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Finally, after eons of labour, I have finished off a few more prop guns. The newest is the M-77 Paladin paint job. It was surprisingly more difficult to paint but I’m very, very happy with the results. I also started my new Etsy page and will be selling these props. I will dance at your wedding if you spread the word and get my page some traffic.

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someone pls give me halloween on the normandy. preferably after that ending where no one dies and everyone lives happily ever after. yeah

like shepard has to explain to their alien crew that human children dress up as monsters and threaten neighbors in order to get candy. and each background has their own reason for wanting to throw a costume party. spacer shep remembers running up and down corridors of different ships with other kids asking officers for candy. colonist shep had a sibling who loved halloween more than any other day of the year so it’s always special to them. earth born shep never celebrated it before, so they figure why not now after the universe is safe.
liara still has no clue what it’s for and she does a crap ton of research and spews a bunch of random facts abt the history of halloween or something. shep rolls their eyes and hands her a bowl of smarties.
grunt eats too much candy and chocolate does to krogans what vodka does to humans. at one point he’s got a plastic sword in one hand, and eyepatch tied around his head with rope and parts of a way too small pirate costume on.
wrex shows up in his full armor and says that he’s already the scariest thing in the universe. shep gives him the cold shoulder because who fucking destroyed the reapers? not wrex.
garrus looks for a costume on the citadel maybe, he’d end up in like one of those ‘sexy minion costumes’, idk. he doesn’t understand why shep laughs or kaidan’s got tears streaming down his face, or why traynor’s filming everything.
maybe tali gets really into the idea of communities celebrating this together and tries to get the quarians to do the same?? it’s a big hit, but they celebrate like every other weekend and think humans are weird for only celebrating once a year.
kaidan goes all out. I can’t decide if he’d be a jedi, b/c biotics and the force maybe? or if he’d be buzz lightyear or woody from toy story. something dorky that grunt whines abt not being scary.
ashley absolutely refuses to participate in the costume thing, but she’s there for the beer. she hangs out with wrex the entire time and they get completely wasted.
vega…idk but I’d pay to see him dressed up as left shark or something. he tries to get steve to do matching costumes.
if no on the matching costumes, steve definitely goes as a pilot from early 21st century.
edi takes trick or treating very seriously. if she doesn’t get candy from someone then they wake up the next day with their hand in warm water or dicks drawn on their face, or no hair. she either goes to the extreme or elementary school.
joker dresses up as a zombie, he says it’s because of his limp. most people see him and jump, and he finds himself facing a weapon more often than not, but they’re mostly plastic toy guns. shep gives him the biggest lecture. either pissed that he ‘stole’ their costume idea, or b/c it looks like a husk.
traynor’s there just like ash; for the booze. but she’s the one who figures out what chocolate does to krogans and challenges grunt to a chocolate eating contest in place of a drinking contest. grunt is in complete awe that this tiny human is able to eat more of the 'chocolate’ than he is. (they should be bros)
kasumi just cloaks herself and carries a vase around. if anyone asks she’s a ghost. at some point it gets replaced with random object lying around. by the end of the night she’s carrying one of the ships from shep’s collection and hides it somewhere on the normandy. shep can’t find it for a few months and adds another security system to their cabin after the incident.
javik (if he hasn’t already gone to find where his old crew is buried) vehemently refuses to participate until shep explains it more and he realizes that the protheans had a similar holiday, but instead of handing out candy they would shoot reapers. he tells shep and they believe him until he does that 'no we were fighting reapers’ thing he always does.
jacob is with his family, but sends shep and friends a picture of his kid in a bumblebee costume. jack doesn’t go either, she’s with her students on some colony helping with rebuilding, but her students dress up and hand out candy to the colony kids. there’s a full article on the alliance biotic soldiers playing with the kids on the front page of the newspaper the next day. miranda’s with oriana and her family. she’s missed enough of her sister’s life and wants to be there from now on, but she would dress up as catwoman or some other hero/villain with her affinity for skintight jumpsuits. samara doesn’t understand the costumes and like in the citadel dlc she meditates at the party.

bonus points if shepard convinces their LI to do a couple costume and it’s super embarrassing or dorky and it’s like salt and pepper shakers.
more points if chakwas dresses up too as some insanely obscure person (like a background character from the Star Trek tv show) and, of all people, the only one to get the costume is vega.
p much everyone’s happy and no ones dead and there’s halloween