Garrus: Yeah so after you died I messed up my old job, my mom got a terminal illness and I went into a murderous depression spiral where I tried to emulate you but I’m a huge failure so I got all my friends killed and half my face blown off. But enough about me let’s go fight the collectors!!

Shepard: Oh my god are you okay

Garrus: *finger guns*

Shepard: ….Seriously are you oka-

Garrus: *finger guns more aggressively*

do you ever think about how much garrus trusts shepard. how when you find him in 2 he’s been trapped up in that room for like three days or something and the second shepard is there he sighs and he hands them his gun—the thing that has been the only thing between him and death all this time—because he is just so sure that everything is going to be okay. he even hangs up on his call with his dad according to the comics like he’d called his dad because he was sure he was about to die and then he saw shepard and told his dad not to worry because his odds just got better because. because shepard is here now everything is fine he’s going to make it because its shepard and they’ve been dead for two years but he doesn’t even kind of question it he’s just so relieved and happy that they’re back and they are going to get him out of this because shepard would never let him get hurt thats not the way they do things and. and. and then he gets hit in the face with the rocket but he gets back on his feet immediately ready to go into hell with shepard because they’re back and they need him at their six and there’s never any doubt in his mind that shepard is real and he’s even ready to expose himself to a deadly plague if they need him to he doesn’t care as long as shepard is safe. and after that it’s unwavering loyalty and they might argue about stuff but he is in this until the end no matter what and if you romance him its so clear he is just head over heels in love with shepard because they try to play it off (to each other and themselves) that its just a little harmless fun but they’re both like “i want You because i can trust you” and “this is about Us” and there’s no shepard without vakarian, garrus and I’m crying

Since Garrus was CSEC, and the Ryders grew up on the Citadel… do you ever think they met?
Like the Ryder twins get into trouble all the time for vandalism or staying out past curfew or other small things…
and one night, someone knocks on the door, and when Alec opens it it’s just grumpy looking Garrus with the twins for the billionth time, and he’s just so fed up.

ME1 and ME2 Garrus: Has immeasurable respect for you, lets you be his moral compass. Agrees to become closer to you because he respects you more than anyone in the entire galaxy and you have brought out the best in him

ME3 Garrus: Makes fun of your dancing. Literally will not shut up about the fact that he’s your boyfriend. His ego hangs on one shot of a sniper rifle.