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Now I really want a poc version of Pride and Prejudice. I saw @lasocialista dream cast edit of p&p and got so inspired that I had to draw this

Check it out here

Celebs who share your Sun/Moon Combination: Aquarius

Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon: Ellen DeGeneres, Christian Bale, Ed Sheeran, Billie Joe Armstrong, Virginia Woolf
Aquarius Sun, Taurus Moon: Uzo Aduba, Taylor Lautner, J. Cole
Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon: Jane Seymour, Gary Coleman, Simon Pegg
Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon: Shakira, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Christian Dior
Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon: Cristiano Ronado, Paris Hilton, James Joyce
Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon: Sharon Tate, John Travolta, Gertrude Stein
Aquarius Sun, Libra Moon: Evan Peters, Alicia Keys, Harry Styles, Dr. Dre
Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon: Bob Marley, The Weeknd, Robbie Williams
Aquaris Sun, Sagittarius Moon: Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jordan, Yoko Ono, Portia de Rossi
Aquarius Sun, Cap Moon: Emma Roberts, Christina Ricci, Rosa Parks
Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon: Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Palin, José Mourinho
Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon: Axl Rose, Regina Spektor, Paul Newman

(Don’t know what’s a Sun or Moon sign? Check this link)


Miranda + Regency AU
Mr Gareth Preston, aged four-and-thirty, was not a man in want of much. His property included a busy tavern and he possessed a fortune that was perfectly respectable, if not large. His social circle in Surrey was small but amiable, and he was scarcely without the company of his loyal barkeep and confidante, Mr Clive Evans.
The only person who could have increased his felicity was one Miss Miranda Hartford, the daughter of his neighbours Lady Penelope and Sir Charles. She was often present at their dinners in the company of her abominable cousin Miss Matilda and her dear friend Miss Stephanie Sutton (who was considered lively but overly proud). Miss Hartford and Miss Sutton were fond of jokes and mischief, much to his delight and to the disapprobation of Lady Penelope. (“Such japes are what I call unbecoming.”) Whilst others pronounced Miss Hartford’s figure too tall and her disposition awkward, he was charmed by her wit and found her quite beguiling. If only he could stop her running off…