garrus vakarian cosplay

Not my cosplay, if you know who these are or the photographer please let me know and I will credit appropriately.

<3 love Garrus <3 amazing cosplay!

In Mass Effect 1-3, I only wanted to romance Garrus. (Couldn’t in the first one, but after romancing Kaidan, I went back and didn’t romance anyone in the first so I could “wait” for him, sad I know but I dont care :P) My husband however had to pick between Liara and Tali and alternated through different playthroughs.

In Dragon Age Origins, my romance as easy, always Alistair. 2nd Dragon Age I alternated between Fenris (broody sexy) and Anders (sweet cute). And then in the 3rd one always Cullen.

I had a blast at Motor City Comic Con on Saturday! This was my first time cosplaying as Tali and all things considered I think it went super well! There are some things I’m going to tweak before colossalcon but that’s what test runs are for! I have slowly been getting some pictures back so if you have any of me and my friend Kevin as Garrus, I’d love to see them! ^^ 

^ Haha I didn’t realize we were standing so far apart I feel like this should have a sassy caption next to it XD 

^ Squad too cool for you If we would have had a shepard in the middle of this it would have been perfect omg dream teaaaamm

^ I’m including this selfie because I’m not sure if any of the pictures with my face exposed will surface. I looooove the way the contacts looked with this


Finally, after eons of labour, I have finished off a few more prop guns. The newest is the M-77 Paladin paint job. It was surprisingly more difficult to paint but I’m very, very happy with the results. I also started my new Etsy page and will be selling these props. I will dance at your wedding if you spread the word and get my page some traffic.

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