garry the snail

Just a quick share, this is my snail Garry, he was just hanging out eating some cucumber and his air-hole was wide open, so I managed yo get a few pics of what it looks like inside, it is so amazing and think that people could be educated by some unusual pics.

I have a few more and would happily sendo them via email

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C: Oh wow, I’ve got a few pics like this but none this good. It’s so weird inside.

39. Home is where you are


Requested by Ariana

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N: I literally translated the name of a children game we have here since I couldn’t find the English equivalent but I added the explanation throughout the story. 

Every misspelled word or grammatically incorrect phrase said by the child is intentional. 

Ariana was impatient to head towards the airport to greet Harry, but their son wasn’t cooperating. Aleksa was definitely moody this morning. After she managed to get him dressed, she informed him that his dad was coming home in an hour, but he didn’t seem to be as excited as she’d imagined he’d be. A blue winter hat was gently placed on his small head, a couple of curls coming out. Ariana smiled as she traced his cheek. He was a small Harry.
She didn’t get much sleep last night, waking up every now and then, hoping it was already time to go. She missed him more than she thought was possible. They’ve never been apart this long: almost three months. If it had been a day longer she’d’ve gone mad. The first month was bearable, since that was the usual amount of time they’d be separated so she learnt how to deal with it. But now, with the world tour having started after their long break, these three months were a minimum. To make things harder, during these months they’ve been out of Europe therefore the time differences were almost too much. But they managed somehow: one day they were up earlier the next day he’d stay up later so they could get a few minutes together. The biggest problem was last week, when they toured in Australia. The twelve hour difference made it impossible for Harry and Aleksa, their two-year-old, to see.

Ariana secured him in his child seat and drove to the airport. She waited impatiently, pacing around. The roaming of people and the noise of suitcases were making her son slightly distressed. Entertaining him helped the time go by faster, though. As soon as she heard that Harry’s plane has landed she stood up, holding Aleksa in her arms. She felt her heartbeat quicken and her chest slightly tighten. When she saw him she felt tears prickle her eyes. Even though she talked to him every day and video-chatted with him a few times a week she felt as if this was the first she saw his face during his touring. It was only then that she noticed how much longer Harry’s hair has got and how he’s lost a bit of weight. He looked tired, his eyes showed the desperate need for sleep. But their colour was still a vibrant green, nevertheless the tiredness. She missed that look, the look that made her think everything was alright, the look of adoration he had, the one that made her feel at peace. She was so unbelievably happy to see him. Her body shivered in anticipation of his closeness.

Harry was looking around in a desperate need to be met with his wife and son. The moment he noticed her was the one where he felt as if his heart had stopped beating. He stood frozen for a few seconds before hurrying to them. An ear-to-ear smile was painted on his face before he embraced both of them. His bag landed onto the tiles as he held them. Ariana kept her head pressed to his shoulder, missing him beyond expressiveness. She took in the usual smell of his perfume, the one she knew very well, the one that always gets her mind rushing over so many memories and yet manages to calm her down. As she stood leaned against him, Harry placed his big palm onto his son’s face. He smiled towards him but he only received a loud cry.

“Hey, buddy.” – said Harry, as he took him in his arms. But that didn’t seem to sooth him. Quite the contrary, it made him even more restless. Harry had a look of complete bewilderment as the two-year-old stretched his hands out into his mother’s direction, his face becoming reddish due to crying. The child clung to his mother as if she was the only protection out there; seeming a little scared of his father. Harry couldn’t name the feeling in his chest but it was a suffocating one. He felt his heart bursting into thousand little pieces at what his child’s voiced.

“Who that?”

A look of hurt found its way over Harry’s tired face. His eyes have filled with tears as the sentence seemed to create an echo in his mind. Before he could even react they were rushed by the security towards the exit since the crowd started to gather and that wasn’t a safe zone for an adult, let alone a child. Ariana gave her keys to one the security guys as she sat in the back seat with Harry and Aleksa. Harry made a few attempts in approaching his son, but each made him uneasy and made him cry, so he became almost motionless and oddly quiet. He was fighting the urge to cry. He was brave until they entered their house. There he let a couple of tears roll down his cheek. His own son was scared of him, was not recognising him! He went straight to the bathroom through his room. He washed his face with cold water as to sober up. The water was left running as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes read anger and pain as he fisted the edges of the washbasin he was leaning against. It never occurred to him that a thing like this could happen.

“Harry?” – Arianna came to him. Needing to be back soon, since Aleksa was left in his playard in the living room, his favourite cartoon playing to keep him occupied for a few minutes she needed with Harry.

“What?”-he replied rudely. It looked like her presence maddened him even more even though it shouldn’t. He felt a mix of embarrassment, of failure and indescribable pain. No one can describe what it feels like to have your son, your own flash and blood, not remembering you.

“Are you okay? You should come downst-”

“How could I be okay? Have you heard what he said?”

“I have, Harry. I think it’d be-”

“How did this happen? We’ve skyped almost every day, beside last week.”

“He hasn’t seen your face in a week, you know small children have trouble remembering people, and what you should-”

“Why didn’t you show him a photo of me, some of our videos? Anything?”-he kept interrupting her.

“I played him the lullabies you recorded for him and some of your other songs.”

“Why didn’t he watch a video or anything of that kind? This could’ve been prevented!”

“Why do you seem so resentful towards me?”

“Because you could’ve prevented it.”

“So I’m the one to blame?”

“I’m just saying that you could’ve shown him a video.”

“He saw a video, but it’s not interesting to him. He’s a child. He cares about bunnies and balloons, not four people walking over a bridge. What else was I supposed to do?”

“Tell him that was me on the video.”

“He knows your voice; I played those songs, just-”

“I already talked to him, and he cried as if he saw a ghost.”

“He was overwhelmed with all the noise and crowd; he couldn’t have heard it properly so he clung to me. I was the safe place, Harry.”

“Exactly, you were. What is my role here? If you only…”

“And you said you weren’t blaming me.”

“I’m not, but the truth is that you could’ve done something. He’s my son too.”

“Harry, don’t get me started here… Just go downsta-”

“What do you mean?”

“Will you stop interrupting me?”

“What were you going to say, Ariana?”

“You act as if all of this is my fault! None of this would have happened if you weren’t away for three months. Do you know what that is to a child? What that was to me? You have been here for less than half an hour and all I’ve received from you were accusations. This is definitely not what I was looking forward to…”

“It’s my job. I never thought I’d have to have this discussion, not with you.”

“I was just showing you how ridiculous you were being. You go from one extreme to another, so I did what you did. But in all seriousness, Harry, this was hard. There were moments when you were desperately needed, but we had to go on. And now, when you’re finally back… I bloody missed you, you know. Now get yourself together and go remind your son who you are. Be a father. You know you’re a good one.”

Ariana was saddened because of his sudden coldness and resentful act, but she understood where the uneasiness and irrationality were coming from. Nevertheless, he had no right to snap at her, especially after spending such a long time apart. He was supposed to cherish every moment they had.

“I’m sorry, I just-”

“Just go, he mustn’t be on his own anymore. You should have your time alone.”

I walked into the living room, finding Aleksa in his playard, slowly pushing his stuffed toy: Garry the snail, from Sponge Bob. He got taller, and his hair thicker, his small face slightly more rounded. Who knows how much I’ve missed… I approached his play area. He didn’t seem to mind me coming closer. I knelt next to him before greeting him with a smile. He just glanced at me before returning to his toy.

“Who are you playing with? Have I met him?”

“Garry,” he simply said, lifting it closer to my face.

“This is Garry,” I said, knowing how important it was to help him form proper sentences since the early days and not by correcting him or making him repeat what I said, but with, simply, stating what he said in a more adequate way where he’d see it as my comprehension and will gradually pick up on it.
“Nice to meet you.”

“Too,” he said smiling.

“Would Garry like to play?”

“Yes,” he said pronouncing the ‘s’ as a ‘sh’.

“Can I try to guess his favourite game?”

“You can.”

“Hide and seek?”

“He not like to be alone,” he said while shaking his head.

“He doesn’t? Hm, what else could it be?”

“You guess!” – Aleksa smiled in a very playful manner.


“That is?”

“What that is? It’s a board game with pawns.”

“Oh, no.”

“I’ve got it! It’s football, isn’t it?”

“It is. Foo-ball!”

“Would Garry like to play?”

“I ask him.” He leaned down and whispered to it. They seemed to have a very serious conversation in a language only known to them. I was definitely not in a shape to play proper football, but I’ll have to handle his variation of it. I couldn’t succumb to fatigue now; I had to be with my child. If I was able to ignore my weariness in order to put up a good performance, I can definitely do it in order to fix this.

“We want to play.”

“Let’s go outside then, shall we? Where do you keep the ball?”

“Toy box!”

“The one in the corner?”

“Corner,” he repeated.

I wasted no time and took him to our garden in the back. He seemed very excited to play, and I was happy to see him that way. Gosh, I’ve missed him so much. Both of them. The moment I came I messed up…

“So are you team Garry or team daddy?” I asked while we sat on the stairs, Aleksa on my lap. I asked that in particular because I wanted to remind him who I was. I didn’t want to think about those two words anymore, but something told me that they’d be burnt into my memory for a long time. But I deserve it, I needed a lesson.

“Garry’s small, so I help him.”

“You’ll help him? Okay, that’s fine with me. Let’s play then?”

So, we played. We ran around, rolled on the grass and by the time we were finished we were as green as the Hulk and I know I was overworked. He didn’t seem tired at all. I almost forgot how energetic he was. He was so resolved and went on every time he fell, and he did fall plenty. When the three of us, yes Garry’s included, were lying on the grass I noticed Ariana leaned against the doorframe giving us the ‘typical-boys’ look.

“Just to let you know, you’re bathing him,” she added with a smile.

“Who won, Aleksa?”

“We won.”

“Are you sure? I think I scored a lot too.”

“But we won,” he repeated determinedly.

The next step was bathing him, and I’ve never seen a child who liked to be in water so much. I had to trick him as to make him leave the bathtub without crying.  Garry took a bath with him, but unfortunately he’ll have to take his luck in the washing machine tonight. As I was washing him he took the shower head and used it to drench me. I was completely wet, from head to toe. I wanted to lecture him but the fit of giggle he burst into didn’t allow me to do so. I couldn’t complain when he was so happy. If he’d smile like that every day I wouldn’t mind being soaked twenty-four/seven.

Ariana fed him as I took a shower to get all the dirt off as well as the post-flight feeling that still lingered. By the time I’ve finished he drifted off. It was his nap time. I took advantage of that time to have a talk with Ariana. I really had to apologise. I haven’t even told her I missed her.

She was sipping juice while holding the phone to her ear by her shoulder. Her hair seemed much longer than before I left. I loved her hair, thick and always smelled like apples. The high ponytail revealing her neck, one of my favourite places to nuzzle into. She was beautiful and strong, and she deserved to be told that and appreciated. I hugged her from behind as she put the phone down. She didn’t completely give into my touch and she had every right not to.

“I missed you… a lot.”

“You did?”

“Not a day has passed without me thinking of you. I couldn’t wait to talk to you, and each talk made it harder for me not to sit on the next flight and come back home, to you. I desperately missed the feeling of waking up next to you. I even missed being woken up by the night cries,” I smiled. “In the days of complete overwork the memory of you kept me going, made me smile through. Every night I’d pretend you were next to me and every morning I lied to myself that you got up before me. It was easier. I needed your touch and your kisses. I needed the comfort of your hug. I longed for you and everything that comes along: you kicking me while sleeping, you using all the worm water and putting an empty ice-cream pack back in the fridge, your indecisiveness over the simplest things. Simply, you. You and our son. My family.”

“Damn it, you’ve always been good with words.”

“Are you crying?”

“Maybe a little,” she said as she turned around and buried her face into my chest.

“I really am sorry, love.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“I never won’t to be apart this long.”

“Listen, I gave this a thought or two… would it be possible for you two to join me on the European leg of the tour?”

“I’ll see if I can make it work, Harry.”

“I thought you’d question this a bit more. I’m not complaining, though.”

“I understand where you come from and I feel the same way. The only thing I’m concerned about is our home… Who’ll look after it?”

“Ariana… For me, home is where you are.”

“Even a bus bunk?”

“A bloody park bench for all I care. I just need you.”

After Aleksa had his nap we went to the park, as a family. I was fighting sleep and was thankful I had time to make myself a cup of strong, black coffee to get me back from the dead. We had the great tour, starting with the swings, then seesaw, rocking ponies, climbers, merry-go-round, then the sand area, the basket area, we played ‘froggies’ where we threw flat rocks in the river in order to create waves as the rock bounced of the surface into the distance until it sank, at the end, we finally came to slides. We started with the smaller one, moved to the middle one…later, he stood admiring the big one which was actually on a little hill. He wanted to go there, but was definitely frightened by the height and length of it.

“Want to slide there?”

“It’s tall!”

“Yes, it’s quite high but I’ll wait for you at the bottom. Nothing can happen that way.”

“You catch me?”

“I will catch you.”

“No falling on the bum?”

“No falling,” I smiled.

“And mummy?”

“She’ll be with me. Do you trust me?”

“I trust. Let’s go.”

There was certain power that those words gave me, certain amount of confidence. He knows I’m there to look after him, he trusts me. He feels that I’m not the enemy. And the best thing happened when he came down, a hearth-warming hug. He clung to me as if there was no tomorrow. That hug seemed to put me back together and the night that followed made me whole again. I told Ariana I’d put him to sleep, so we lay on the big bed together and I told him a story. I was surprised when he asked me to sing something.

“Please, sing.”

So I did. I sang the usual lullabies, the ones I knew he liked. He moved closer to me, bringing his thumb to his puffed lips and then proceeded to rub the tip of his nose with it. That was something I did when I had trouble falling asleep. I sang softer and softer before I finally stopped, thinking he was asleep.

“Goodnight, daddy.” – he said, half asleep as I carried him to his crib.


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The Signs as my birthday presents this year
  • Aries: custom made angry child pyjamas
  • Taurus: a whole damn box of green tea kit kats
  • Gemini: a fancy smancy sweater
  • Cancer: a box of art supplies
  • Leo: a sparkly Garry the snail (from spongebob) necklace
  • Virgo: an A++ drawing of a Grecian goddess rainbow third eyes moon head in revealing robes (godbless)
  • Sagittarius: a giant green beanbag chair with a back rest
  • Scorpio: a shirt that says "simple pleasures" on it
  • Capricorn: chocolate pancake mix (A++ aww YISSS)
  • Aquarius: rainbow macaroon erasers that warm you about 47 times NOT to eat them
  • Pisces: a really nice artsy sweater hidden in a box of Bourbon chocolate wafers (!!)