garrus-the-spectre asked:

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hey thank you honey! 

6: Favorite ME1 squad?

  • Garrus and Uncle Wrex

7: Favorite ME2 squad?

  • Garrus and Zaeed

8: Favorite ME3 squad?

  • Garrus and Javik

I dont know.. but I have the feeling there is a pattern somewhere but I cant put my finger on it :D

10: What squad member do you bring along the least?

  • already answered: I usually take my favorite team and thats it.. so there are several… for ME1 Ashley, for ME2 Jacob and for ME3 Kaidan or Vega

12: Favorite non-combatant?

  • already answered: Good old Joker! who else could it be :)

17: Favorite loyalty mission?

  • the revenge date with the honey bunny! :)