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Here are a few more photos from when Yawning Man played a free intimate show at our art gallery in 2009. The first 2 photos show Mario Lalli and his father, opera singer Mario Lalli, Sr., during the set up (plus the awesome Cadillac hearse). 

“Desert Sexy” was our final exhibit, and undoubtedly our most viewed. We still get emails from people who were either there that day or really wished they were. Truly a rare opportunity for Yawning Man/Fatso Jetson/Kyuss/Brant Bjork, etc. fans to see these legendary artists up close. 

Videos of the entire set: (thanks, Perennial Outsider/CSUNsMatty for uploading!)


Ten East : Heavy Light (by MOTARDkamikaze)

Yawning Man.

I made a post a little while ago praising Alfredo Hernandez’s talent as a drummer, which I still stand by one hundred percent. I can’t help but feel like the early desert rock scene tapped into something that was never really found again, the first ignition of fuel that burned a little cleaner than the rest.

In a way, it all begins and ends with Yawning Man. On Low Desert Punk, Brant Bjork talks about staining the sands of the desert with his blood, but Yawning Man was that blood. The stories of generator parties are almost legends now, littered with half-stoned tales of bands like Yawning Man playing into the night like biomechanical perpetual motion machines.

There’s something special about them, and you can hear it if you pay attention. It’s a sound of beautiful loneliness, of wind-whipped dunes and sand-burnt heels, eroded canyons and dead highways. Whatever the source is, Yawning Man found it, and gave the wisdom to their desert rock progeny.

You can take me to God indeed.


Yawning Man - Far Off Adventure - Nomadic Pursuits

Excuse my Yawning Man obsession, but I’m thrilled to finally see them live with all three original members! Listen to Fredos drumming. Astonishing.


New Yawning Man is headed our way. This sounds so cool!