positioned at the extreme end of the time continuum, for its own protection. We’re at the end of the universe, give or take a star system.” 

In Hell Bent it was revealed that Gallifrey returned to the universe at a point in time near it’s end. They presumably brought the planet through a crack in reality or, as Charley describes it, ‘a rip in space’. 

This possibility is supported by the Time Lords’ ability to open traversable cracks, previously shown in The Time of the Doctor. In a more Doylist sense there are also similarities between the Neverland / Zagreus / Scherzo trilogy and some of the Moffat era episodes (eg. the energy in the time field could easily be reinterpreted as anti-time). The Face the Raven / Heaven Sent / Hell Bent finale shows these similarities particularly clearly.

While this is far more coincidental, when listening to the above clip, it is possible to hear some vaguely TARDIS-like sounds. This may be from the temporal engines working to materialise Gallifrey back in the main universe.


So it’s begun.

You might think whitewashing the Orlando shooting and erasing any trace of the fact that this was an act committed against gays and lesbians for being non-heterosexual is a tall order, but fortunately for conservative Christians who want to ignore the rather blatant parallel between Christianity and Islam vis a vis homosexuals and the view that they are sinners and perverts, this was a mass shooting that, by virtue of being committed by a Muslim, can be categorized as an act of terrorism.

It’s a two-fer! First, they can change the conversation to be about guns rather than gays. Get ready for all the politicians suckling at the NRA’s teat to decry a perceived attack on the Second Amendment, and for all the conservative pundits and conspiracy theorists to shout and rave about ‘Obama’s coming to take your guns!’

And if that doesn’t work, let’s talk about how Scary Muslims are Scary and they’re sneaking into America because of loose immigration standards. The regulation of guns is perfectly fine as it is, btw, let’s focus on the holes in our immigration policy because that’s the real danger. Too many Muslims are coming through and they hate Americans for being American; they hate them so much they’re driven to psychotic fits that make them want to shoot every American they see.

Because they’re only targeting Americans. Plain old Americans, without any other special status that might cause them to be viewed differently in our society, maybe denied by our own government the same rights and liberties as other Americans who fit into some arbitrary definition of 'normal.’ No siree, this is all about how fundamentalist Muslims hate the freedoms Americans – all Americans, because we’re one unified country without any second-class status for any citizens based on a designation so unimportant it’s not worth even mentioning here – have, and how they want to kill Americans. Regular Americans, which is what we all are and which is what all the Orlando victims were. Just American, nothing unique beyond that.

Not about gays at all. It’s about terrorism. And guns. We have to keep the Second Amendment safe when it’s being targeted specifically for being the Second Amendment. That’s the real victim in all this.

mitt romney nostalgia continues. the thing i think i miss most from the 2012 election was following sal velluto’s mittfitts comic, the domain even lapsed.
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