garth curry


Written by JEFF LEMIRE

Art and cover by ANDY MACDONALD

After months on the run from the twisted project that created them, Cyborg, Terra, Beast Boy and Garth are near their breaking point, barely surviving on what they can steal, squatting in the ruins of an abandoned subdivision. But as they reach their lowest ebb, their creator, Dr. Niles Caulder, is ready to make his move…and they’re about to learn that they weren’t the only kids to go through Caulder’s twisted process! There are more children with powers out there, and unlike our heroes, they were raised for only one purpose—to be the living weapons Caulder wants ALL his Titans to be!

Writer Jeff Lemire (GREEN ARROW, ANIMAL MAN) teams up with artist Andy MacDonald (THE NEW 52: FUTURES’ END) to deliver the next chapter in the Earth One series!

On sale AUGUST 10 • 144 pg, FC, $22.99 US

When Aquaman feels bored, he dresses like a tourist, sits by a fish pond, and has the fish make funny slogans at other people, like ‘I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER’ and 'THE BALD DICK ON THE PODIUM STOLE YOUR CHOCOLATE’. He finds it reeaaallly funny. When Aqualad found out, he videoed it and posted it online. Then he pulled off the same trick at the local aquarium.


anonymous asked:

All sidekicks in the New 52 are.. gone, or just bare bones. The Teen titans being a large example of this, Kid Flash? Not the Flash's sidekick! Wondergirl? Not Wonder Woman's sidekick! Tim Drake? Barely if at all Batman's sidekick! Superboy? Just how how much is he on speaking terms with Superman? Beast Boy? I don't believe he's even been a part of the Doom Patrol at all. What happened to all the legacy sidekicks man?

[Exactly] Man, it’s sad, isn’t it?

Batfamily: Bruce Wayne > Dick Grayson > Barbara Gordon > Jason Todd > Tim Drake > Steph Brown > Cass Cain > Damian Wayne > Kate Kane > Helena Bertinelli

Superfamily: Clark Kent > Kara Kent > Conner Kent > Karen Starr > Chris Kent

Flash Family: Jay Garrick > Barry Allen > Wally West > Jesse Chambers > Bart Allen > Iris & Jai West

Arrow Family: Oliver Queen > Dinah Lance > Roy Harper > Connor Hawke > Mia Deardan > Lian Harper

Aqua Family: Arthur Curry > Mera > Garth > Dolphin > Lorena Marquez > Jackson Hyde

Wonder Family: Diana Prince > Donna Troy > Cassie Sandsmark > Artemis

DC was well-known for heroes raising their next generation of successors. All of these characters had unique, irreplaceable relationships, and the focus of DC’s stories had genuine, gradual character development. (Remember when comics used to do character development?) The cover I used here is from Teen Titans: Year One #3, but it really shows the change in direction for this company, doesn’t it? It looks like DC had a brighter future back then, when sidekicks were the future.

Now we have titles like the New 52′s Future’s End, which paints DC Universe as a dark dystopia with most of its heroes dead or corrupted. Fun times