gary k. wolfe


Who Framed Roger Rabbit is based on the 1981 mystery novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf. The novel was an allegory for racial discrimination in the US, with the cartoon characters representing African Americans, which was carried over very subtly into the film. In one scene, when Roger tells Eddie that there’s no justice for toons, he actually stands on a soap box. 

Despite his reputation, Asimov was never one of science fiction’s great inventors, but he was its single greatest apostle of management …

One of van Vogt’s great inadvertent services to science fiction was his astonishing ability to rip away the cool surfaces of favorite genre ideas and reveal their underlying goofiness.


File under: Nobody Gives a Shit About This Stuff but Me.

Gary K. Wolfe. More often than not I find his critical stances misguided, but dude is the reigning king of the quiet barb. These are from the same page of Evaporating Genres, and both are accurate as hell.