garry(ib )

“P-Pretty? Oh my, how kind of you to say that!”

“I honestly don’t think I’m the prettiest guy ever, but it really warms my heart that you think that, anon.”

“And to the question if someone has been in love with me, I’m only aware of one girl that had a crush on me.”

“This was back when I was about 13 years old. In short, I was a naive little boy, who didn’t understand that this girl wanted to talk to me so much because she had a crush on me. Once we were just sitting and talking with each other and she just kissed me out of nowhere. That was my awkward first kiss.”

“I didn’t feel the same way as she did about me and turned her down. She stopped talking to me and shortly after that I switched schools again. I switched schools a lot back then, so I wasn’t a part of that particular class for many months.

“I looked completely different back then, so I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t recognize me if we ever met again. It’s probably the other way around as well.”

“That’s the only time someone has had a crush on me that I’m aware of at least.”


MM x Ib crossover lol

I’ve been working on subbing an Ib play through (not that anyone’d be interested) so I wanted to doodle some crossover stuff

Also some short short comic pages about what might happen if MC & Seven swapped places with Ib & Garry

I couldn’t think of any more material so that’s all I have OTL

Might do more crossover if I feel like it later lol