gary he

Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) actually came around the next morning, because we lived near each other at the time, and he said, ‘Have you seen the new book? We’ve got a lot of work to do, mate.’ He was quite happy, and I didn’t know how to break it to him. So I said, ‘Have you actually read it yet, Gaz?’ ‘No, just clicked through it.’ A few days later I’m in makeup and he comes in, and sits down, and goes ‘Have you heard the news?’ ‘What’s that, Gaz?’ ‘It’s terrible fucking news.’ ‘What is it?’ ‘You know how everyone is talking about who dies in book five? It’s fucking me! This woman puts the poor bastard in prison for 12 years, brings him back for a few scenes, and then she kills him!’
—  David Thewlis (Remus Lupin)

idk about any of you but like, I’ve always loved Peter Parker as the awkward kid who had lost his biggest mentor, and who just had a handful of words of advice, and his own brains and guts and abilities, and had to fumble and figure this all out for himself? who knew it wasn’t about the suit, but about the responsibility he had? whose moral code and understanding of the world was his own, and whose heroism was not just influenced by trying to Prove Himself to another superhero? 

so a lot of peeps r celebrating Jerry’s walk of shame out of Morty and Rick’s adventures but i definitely think Jerry’s exit is actually a catalyst for a character study on him and his own backstory. At this point, we know about abt him the least (w the exception of his parents in Anatomy Park) and the writers have mentioned wanting to explore parallels between he and Rick’s upbringing. (you know, a not-so happy one)

secondly this could segue into Morty’s arc of increased aggression with both he and Jerry being anxious people-pleasers who suppress their anger until it explodes. I think s3 is when Morty and Jerry both snap under Rick’s pressure.