garrus and tali

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Gender: female

Star Sign: cancer

Height: 5ft and three-quarters ( yes that matters)

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite Color: pink or light green

Favorite Animal: cats and whales

Average Hours of Sleep; 0-4 or 8-10 theres no in between

Cat or Dogs: cats

Favorite Fictional Characters: ZEVRAN ARAINI, isabela, dorian, garrus, TALI, elena fisher, LARA CROFT, jane villanueva, waverly earp, and so many more tbh.

Favorite Singer/Band: frank ocean, carseat hedrest, blossoms, childish gambino,  NoMBe, and Parekh & Singh

Dream Trip: going all around europe and seeing every museum possible

Dream Job: teacher or editor

When This Blog Was Made: seven months i think

Number of Followers: 104

What Made You Decide To Create This Blog: i got tired of my old blog and decided to focus on video games rather than literature 

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We will say goodbye, and we will look back one last time. And know that, wherever you go, we will be with you.

This is Commander Shepard, signing off.

While I’m so, so, excited for Andromeda, I still can’t bear with the thoughts of actually leaving the Milky Way cast. Here’s to the new game in the series, and we’ll gonna miss you, guys!

Who's Who on Mass Effect 2
  • Shepard: Glorified galactic babysitter
  • Miranda Lawson: The equivalent of that kid who get's straight A's but never studies seriously Miranda not all of us are genetically engineered
  • Jacob Taylor: Kanye West in space
  • Mordin Solus: geneticist who somehow knows the dirt on everyone. How do you know who I'm dating Mordin? it happened five minutes ago
  • Garrus: literally your best friend in the whole fucking galaxy
  • Jack: The most Tsundere person to ever come from something other than an anime
  • Tali: A huge fucking nerd, but YOUR huge fucking nerd
  • Grunt: your actual murderous child
  • Samara: THE CODE
  • Thane: Don't Kermit assassinations
  • Legion: cutest robot buddy in the galaxy
Biowareaspirant's 100 follower giveaway!

Hey everyone!

So I’m at the halfway mark to 100 followers, which is awesome when you consider this crappy little blog got started up just a handful of weeks ago. 

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I’m doing this giveaway because I love getting awesome followers, and meeting awesome fans of Bioware work. You guys have been super aweome sauce. And because my current followers have been so awesome, I wanna give back a little bit.

First Prize: digital deluxe edition copy of Mass Effect Andromeda

Runner Up Prize: A Funko pop figurine of your choice (Bioware-related ONLY)

Only one person will receive the First Prize.

I will award the Runner Up Prize to up to three people.  


1. You must be following me to participate in this, and yes I will check.

2. Giveaway blogs are NOT allowed. If I find your giveaway blog trying to participate, you will be blocked and automatically disqualified from participating.

3. If you are aiming for one prize over the other, reblogs will enter you for the first prize and likes enter you for the runner up prize. You can do both as often as you want to increase your chances for one prize over another if you like. Just be considerate to your own followers.

4. Only Bioware and gaming-related blogs please. I especially don’t want to have to sift thorugh new blogs to block the porn blogs.

5. For the giveaway to be successful, this blog must hit 100 followers on or before March 16th. SO REBLOG AWAY, MY LOVELIES!