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Hey fabrickind! I wanna cosplay panty anarchy from panty and stocking with garter belt but I can't find any tutorials on how I can make her angel outfit, do you think you can help me out, please?

Hello there!

I found this breakdown of her outfit that you may find useful, though you may need to translate it into English. Keep in mind that you may not be able to find tutorials for the exact items you want, but that you can often find tutorials or patterns for similar items that can be modified or adapted into what you are looking for.

To me this looks like a draped top and layers of circle skirts with some draped detail at the waist. If you can’t find gladiator sandals like hers for purchase, you can create the straps out of ribbon (if you have fewer sewing skills) or out of strips of pleather or spandex that you sew into place. Here’s a leg strap tutorial

For the skirts, you can layer circle skirts that have been stiffened with horsehair braid, or you can create a very ruffly skirt like this one (though you’ll need to change the shape at the bottom slightly so it sticks out more). I’d use double circle skirts or even triple. It’s ambiguous here if the waist is gathered or if it’s just a LOT of material that’s forcing the ripples, so you can either create two or three circle skirts the same as your waist measurement and gather them down to fit, or you can divide your waist by two or three so that the waist is fitted. (I’d go with layers of gathered triple circle skirts myself, but I like a lot of poof.) The waist detailing appears to be a rectangle of fabric that has been pinched up into gathers and likely would attach with hooks and eyes or pins to the skirt, underneath the hearts. 

Here’s a tutorial on the hearts. The link itself is sadly broken, but the image should give you an idea of what they did. You can also cast them in resin, or shape them from clay (I’d use a mold if doing clay so that you have even sizes and shapes).

For the top, if you can find this pattern or one similar, something like view A would be nearly perfect. You can also modify a pattern for an empire waist draped dress with a halter neck (just don’t make anything below the underbust seam), or use another halter bikini top pattern. (In the US at least, we’re getting into both prom and swimwear seasons, so these types of patterns might be a little easier to find.) Make sure that your pattern doesn’t have too low of a V in front, and that it has a wider band than just a string tie. Those are going to be the most important design details here.

Check out our wings section for wing tutorials.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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