Current 15 favorite song :D

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1. 날 (Day) by Zico ft. JTong

2. You Know by Jay Park ft. Okasian

3. Baepsae by BTS

4. Loser by BIGBANG

5. Fear by Mino ft. Taeyang

6. Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang

7. Flower by Xia Junsu ft. Tablo

8. Amor Fati by Tablo ft. Nell

9. Rhythm Ta by IKON

10. Melted by AKMU

11. Pour up Dean ft. Zico

12. Mommae by Jay Park ft. Ugly Duck

13. I am the Best by 2NE1

14. Shower Later by Gary ft. Crush

15. Pricked by Mino & Taehyun (WINNER)

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«Lonely night»

Lately I’ve been listening to one song:  Gary – 또 하루 (feat. 개코 ), and it really has important lyrics about career and happiness that I’d love to share with you:

Those on top are pushing down
Those in the bottom are fighting their way up
Where can I go?
“ If they tell you to do, then do it, if you don’t like then quit it ”
But in reality it all thanks to connections?
I don’t care, if I hate it I won’t do it
I’m not afraid of anything

We must be successful
No, we must be happy
We must be successful
No, we must be happy

[you also can watch the video, it’s great and touching: link]

And the words and video inspired me to make an art about Dan Howell in his moment of life, where he became so stressed, that he dropped out of Law University to became a Youtuber with Phil for his own joy. In short, he preffered to be ‘happy’ instead of ‘successful’. And, turns out, it was a right choice! He became happy (and successful, we can’t deny it).

So if everyone is in doubts (like me), remember: it is important to choose what makes you happy. Don’t waste your time on ‘this-one-day-should-bring-me-money’ things you hate.


Also, big thanks again to @owl-howl for helping~