Fic Update: Any Four Walls: Cool Aunt

Heyyy, why not update a story I haven’t updated in more than a year while everyone is off playing new game? *finger guns*

(In all seriousness, sorry for the long delay. I don’t anticipate one NEARLY as long again. This chapter sets up an arc I’ve had in my head for years!)

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Cool Aunt

After three hours spent as sole caregiver to her brother’s daughters, Solana was beginning to have serious doubts about her own suitability as a parent, which made her current state of impending motherhood all the more terrifying. No going back now. Not even if she was having sudden visions of just how woefully underprepared she was. And she was. In vivid color.

Taking the girls off their parents’ hands for a day had seemed like such a good idea at the time. Step one to reaching coveted cool aunt status. Girls day out. Or in. Something. Fun. Definitely fun.

To be honest, she hadn’t actually thought that far ahead when she made the offer.

Garrus had an itinerary of political obligations as long as his arm, which only made Solana shudder and wonder how she could ensure her own position in the Hierarchy rose no further than it was already. Though Shepard had been perfectly willing to stay and entertain the children, Garrus did not disguise how much he wanted her with him. More than that, Solana knew they were far more effective a team when working together, especially when it came to fighting for things they believed in. Solana wasn’t privy to the details, but whatever it was they were dealing with now left a grim expression on her brother’s face whenever he thought no one was looking. Shepard’s wasn’t much better.

While arguing with one or the other of them was possible, when they presented a unified front, Sol wasn’t sure they’d ever actually failed. Being on kid-duty for a day seemed a small price to pay, if it helped relieve some of the tension lurking beneath her brother’s plates or in the furrowed cant of Shepard’s human brows.

Off they’d gone, and with them Naxus and her father to their respective work, leaving Solana in possession of two sleepy girls and many hours to fill. The sleepiness had worn off after breakfast, replaced by the kind of frenetic activity Solana usually associated with a firefight. Or stims. Or stims during a firefight.

And that was only hour one.

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“C’mon, Vakarian. You’re not scared, are you?” Ashley grinned at the former C-Sec officer as she slid the VR headset over her bun.

Garrus copied her movements with his own set. “Of course not. I believe our current score is two to one, in favor of me.”

Her fingers paused over the controls. “Which one this time?”

Pinnacle Station, a special operations training station employed by the Alliance as well as the Council, had gladly parted with some of their tech by request of Captain Anderson. He and the station’s CO, Admiral Ahern, knew each other from the First Contact War. There had been no time to spare for Shepard’s team to go to the station and undergo training as a unit so Anderson had called in a favor with Ahern and convinced the man to send over less advanced, but similar, VR training simulations that could be done while the Normandy was in transit.

There were a number of different simulations they could run, including hunting down and killing as many enemies as possible in an allotted time or capturing various tactical objectives as fast as possible.

“Let’s do a hunt,” Garrus said without hesitation.

Ashley huffed, but keyed in his choice. Garrus was nearly as good with the sniper rifle as Shepard. The last time they’d run through a hunt, he’d set up a blind on top of a freight container and sniped with leisure while she rushed around, taking out as many as she could with her assault rifle. A sly grin spread across her face when the location selection popped up. The volcanic location was what had given Garrus the open views he needed to take out the targets easily. This time, she selected the tropical location. There were more twists and turns in the layout, which would take his advantage away and put them more on equal footing.

“Alright, ready?” Ashley glanced over at him and, when Garrus nodded, she activated the simulation.

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Garrus: Yeah so after you died I messed up my old job, my mom got a terminal illness and I went into a murderous depression spiral where I tried to emulate you but I’m a huge failure so I got all my friends killed and half my face blown off. But enough about me let’s go fight the collectors!!

Shepard: Oh my god are you okay

Garrus: *finger guns*

Shepard: ….Seriously are you oka-

Garrus: *finger guns more aggressively*

So, canonically, turians are much taller than humans, right? Like, they’re supposed to be 6 or 7 feet on average.

But because of game mechanics, we tend to see them much shorter, more around human height. Like so:

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But, you guys.

You guys.

Did you notice?

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Height differences.


Ok ok everything is about Andromeda right now but