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How can anyone say this is a bad move for Neda’s game? The two people that have been the most vocal about targeting her once it’s an option are Cass and Gary - her top two targets. They were literally just talking about it tonight.

I do think it would be smarter to target Gary before Cass because he’s a bigger competition threat but getting rid of Cass is not bad for her game.

It’s also not giving Bruno and Kevin the game because there’s a good chance one of the newbies will target them within the next few weeks. Even Ika might at this point. They have a big target on their back already it’s not like they’re flying under the radar. 

I don’t stan Dillion and Emily but they want to work with Neda and I do think Dillion at least is loyal to her so why would she burn that bridge for Cass who is constantly dragging her name through the mud when it’s not necessary? 

It’s #National Puppy Day and I had to give a shout out to my Gary Boy. He has brought so much joy into our family’s life and he will always be a puppy in my eyes. My little goody-boy has been through a lot. He was bit by another dog in the eye and we thought we were going to loose him. That scar tissue in his left eye proves he’s a fighter.

Tag…I urge anyone and all of my followers to share their pics of their little furry one.

Especially you @marvelpiratevoyager

Pokeshipping Week

Day Six (6): Their Relationship through the Eyes of Others

I feel as if their friends all basically agree on one viewpoint, especially those who were exposed long-term. XD (Here’s hoping my handwriting is legible. ^_^;; )

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stan and gary get their faces painted together ♥

i just rewatched the mormon episode again and ahh i love gary so much, i can’t believe it took me this long to actually draw him