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I’VE ONLY JUST DISCOVERED THIS AND I’M SCREAMING!!! It’s from the movie The Real David Beckham. Also my favourite youtube comment under this video:

‘ You can tell the interviewer is about to blow up at any minute and go, “For fuck sake Gary, what I’ve been subtley hinting at for the last five minutes, is that you cunts are gay with each other, that’s what this whole thing is about, I’m sick of hinting at it, so just tell me or I’ll shove that fork up your nose." ‘


Jay Lumen & Gary Beck - Strange Fruit (Original Mix)

anonymous asked:

besides gary being gary, is there any other reason he's resisting though?

it’s all on gary tbh i mean 

- manc gary: cannot love a scouser
- historically scarred gary: ruined by becks
- unrequited love gary: thinks no one will love him bc becks didnt (patently UNTRUE)
- emotionally repressed gary: what is love? baby dont hurt me
- englishman gary: emotions are not to be demonstrated 
- determined gary: swore off love when he was 16 to focus on utd, forgot to restart his feelings
- professional gary: I Am Here For A Job Carra Stop Implying You Have A Boner
- co92 gary: will never live it down in front of the lads
- busy gary: buying manchester, love is unimportant
- narrative gary: probably likes the sad noble angst ngl
- self conscious gary: thinks hes chubs and unlovable (patently UNTRUE)


Famous people with David Bowie - part 2

Lou Reed and Mick Jagger with David Bowie

Joan Jett with David Bowie

Brian Molko with David Bowie (two of my favourite people ever)

Scarlett Johansson and Elijah Wood with David Bowie

Rihanna and Iman with David Bowie

Marc Bolan with David Bowie

Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken with David Bowie

Tom Waits and Bette Midler with David Bowie

Chrissie Hynde, Jeff Beck, and Slash with David Bowie

Bing Crosby with David Bowie

loser - 15 tracks that appeal to your inner (or outer) lonely, pathetic, and angsty outcast - l i s t e n -

loser beck // dumb nirvana // mad world gary jules // i want you to want me cheap trick // only in dreams weezer // eleanor rigby the beatles // teenage dirtbag wheatus // last night i dreamt that somebody loved me the smiths // what’s my age again? blink-182 // self esteem the offspring // my own worst enemy lit // king midas in reverse the hollies // captain jack billy joel // across the sea weezer // creep radiohead


“I think the reason why Gary was loved by United fans the most, and hated by our rivals, was because he was the fans’ representative on the pitch. You’d expect him to portray all the necessary emotions a fan would while watching United on the TV.” - Ryan Giggs


Gary Beck - Hentzi (Original Mix) [BEK AUDIO]  

Be aware  !!!! This track might fuck your brain :-)) Sick shit .. I love it!


Gary Beck - Askaig   


BCR Boys - Candygirl (Floom Remix)

Label: Prosthetic Recordings