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You’re a Tease (Eggsy Unwin Imagine)

A/N: Hey friends! Sorry for such a long hiatus, but I’m on break now so expect more fics! Hope this is okay, anon, and thank you to everyone who reads these strange little posts. <3 Love to all of you!

“Roxy,” You moaned, shoving your head into the pillow as your friend rolled her eyes sympathetically, “He’s so cute. I hate it,”

“I know, Y/N. You’re so into him, it’s kind of disgusting,” She stopped speaking when you threw the pillow at her and tucked your legs up onto the sofa. Roxy followed suit, patting your shoulder and slipping off her jacket.

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Welcome to Bullworth

Since the poster was actually wrecked, I wanted to colour it digitally. I feel much better knowing it hasn’t gone unfinished. 


Kent Davison being a respected member of a motorcycle club that consists mainly of Hispanics, and also being able to speak Spanish.
“I find that my involvement in the club keeps the internecine skirmishes of Washington in perspective.”

A sketch from Valentine’s day that I didn’t color until now, and in which tried to play around with camera angles - and failed miserably :,D Also breaking the tradition of Ash with a box and turned the tables this time with Gary returning the favour for once~ (This wasn’t originally supposed to be filled with sakura-like as I tried to do snow and bushes, but then the pic felt it wasn’t gay enough and took control, oops)


Natalie: Finding Family 

Sometimes it takes a while to feel like you are home — especially if the first few tries didn’t work.

A very tiny cow named Natalie had a rough start finding her way. First of all, she was taken away from her mother and transported, along with other young cattle, to a farm in Massachusetts.  

Harris Ranch feedlot in California. The feedlot that Natalie and her friends escaped from was not this large, but it was a stopover, as this one is (and as all feedlots are) — a place to fatten up cattle so they are ready for sale.

She and two other calves were being transported to be raised in a feedlot. (These are farms, or even just buildings, where cattle are fattened up to be sold for slaughter.) On this feedlot, the tiny little family made a break for it and took off during a snowstorm just over a year ago.

Natalie on the run in a photo by Jenn Ferreira. Very sad and very lonely.

This family was going to be split up no matter what, because they were on a feedlot — but they were the only family Natalie currently had. So the three runaways, for a short time, were free and together.

Sadly, this ended when the other calves were hit by vehicles and perished. Natalie was definitely alone, very frightened, and in need of rescue. 

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Palletshipping Drabble: Gary needs to sleep. Ash is the solution.
  ➳ A & G are in their 20′s. nsfw ‘implied situation’, nothing heavy or explicit. 

Gary is over-working himself again.

Professor Oak and his assistant Tracey Sketchit are deeply concerned and worried about the Pokemon researcher’s behavior.  It’s so common to see Gary hunched over never ending text, sleep deprived and pale, surrounded by half finished coffee cups with ink staining his fingers. It’s so common, in fact, that they have developed a three step system stop him from being so erratic with his sleep.

Step One: The concerned grandfather and (self-appointed) best friend approach. They talk to him. The elder Oak tells Gary how proud he is of him, and how much he loves him, and how much he needs to take care of himself. Pretty, meaningful words that cause the corners of Gary’s mouth to quirk up and soften his eyes. Tracey usually tells Gary he looks like crap and that he needs to catch some ‘Z's’ before Ash leaves him for the less zombified model. The words are all in jest, a cover to hide the concern in Tracey’s voice as he hands Gary some chamomile tea to lull him to sleep. Gary snorts at Tracey’s jest and drinks the tea whispering a grateful ‘Thank You.’

Step One isn’t the most efficient, but it gets Gary away from his work for a few hours to recharge.

Step Two: ‘Your Pokemon needs you’ approach. They use Umbreon to guilt trip him. Umbreon clambers up onto Gary’s lap, as they used to when they were a little Eevee and nuzzles him. Umbreon whines, rubbing their face against his hands until he places his pen down and rubs their ears. He apologizes to them for not spending a lot of time with them lately and kisses their nose. Gary leaves his work to train with his Pokemon for the rest of the day. Sometimes, Professor Oak finds his grandson laying against Arcanine, asleep in the softness of their fur, with the rest of his Pokemon surrounding him in a protective circle.

Step Two, though very effective, is only a temporary solution. When Gary wakes from his nap, he goes straight back to work instead of continuing to rest.

Step Three:  The most effective method. A guaranteed success that forces Gary to take a few days off work. The last result that causes them to make themselves scarce after making the phone call. They call in Ash. Ash, who barges in a flurry of shouts and broad smiles, disrupting Gary’s work and concentration in a whirlwind of chaos. Ash, who distracts Gary with open-mouthed kisses down his neck, fingers in his hair, smothering him in affection while bodily dragging him away from his notes whispering things that cause Gary’s brain to short circuit.

Gary doesn't realize what’s happening until his tie is on the floor, labcoat discarded with Ash straddling his lap with words echoing in his head ‘You work too hard. I miss you. Come to bed with me.’

They only use step three in dire circumstances due to Ash’s… methods…

Tracey returns to the lab first, cautiously shielding his eyes, only to find Ash folding a pile of Gary’s laundry, a cartoon playing on the television as background noise, unashamedly wearing the shirt Gary was donning yesterday. 

 Tracey opens his mouth to make a teasing remark when Gary enters the scene, looking well rested with warmth and life in his eyes. He kneels behind his boyfriend, wrapping his arms around his shoulders and kissing the juncture of Ash’s neck and shoulder.

Gary breaks the content silence with, “What did I do to deserve you?”

Ash looks adorably confused as he leans back into Gary, “Deserve me? You don’t need to deserve me. I love you.”

Ash turns his head to give his boyfriend a displeased look, “Even if you are an insufferable workaholic who needs to take care of himself more.”

Gary has the gall to playfully smirk, “You love me cause I’m an insufferable workaholic? I thought was for my dashing good looks, irresistible personality and the fact that I’m amazing in b-”

Ash deadpans, “I take that back, I don’t love you anymore.”

“You wound me, Ash”

“I’m sure you’ll live.”

Tracey leaves as Gary play tackles Ash to the floor and texts Professor Oak that day off for everyone would be a good idea. Professor Oaks responds with a simple: Agreed.


Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”

samathekittycat  asked:

Hi again! I'm wondering if there are fics that are similar to Young Princes by Little.Miss.Xanda? I can't seem to be able to find any good ones.

Time traveling Harrymort kid(s) from the future will always be one of my favorite oddly specific genres. Thank you so much for sending this ask. <3

yebisu by slexenskee | 34K | Teen | WIP

For the record, Harry is only here for his time-travelling kids. Voldemort can fuck off.

I wish I knew more! I have actually written one (again, sorry for self-reccing, but there’s not much out there with this trope):

Bezoar Blood by kyrilu | 8K | Teen | Abandoned (maybe? who knows, I might pick it up again)

A strange teenage boy falls from one dimension to another. Original Male Character-centric (kidfic, to an extent, with an unabashed Gary Stu twist). Eventual OMC/OMC. HPLV slash in the background.

ETA: @acnara recced a fic to add onto this! Thanks, Pepa.

Mistake Rewritten by Isys Luna Skeeter | 1K | Teen | Abandoned

They just wished to find their mother. Harry just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t get hurt. But the issue was… they weren’t even supposed to be born yet. future HP/LV, mpreg, reupdated

anonymous asked:

28, Hartwin

This one popped up right after I finished Hartwin #27. Is someone slowly going down the list? *squinty eyes*. But of course I can do this. This is separate from that ficlet.

Harry Hart/Gary “Eggsy” Unwin #28 - “Marry me?”

Harry has had the ring in his possession for six months. Possibly everyone at Kingsman knew about it. There was a bet-early on- about when he would pop the question. Everyone had lost at this point, he was nearly sure.

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You Can’t Qwantify Love

So I finished something! This is for my sweet @sherlockianonfire91‘s anniversary, though it grew a lot from what I expected.

Anyway, dear, here you go! Fluffy clueless pining!Harry Hartwin with a side of spoilerless Bridget Jones’s Baby-ish-ness.

Tags for my gorgeous betas, @dianyx and @coloursflyaway, as well as for @elletromil, @annaofaza, @sententiousandbellicose@scandalmuss, @hartwinorlose, @mockingjaybeevicious

Also available on Ao3

Harry bit his lip as he pulled up the Qwantifier website in his office at Kingsman headquarters. Jack Quant had been on the news rather a lot recently, explaining how the algorithm he’d devised was able to determine compatibility with a near-perfect success rate so far.

So just maybe it would work for him, too.

He was 53 years old, and he’d never found love. Not until he caught sight of defiant green eyes and the hard-set shoulders of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, codename Galahad.

Unfortunately, Eggsy was so very young, and so very full of life, whereas Harry …

Harry Hart was old. His hands shook after Kentucky and he sometimes needed a cane to keep upright. He had nightmares and countless scars. He was set in his ways, and he had never had a significant relationship in his life.

He stared at the screen, at the cursor blinking, mocking him every moment he couldn’t bring himself to type the boy’s name. The stupid heart-and-banners background was cloying, too.

Qwantify love? Quantify only …

Quant had made billions on this?

“Fuck it,” Harry muttered, hastily typing his name, followed by Eggsy’s, before hitting enter.

Harry Hart and Gary Unwin
Compatibility: 6%

The heart on the background broke, and even the love doctor wept on the screen.

Harry scowled. How dare it confirm what he already knew to be true—that he wasn’t meant for love?

He shut the lid of his laptop sharply, leaning back in his chair. Perhaps this time, it was wrong? Perhaps if Harry just tried to woo Eggsy, then he’d have the young man for himself.

Eggsy was due back from Cambodia in two days.

Harry just hoped that was enough time to come up with a plan.

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