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“We like talking to the interesting people about interesting things and I dare say that the least interesting thing on [David] Duchovny’s professional resume might be The X-Files. This guy…he sings, he knows a bunch of languages..he writes books.”

– The Dan Le Batard Show (x)

Mr. Kasparov grasps that the real threat is not merely that a large number of Americans have become accustomed to rejecting factual information, or even that they have become habituated to believing hoaxes. The real danger is that, inundated with โ€œalternative facts,โ€ many voters will simply shrug, asking, โ€œWhat is truth?โ€ โ€” and not wait for an answer.
—  ~Charlie Sykes, “Why No One Cares the President is Lying” (New York Times)
reasons to love parks and rec

-diverse cast 

-strong female characters with good story lines

-showing men in more emotional situations, vocalizing their appreciation of strong women, and appreciation of another male/their appearance 

-supportive and amazing female friendships without cattiness 

-depicts various healthy relationships without unnecessary drama

-mentions and/or discusses feminism, racism, white privilege, bisexuality, depression, etc

-shows hardworking people achieving their goals

-addresses the flaws and bad things characters have done or said and shows how they learn from them (+ lots of character development in general)

-it’s hilarious and warm and happy and you care about the characters involved

-way more stuff probably

-parks and rec is amazing

-watch it