garrus father

Face Markings of Turian

I’m not sure what they mean other than a way for us silly humans to identify them from afar. 

Castis Vakarian (Garrus’ Father)

Garrus Vakarian 

Sid Nyx

Vetra Nyx

Tiran Kandros

Nyreen Kandros

Sorry for the long post but I was asked about it and figured I’d show off my collection. I know this doesn’t really answer it but it’s all the canon I got. 

I won’t lie. I began sobbing when I heard Alec’s audio recordings of the reapers being a real thing and the main reason for the Initiative’s departure into the Andromeda cluster. Listening to Liara’s voice reaching out to him, after how many years have passed, informing him he and his people might be the only ones left if their battle against the reapers goes wrong- it hurt. It fucking stung. Hell listening to Garrus’ father talk about his son and Shepard’s escapades tore a hole through my heart.

Every single word of it stung like a bitch. 

Sad thing, is I imagine my baby girl Sara taking the news hard. Like a cannon ball smacking into her stomach, hard. Sara would be struggling to keep her emotions in check, to keep herself from falling into a crumpled mess in the Hyperion, in her own room in the tempest. She’d be on pins and needles with this hellish knowledge of everything she loved and knew back home was most likely gone. All her past friends and acquaintances slaughtered by this awful unknown enemy known as the reapers.

It would break her down. Bit by bit. 

Jaal would notice her change in demeor. See the heavy, hollow look in her normally brightly lit eyes. His eyes would pick out the way she walked, slow and sluggishly as if tied down by something unseen to the naked eye. Concerned for her wellbeing he would ask her if something is wrong, knowing full well there is something stifling her strong clear soul. Sara would struggle. Maybe choke, as she tries to tell him she’s fine. She never gets the words out. All she can do is reach out to him, holding him close as she sobs against him- her reaction alarming Jaal and sending him into a frenzy of worry and fear.

Knowing it’d be best to be somewhere private I am sure he takes her to her room on the tempest. After all, until now, he’s never seen her break down like this. A literal shaking mess wrapped up in his arms.

Through sobs she tells him. Bits and pieces of incoherent words stringing together as her mind continues to try and process what her father kept from everyone. Jaal tightens his hold on her soothing her the best he can. His heart hurts. Not only for his darling one suffering so much but because of the incredible loss of life no one could have prevented. Sara lost so much. And so had he.

AU where Garrus gets to celebrate the end of the Reaper War with his mom, dad and sister on Palaven. They realize everything he’s been going through for those years. He also gets to introduce them his best friend and partner, Shepard. Mama Vakarian immediately likes Shepard, Garrus’ father less so but he eventually gets over it. Shepard ends up becoming Solana’s bff by the end of their trip to Palaven (obviously) and they get to hear all the stories from when Garrus was a child.
Basically: everything is alright, nothing hurts ;_______;

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remember between thessia-sanctuary garrus says his family had finally got off palaven? what if they were on their way to sanctuary but got delayed?? what if they DIDNT and he doesnt say that & thats why hes angry?! & theyre the turians he mentions??




Personally for the sake of my health and feels I’d imagine that with Dadkarian’s previous C-Sec position, he and Solana were guaranteed a comfy spot inside the Citadel, and that Dadkarian’s SUPER DUPER faith in C-Sec and regulations kept him from fleeing the Citadel.

Granted, if we’re disregarding the Indoctrination Theory, and everything Shepard sees after getting hit by Harbinger IS 100% real, then…Then that could very well mean they’d still be among the piles of CORPSES scattered everywhere hdjsakhfdjkashfdjksFUUUUU|CK


What if Garrus TRIED to convince his dad to take Solana to Sanctuary? After all, Garrus had little faith in Citadel Security to BEGIN with, and the COUP happened, he might figure that even though he’s not personally familiar with this “Sanctuary” place, that it’d be a MILLION times safer then the Citadel!

But Dadkarian’s faith in the Citadel still remains unshaken, and Garrus eventually ends up in a nasty argument with him, and eventually, Dadkarian’s resolve starts to wain, and he ALMOST starts to consider it-

And then the mission happens.

And it just HITS Garrus like a ton of bricks: He fought, tooth and nail, to TRY and get his father and sister to go here.





Okay, CONTEXT: Even though it was removed from ME3, I still LOVE to headcanon that Sidonis dies saving Garrus’ family if you allow him to live in ME2.

In fact, I actually also kinda like the fact that it WAS removed, so that way, I can headcanon that it still HAPPENED, but Garrus just…Never knew it was him.

Sidonis never gets direct 100% forgiveness from Garrus, and Garrus never gets any outside SUPER DUPER justification from above that letting Sidonis live was the 100% “right” thing to do.

There is no closure but the closure they give themselves.

There’s PROBABLY something super beautify poetic in all that shiz, but my brain refuses to do words hgdjksahdjksd

BUT, what if instead of dying saving Garrus’ family on Palaven, Sidonis actually saved them from Sanctuary?

Garrus won the argument. Dadkarian finally breaks, and follows Garrus’ advice to go to Sanctuary. Just so happens, Sidonis fled there too.

When things start going to shit, Sidonis decides to stop being a coward for once, and step up and try to get as many people off of Sanctuary that he can.

And it just so happens, Garrus’ father and sister happened to be among the handful Sidonis managed to get to a little escape shuttle, before being caught.

Between the escape shuttle getting picked up by rescue teams and the interrogation and hospital treatment afterwords Dadkarian and Solana aren’t able to get in contact with Garrus for quite some time, so once again, Garrus is thrown into a state of anxiety that his family MIGHT be dead, and if they were, HE’D be the reason they WERE dead…

When Dadkarian FINALLY manages to get in contact with Garrus, to let him know that yes, he and Solana are okay, well…

Let’s just say, IF TURIANS COULD CRY



This fic was written as a giveaway prize for @foofyschmoofer! The events of this story take place after the Destroy ending of ME3 and Shepard has the spacer background. I had a great time writing this! :)

Hannah Shepard squeezed her daughter’s hand.

Shepard looked over at her mother and smiled. Her heart was full today; today was the day her mother and Garrus’ father would finally get to meet.

Shepard had spoken to Castis Vakarian several times before, but they had never met in person. Already she felt a closeness to him that helped with the hole in her heart that her own father left behind. He had passed away due to an illness right before she joined the military. A large part of her decision to join was to make him proud and continue his legacy. Ever since her and Garrus had decided to start exclusively dating, Shepard and Garrus chatted regularly with his father via video chats and eventually Shepard would begin to call him regularly on her own for advice and comfort. Castis eased the pain of losing her dad some, and that meant the world to her.

Shepard and her mother approached the restaurant on the Citadel where they were going to meet.

They approached a hostess station where a young asari greeted them.

“Oh, Commander Shepard! It’s an honor. We were expecting you, right this way. Mr. Vakarian has already arrived.”

The hostess walked them back to a private balcony area that overlooked the Presidium. The view was beautiful and the area was quiet.

“There they are!” Garrus said, walking over to greet them.

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Headcanon Wednesday: Turian Colony Markings

One of the first things other species notice about turians—after the plating, spikes, and general sense of tightly-leashed aggression—is the fact that most of them wear markings on their faces. The name of these markings translates best to “colony markings,” and they do indeed primarily identify the turian’s colony or region of origin, but there’s a lot more to them than that. Because they’re so prominent, turian facial markings give rise to questions from members of other species: are they tattoos, paint, dye, something else?

When a young turian is old enough to be considered an adult by their family, they’re given permission to take on their region’s markings. This is usually a year or two before the mandatory military service begins, but it varies: military service is at a fixed age specified by the Hierarchy and can only be adjusted by special dispensation, but wearing the markings is determined by—essentially—whether your family thinks you’re a grownup or not. In general, the parents have the final say in when this happens, although the extended family is generally eager to advise (often to the embarrassment of the child in question). Responsible and duty-minded young turians may get the markings early; rebellious turians may not get them until shortly before they leave for military service. (Almost everyone gets the markings before they do leave for the service, however; withholding them at that point is a sign of deep disgrace, just a short step away from outright disowning. Holding off before that point is usually used to try to exert social pressure, to embarrass a young turian into toeing the line. Garrus’ father held out until very shortly before his service, but there was no question that he would get the markings before his service—he was hotheaded by turian standards, but not a criminal, and making him go into the service barefaced would have been unthinkable to the Vakarians. His more duty-minded sister, on the other hand, got them a full two years before her service–a fact that she was not too proud to lord over her brother.)

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Family Dinner

Shepard, Garrus, his father and sister had arranged to meet for dinner together on the citadel one evening. It was the third time Shepard had seen them upon meeting them after the war, and to Garrus’ amazement, they seemed to all be getting along quite well and growing fond of her.

As he approached the bar and ordered drinks for everyone, he watched the love of his life laughing with his sister as they waited at their table; the two women of his life now. Sure, there was still Tali, Liara, and everyone else he served with on the Normandy, but Shepard and Solana were now the ones closest to his heart, which was only getting warmer and fuller each day.

He doesn’t notice his father standing next to him until he utters, “She’s the one.”

And he doesn’t approve, of course. Terrific.

“Yeah, dad.” Garrus sighs. The last thing he wants to do is cause an argument after everything; after they’ve patched things up, after the war, after his mother died. But he’ll stick by Shepard, whatever that means.

“I wasn’t questioning it.” He remarks, and Garrus is thrown back from it. With his fathers disinterest - to put it mildly - for Spectres, a human one at that, Garrus was expecting him to completely oppose the idea of his son being in a relationship with one.

“From what I’ve heard about her,” his father continues, “…she’s perfect for you – to be honest, I can’t imagine anyone better for you. She even did a better job at looking after you than I did.”

“You were fine, dad.” Garrus responds, unable to put together anything more. He understands why his father raised him the way he did. He wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t, that’s for sure.

“No, I was too harsh on you, but that’s not the point. I.. I’m happy for you, son.” He raises his hand to pat him on the shoulder, which in this moment, has never felt lighter in all his life.

“Your drinks, sir.” The bartender interrupts.

“I’ve got this.” His father replies, handing the bartender his credit chit before Garrus can answer – if he even could answer. Grabbing the drinks, his father nods towards the beautiful, happy women still waiting at the table for them. “Let’s not keep them waiting.”

Garrus brings himself back into the moment, grabbing the set of drinks for his father, and he can’t help the smile that spreads across his mandibles. “Yeah. Thanks, dad.”

For everything.

Headcanon Wednesday: Baby Turians

Been a while since I’ve been able to do a headcanon Wednesday post.  It feels great to be back. :D

Infant turians don’t have the thick metallic plates or the reflective skin cuticle that their elders do. Instead, they’re born with a layer of fine inorganic fibers; when damp, the fibers are transparent and lie flat to the body, but as the infant dries off they turn into a thick, silver-white down. To put it briefly: baby turians are fluffy. (While gestating, turian mothers generally develop strong cravings for plants that are high in certain minerals, which are then passed to the fetus; during prenatal development, the fetus turns those inorganic compounds into the down.)

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After the war when Garrus and his father reunite, his father is the proudest he’s ever been of him. They both put the past behind them, forgive and forget, and move forward. His father does the same with Shepard - in fact, he’s thankful to her for who Garrus has become, and he apologizes for how he originally saw spectres, but she doesn’t blame him.

Then when he finds out about their relationship, he’s skeptical at first, but he soon grows to approve of it because at the end of the day, could there possibly be a better person for Garrus than the woman that’s saved the galaxy time and time again?

And then their wedding day comes - a mix of turian and human traditions - and when Garrus’ proud father is walking Garrus’ proud wife-to-be down the isle, it is quite the sight for Garrus. It couldn’t possibly be any better for any of them.

“EDI,” Shepard started, her heart thumping in his chest, hysterics building inside her, “did you- did you just send my message to Garrus’ father?”

“Yes, Shepard, was I not supposed to?”

“Oh shit.” She laughed, if there was a note of hysterical laughter no one would ever know.


Tidus Vakarian sighed as his omni-tool beeped with a new message, he rubbed his eyes, taking his eyes off his ailing wife. Cassia was getting worse by the day and there was nothing he could do, no viable treatment, even with the Salarian’s offer to take her into their facility for study and treatment.

He sighed at the unknown address, if it was another spam with another useless offer of treatment-!

He blinked as he opened the message.

From: Commander S. Shepard, Normandy SR-2

Dear Mr Vakarian Senior, 
(sorry Garrus never mentioned your actual name for some unknown reason).

I hope this message finds you well,

My name is Commander Shepard, Hero of the Citadel and first Human Spectre. I am writing to you with regards to your son, Garrus Vakarian who is currently under my command.

I have a lucrative proposition for you. I would like to demand that you marry your son off to me, as I am afraid he is currently too busy calibrating the shit out of my ship to notice my rather obvious advances. He seems to be entirely oblivious to my desire to ride the G-Train, and believe me sir, I have NOT been subtle. I have tried everything, slinky dresses, re-enacting Basic Instinct, following his every whim, up to and including day light murder and severe structural damage to the Citadel, but to no avail.

I am afraid that you are now my only hope. I understand your reservation, Garrus has communicated to me your distrust of Spectres, however I would like to point out that I have thus far cooperated with the Citadel Council dumb-ass decisions, and complained about it just a little bit, only 3 people got injured!

But what do you get out of this? That is an excellent question sir. First of all, I would make an excellent daughter in law. You would never see me as I will be too busy kicking ass and taking names, so no awkward family dinners. Furthermore, as far as I understand, if me and Garrus do end up mashing genitals, no offspring is biologically possible, so no sticky hand prints, annoying screaming and bodily fluids on the carpet. And finally, I have been known to set off nuclear grade explosions for the people in my care, so your obsessive, irritating asshat of a son, will be safe, and also probably far far away from you. So it is a win win situation for everyone!

I thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon! Please get back to me soon, I already picked out the Wedding Armour.

Many thanks, Kind regards,
Commander Shepard.*

Tidus barked a laughter, his sub-vocals thrumming with amusement, that was a weight off his shoulders at least, knowing his boy was alive and well and as obtuse as ever when it came to the fairer gender, if he was honest with himself, he’d say it was something Garrus may have inherited from him, but he avoided the annoying truths these days.

“Tidus?” Came a voice to his right, as he looked up, he hummed at his wife, her eyes clear with recognition, “what’s going on?”

He thrilled with humour, sitting on the bed besides her as he showed Cassia the message, “your son’s an idiot.”

Cassia hummed as she glanced at the message “he gets it from you.”

“Shush you, I was never that bad.” He laughed, sub-vocals thrumming with relief and love.

“No, you were worse.” Cassia stated with an twitch of her mandible, “what is this Basic Instinct the Commander’s talking about?”

“I’ve no idea, light of my life.” He smiled, opening the Extranet for research.


Shepard laughed as she laid on her back, Jack looming with biotics over her, “cheater! I said ‘no biotics’.”

“All’s fair in love an war, isn’t that what you told me?” Jack sat back, dismissing the dark energy keeping Shepard still, not even a bead of sweat on her body as she kept the struggling woman still.

“Unless we specify terms, but yeah.” She smiled at herself, sparing with Jack always got her spirits up, sure she’d rather spare with Garrus, among other things, but since he was still busy ignoring her and calibrating the giant guns instead of something else…

Her Omni-tool beeped at the same time as EDI’s voice drifted through the cargo bay, announcing she had a new message at her private terminal. She stretched, bending forward with her arms high up her back until she had an up close look at her thighs, the bones on her back popping with the extortion.

“Who is it?” She asked as Jack scoffed then rolled her eyes, Shepard just smirked at the inked woman, he had offered to teach Jack to teach her how to stretch, but the other woman had refused. Ah well.

“I do not have access to your correspondence, Shepard.” The AI responded, to which all Sophia could do was roll her eyes, yes EDI didn’t have access to emails, and Sophia was the daughter of clowns.

“Stop lying EDI, before I deactivate your programming and reduce you to a VI again.” She said, snorting. She strengthened, opening the Omni-tool and grinning.

From: Tidus Vakarian

Commander, I am Tidus Vakarian, Garrus’s father, and I hope this finds you well.

Maybe I should start by thanking you for your email, as unintentional as it was probably sent. Not only have you confirmed that my son is, indeed, alive, but you’ve managed what Solana and I have been trying for the past year. It has been the first time in over 6 months, Palaven-time, that I’ve see my wife laugh and recognise my other child, Commander, and for that I thank you.

I have no idea how you wrapped Garrrus around to follow you, but rest assured that you’ve got him wrapped around your human fingers and bound to your very will. It is not my place to grant you your wish, only Garrus can do that, but - as my wife so fondly reminds me - Garrus is as bad as a Turian as I used to be. If you need my permission you have it, Spirits know Garrus doesn’t come home anyway, so your offer would at least keep him safe (nuclear explosions? Really?)

Also, Cassia tells me that I’m still am a bad Turian, and I’ve no idea what she’s talking about.

If you manage to get Garrus to visit before your mission’s over, I’ll even officiate it myself.

Cassia would also like to let you know that your ‘Basic Instinct’ would never work on a Turian, since we are ‘wired’ to notice long necks and supportive waists, of which you’ve got plenty to interest my son, if you excuse the forwardness.

Fondly yours,
Tidus Vakarian.

Fic Update: Any Four Walls: A Bit of Advice

On AO3


A Bit of Advice

One of his aides was rattling off a list of responsibilities and expectations for the visit, while Garrus nodded and ignored him completely. When Shepard touched his elbow lightly, he raised a hand, silencing the exuberant aide. “Send it to my omni-tool and I’ll see what I can do,” he said. Veltus blinked three times, as though astonished anything in the galaxy could be more important than the to do list he carried, but when Garrus gave his head a meaningful—and insistent—tilt, he scrambled off like a fire’d been lit roughly in the vicinity of his rear.

“How many times a day do you say that same phrase?” Shepard murmured, voice pitched for him alone. The curve of her smile said she knew damned well how little he’d been paying attention.

He snorted softly. “More than I care to think about.”

“And do you ever check your omni-tool afterward?”

His mandibles flicked into a grin. “Not that account.” The mirth, however, faded almost at once. “I appreciate the distraction, but you’ve got something else on your mind.”

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So.. I reached 300 followers.

First off, let me say I love each and every single one of you. This started off as just another random blog, and let me say I never expected to get 30 followers, let alone 300. Some of you guys have been there when my friends in real life haven’t and I really thank you for that. You have no idea how great you all really are.

I’m not exactly doing a follow forever, because I follow like 600 blogs and that would take ages. So I’m just going to list my mutuals (cause y'all are all so cute). Here we go <3


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Ok, here's an impossible question: in your opinion who do you love more, Cullen or Garrus?


I feel like Garrus has an unfair advantage here, because I’ve written so much about him, and, between Just Like Old Times and Life Signs and Something Like Home and A Handful of Dust, I’ve spent so much time in his head. Garrus was a character who resonated for me instantly, and begged me to keep thinking and examining and peeling back layers. But then, so did Cullen. I just haven’t had as much time to dig around and play and find out all the things that make him tick. Yet. (Heh, get back to me when I’ve finished Unshaken by the Darkness. ;D)

But if there’s one thing I love maybe a teeny bit more than I love the hothead cop desperate for justice and stymied by red tape (with a side of daddy-issues) turned vigilante turned respectable man in a position of authority, it’s the man once nearly shattered pulling himself back together, the man trying to figure out who remains once he extricates himself from the flawed system he’d once been so devoted to, the man who learns to say I was wrong and change.

I love that both of them have long arcs full of growth and change. I love the way they both face their own darkness. I love their humor. I love the stammering and smirking and asking about their love interest’s well-being. I love how much they care about their respective love interests. I love that they both worry but never let that worry cripple them, and that even though they might wish their partners were safe, they’d never dream of trying to stop these women from doing what they must. And I love that they both vocalize their desires for a future, even if that future seems impossible sometimes. I love their competence. I love that they’re neither of them perfect: they have flaws, they make mistakes, they’re not always right (and sometimes being wrong has disastrous consequences). I even love that they both obviously care about their families, but drive and duty and a bit of fear keep them somewhat distant. I love that they care about their people. I love the tenderness they show sometimes, especially when we also get to see them so badass at others.

I love that they have lots of things in common, but aren’t the same person. The adversities they face–especially the more personal ones separate from OH LOOK THE WORLD IS ENDING–are different. Garrus’ feelings about his father, or his mother’s illness, or his squad let me tell certain kinds of stories. Cullen’s battle with addiction, his torture at Uldred’s hands, his years as Meredith’s second-in-command will let me tell different kinds of stories.

In terms of the romance, I have to say… I needed to do a lot less headcanoning to make Cullen’s work. I was so put off by the start to the Shepard/Garrus romance I almost didn’t do it at all. All the notes the Cullen romance hits worked for me without having to do mental backflips or cringe on every playthrough. There are things I’d like to examine more, but as a framework, Inquisition’s romance arc really worked for me. That said, I think having Shepard around for three games and seeing her face so much–trying and succeeding and trying and failing and trying trying trying–has made her a more compelling character (without the need for copious headcanon)? I’m still working on really bringing my Inquisitor to life, because the game (in my opinion) leaves her blanker and emptier. But we’ll get there ;)

So, in short (no, this isn’t short at all):

probablylostrightnow  asked:

How (if at all) would Garrus and Shepard's life be different if that rocket had missed him?

I had to do a lot of thinking about this one. I think for my Shepard and Garrus life would be very different for both of them.

This got really long and ridiculously detailed, so the rest is under a cut.

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