I have been real busy lately so here are some kinda old tarot cards wips that I am not sure if I will finish anytime soon! they both still need a bunch of work but. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lurdge’s is The Devil and Garul’s is The World/The Sun B)

vaffaznculocolmpadrter  asked:

okay so I know jshr is technically a huge (tiny) baby, but which character of yours would most likely have children of they had a willing and loving partner of many years, I guess adopting counts too but jshr cant count for that either!

MY FAV fav question

Jshr is actually pretty high on the list for baby-having, when he gets older he will almost definitely have a few kids! Hopefully before Garul passes away so big orc dad can be big orc grandpa and cry over the little cat babies :’’’o these idiots have come so far,

i can actually really see Durza having a kid too, not that she’d be responsible at all but at least she’d love the lil shit. Her kid would be brought up in Sky Haven with the other Blades, so Im sure Ghuff and Rato and Delphine and Esbern would function as parents too. She would not have a kid with a loving partner of many years tho lmao, probably a one night stand w some random strapping orc dude turned into a LIFETIME COMMITMENT

and that’s basically where the list ends, Garul definitely would have had kids with Amrael if she had survived but. his window has passed by now. uhh. Ghuff and Rato each raised their horses that counts right. horse moms