gary baseman art

So, Here’s an official reference sheet for my cuphead oc, Vlad Squidilius! He is a vampire squid and probably resides in some secluded castle. I imagine he has a typical vampire voice, you know, that voice

He’s a very spooky boy, yes. I wanna animate him so bad!! He probably sold his soul for vampire teeths, what a fool. 

One of his attacks would be releasing a whole bunch-o-bats from his cloak. Another idea is pulling a squid from his cloak(not pictured) and spraying ink. He transforms into his final phase when a swarm of bats surround him, and then he turns into this weird bat-squid hybrid, which is pretty cool. His final form is partially inspired by Gary Baseman’s art! 

Hope y’all enjoy Vlad fanart would be soooo so so nice


Celebrating “the Beauty of the Bittersweetness of Life” with @garybaseman

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“ChouChous are creatures that take away your negative energy and hate, absorb it, then ooze it as ‘Creamy Gooey Love’ out of their belly buttons,” says Gary Baseman (@garybaseman), referring to some of the recurring characters in his artwork. The Los Angeles-based artist’s work spans drawing, painting, photography, film, fashion, and art performance. He adds a disclaimer, “I don’t create these characters, they create themselves. I just draw them.” Gary’s artwork enters the public sphere in the form of television cartoons, board games, clothing, and in a retrospective exhibition that is now on display in the Shanghai K11 Art Mall.

“I believe art is how we share our lives, hopes, dreams, fears, and thoughts with others, either old friends or others in different cultures. If I had to use one sentence to describe my art it would be: to celebrate the beauty of the bittersweetness of life.”


I’m amazed at how well this is animated. Besides Gary Baseman art, it reminds me of something else and I don’t know what it is.