gary briggs

i think one of my very fav behind the scenes DW stories is, back when nick briggs and gary russell & co were making doctor who audiovisuals they had fuck all money cause they were all students, so at first they just recorded in people’s living rooms

after the first couple of seasons they started recording in an actual studio and I and most of the people involved in the AVs figured they’d just like, got permission to use it for free or smth

BUT NO it turns out what happened is, they wanted to record in a studio, located a studio, and started using it on the regular and if anyone asked what they were doing they’d just confidently state that they had permission to be there and no-one ever questioned this

& i love this because, the doctor would be so proud of them

Up next in confusing Doctor Who connections, the 7th Doctor audio Frozen Time is actually a sequel to the AudioVisual story Endurance, featuring the Wanderer Doctor as played by Nick Briggs. Lord Barset’s Antarctic expedition from Endurance is also referenced in the 3rd Doctor novel The Scales of Injustice and the Sarah Jane / K9 comic City of Devils.


German TV feature with Johnny Marr talking about Manchester City, the Smiths, the Healers and Haven with young Gary Briggs, Nat Watson, Iwan Gronow and Jack Mitchell