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How different would it be if Grace and Garrus adopted a baby or a toddler?

“No,” said Shepard, raising her hands, taking a step backward as if the wriggling creature was not an infant but a grenade primed to explode at any moment. “No. No way. No.”

Then again, from the smell currently emanating from said grenade, perhaps the explosion had already occurred. 

“It’s fine,” Garrus replied, just a hint of laughter coloring his subvocals. “They showed you what to do.”

Knowing she probably looked crazed–the muscles in her face were doing weird things and she couldn’t get them to stop–Shepard faced him. “If it’s so fine, why aren’t you doing it?”

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  • Bioware:Introducing our newest Role-Playing adventure, Mass Effect! You'll have the option of pursuing a romance with the softspoken but bashful biotic, the fiery soldier with a military lineage, or the beautiful and intelligent archaeologist! Engage in a thrilling and passiona-
  • Me:*points at the bird dinosaur*
  • Me:That one.
  • Bioware:Sorry, he's an alien and not availab-
  • Me:Did I stutter?

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