Matt (lovingly) teasing Hunk about being an engineer and making constant pi=3 and ‘matlab is not a real programming language’ jokes and Hunk going ‘babe you know damn well that if we were back on earth ur pure math major ass would have zero job prospects’

Headcanon: keith has no idea how to express his feelings

Like when he was still at the garrisson he used to date a guy and one time when they were sitting together he confessed to keith that he loved him and Keith freaked out cuz he didn’t know how to respond
“Well keith we’ve been dating for months and I just want to say i really cherish all our moments together and I really love you”
Keith : *sweating* “uhhhh I like you too……I guess ?”
They broke up two weeks after that

When he started dating lance he eventually has a better handle on how to convey his emotions and can now actually say “I love you” to lance without running away to hide afterwards but ????? he’s still very shy ???? And awkward????
lance: keith ur the most beautiful person in the whole galaxy ur eyes are so pretty and ur mullet is the softest thing ever I just want to run my hand through it all the time and u look so cute when u laugh???? I wish u laugh more often and ur also brave and kind and ur always there for me and im just???? so in love w u and sometimes I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the universe
keith: *blushing furiously* “thats…. neat …. u have eyes too NO I mean… uhh fuck,… u have beautiful eyes too uhhh…..they look like the ocean …. waIT NO I mean the color of ur eyes and uhhhhh…ur hair looks brown and WAIT FUCK I mean of course but uhhh….” finally he just sighs and holds lances hands and says “and I’m in love w u too. A lot. I.. really love u?”
Lance hugs him tightly cuz he knows keiths trying his best

About that Sheith Easter egg

So, is this picture just before Kerberos mission? a few hours (or days) before, I mean. I don´t remember every detail of this scene;;;;

Look at Pidge and her mom. Why are they there taking a photo? it´s not common for family to visit their son´s school just to take photos! unless this is a special occasion.

There are only two answers to the first question and both of them show us how importat is Keith to Shiro:

1.Yes, it is a few hours (or days) before Kerberos mission: Which means Shiro thought being his last moments on earth with Keith (alone!) was the best. Compare to Matt being with his family who are the most important to him. Maybe Shiro doesn´t have a family and Keith is the closest he´s ever had to someone he loves and wants to share important moments with him *cries*

2. No, it was way before Kerberos: the only other special occasion that would explain mom comming to the Garrison to take photos with her son and daughter would be: this is Matt´s first day at the Garrisson. Which could be Keith´s first day too. The only weird detail is that, if this is Keith´s first day at the Garrison…why is Shiro touching him so friendly? well, maybe because they have known each other long before! Maybe Shiro is the one welcoming Keith ♥

The Daughter Of Thomas Shelby

Summary: Thomas was intimate with a girl he met before the war. He comes back five years later learning that she has left Bermingham with his child. He looks for them for years, but eventually gives up as he has to start focusing on the family he does know about. His daughter, (which I named Fiona), comes to Small Heath in search of her father.

On the rainy day of that particular Monday afternoon, Fiona Shelby checked into a motel located in Birmingham, a foreign place to Fiona but it was her mother’s home. She shuffled into the room she paid for, shrugging off her wet coat and hat, letting her long locks fall over her shoulders. She shut the door behind her and lit a candle next to the bed. The sun was now setting, and Fiona was already exhausted from her travels. The search for her father would have to wait another day as she opened her bag containing what little clothes she had and took out a small bag of food. She began eating what she had left, her blue eyes darting around the dimly lit motel room. The bed she sat on creaked with every movement and the walls were slowly decaying with the wallpaper crumbling.

Fiona put away her food, and placed her bag of belongings onto the floor seeing as the cheap motel didn’t have a closet or drawers, only a bed and a bedside table with candles and matches littering it, and toiletries at the far corner in a small room. She shrugged off her shoes and laid back against the bed. She curled into the blankets, shivering from the cold. She thought about what tomorrow would bring, and if her father was alive. She wouldn’t have come if she hadn’t had anywhere else to go. She spent what little money she had on the train ticket here, the lift, and the motel for a couple of nights. Her food was running low and her money was now gone. If her father was half the man her mother told her he was, than he would at least give her food and send her on her way.

Fiona was really hoping to just know him as her mother’s side of the family disowned them for reasons unknown to Fiona. She just wanted a friend in her father. She didn’t like being estranged from the only family she knew and since she could remember she has wanted to know him. All she had of him was his name. No more, no less. Her mother never even described what he looked like, not even when she told Fiona to look for him before she passed. Her mother said he was a good man from a hard working family, he was young when Fiona was conceived, and that’s why her mother apparently left Birmingham for Sheffield. Fiona shut her eyes, trying to rid her nerves and thoughts of her father. She fell asleep instantly, exhaustion catching up with her.

The next morning, Fiona ate the biscuits left at her door by the owner of the motel and bathed in cold water. She styled her hair neatly and picked out a dark blue blouse with a brown skirt. She put on her grey coat with her hair cascading down her back. She owned no makeup, but her youth didn’t require it. She slipped on her shoes and grabbed her bag before leaving the motel. She had no idea how she was going to find her father in such an overcrowded city, but she prayed that at least one person recognized her father’s name. She began walking down a busy street, following a crowd of people into the centre of the city. Fiona wanted to ask the passbyers of Thomas Shelby, but her nerves got the best of her and she instead walked into a shop.

Fiona had asked the shopkeeper of Thomas Shelby, and his guarded and frantic response startled Fiona and she was suddenly being pushed out into the street. She looked behind herself in shock as the shopkeeper shut the door in her face. She gaped at the door, before leaving to the shop next to it. As the hours grew, Fiona began to realize that people either feared her father, or thought she was joking when she told them she was his daughter. The last place she decided to look was at a pub at the other end of the city. She walked tiredly into the business, watching as only men were occupying the place. They all turned towards her suddenly, eyeing the young girl with hungry eyes. She ignored them, clearing her throat slightly as she walked to the bartender that also stopped his work to look at her. He was tall, and his age showed through the lines on his face. The chatter of the business stared again, and everyone had turned away a second later.

“Leave little lady,” the bartender said as he picked up a glass. “This ain’t no place for a girl like you.” The man picked up a rag and began drying the cup in his hand. Fiona leaned closer into the bar, as to not let anyone hear her.

“I’m looking for my father, please sir. You must know him, maybe he comes into your business.” Fiona looked at the man pleadingly and he paused his drying. He set the rag over his shoulder and put the cup down. He walked towards where the girl was standing, placing his knuckles onto the counter in front of him.

“This ain’t my business, but alright then,” he gave in. “What’s the blokes name?”

Fiona swallowed harshly, hoping the man wouldn’t have the same reaction as everyone else in the city. “Thomas Shelby.”

The man let out a cackle, backing away from the girl as his eyes glinted with amusement. “Yeah right,” he laughed bitterly. “You better not be goin’ around tellin’ people lies, little lady. Now get goin’!” The man’s sarcastic smile dropped and he pulled the rag off his shoulder wih force. Fiona stared up at him pleadingly.

“I’m not lying, sir!” She said truthfully, but the man just waved a hand. She sighed, and turned on her heels. Fiona didn’t understand why everyone kept turning her away, was it so hard for them to just point in the direction the man might live. She looked down at the floor as she reached the doors, but they opened suddenly. She stepped back, letting the three men in front of her pass. They barely glanced her way as they walked towards the counter. Fiona left after that, walking towards where she could see the sign of the motel in the air. It was a good walk from where she was, and she was sure it would start raining again before she even made it back. Fiona knew she would just have to try and find her father tomorrow, and this time she would have to ask the customers of the shops rather than the shopkeepers.

“Harry, serve us a scotch will ya,” Arthur said as he sat himself down. His brothers, Finn and John sitting to his right. Harry nodded, bringing out three cups and began serving their drinks in front of them.

“Want to know something funny?” Harry looked at the men in front of him. Arthur shrugged as he brought out a cigarette while his brothers gulped down their drinks. “A girl just came in here, saying she was Tommy’s girl.” Harry chuckled and shook his head. John’s forehead creased.

“Grace won’t like that one bit,” John said sarcastically. Harry laughed quietly, shaking his head again.

“No, I meant his daughter.”

The three men stopped their movements, looking at Harry with raised eyebrows. They immediately thought back to Elizabeth, Thomas’s first love. They knew she carried a baby and left before they returned from war. Finn remembered her briefly as he was just a child when this happened.

“What?” Arthur asked, completely caught off guard. “Where is she?”

“I sent her on her way,” Harry shrugged, pointing a hand at the door. “You passed her on your way in.” The men simutaneously looked at the door behind them, as if the girl would be standing there.

“How old was she?” Finn asked, trying to put two and two together. He remembered Tommy searching for Elizabeth and his child for years, but Tommy had to give up finding them in order to save the family’s name.

“No older than seventeen,” Harry shrugged once again. He looked at the confused faces in front of him, his own features casting with confusion. “She was lying right? Maybe she just wanted some money.” Harry suggested. The three brothers looked at each other, before they all stood up abruptly. They left before leaving an explanation to Harry and climbed into the family car.

“Do you think the girl might be Elizabeth’s?” John asked Arthur as Arthur sped down the street.

“Has to be,” Arthur responded quietly. His little brother might have closure after all, if he let this slip from their hands Tommy might not have his oppurtunity again.

“Is that her?” Finn pointed from the backseat at a girl just down the road. He had seen her as they walked into the Garrisson when she was leaving, taking note of her dark hair.

The other brothers didn’t respond as Arthur pulled the car to a stop right next to her. The girl looked up at the strange three men, and they saw her eyes riddle with fear.

“Heard you was looking for Thomas Shelby?” The girl stopped walking. She looked at them, silently nodding. “Why?” Arthur asked.

“I’m his daughter,” Fiona answered simply.

“What’s your mum’s name then?” John asked, and Arthur lightly hit his chest. John shrugged at his brother and turned back to Fiona, waiting for an answer.

“Elizabeth,” she said finally. “My mother said she knew him before the Great War.”

The brothers all turned to each other, they found her.

“Get in, then.” John opened his door. They waited patiently for Fiona, but she stared at the men wearily.

“Get in, love. We’re just takin’ you to him.” Arthur said. Fiona didn’t know if she could trust the men and her eyes drifted to the motel sign not far from her. She sighed, knowing that they could be telling the truth. She walked around the car, aware of the three pair of eyes that watched her. She climbed into the backseat and an older man smiled at her.

“I’m Finn, I’m Tommy’s brother.”

Fiona stared at the man, staring at her own uncle. She never knew if she had one on her mother’s side. The girl smiled. “I’m Fiona.”

“Fiona?” John looked back at her from his seat. “I’m also Tommy’s brother, I’m John and this is Arthur, the oldest.” Fiona smiled and nodded at them too as she leaned back into her seat. She tried to remember where they were going in case the men were lying. She placed her hands in her lap, fidgeting with her fingers as she bit her lip anxiously.

“You have his eyes,” Finn said after a couple minutes of silence. Fiona turned to him, not quite knowing what to say. “But your hair’s dark like your mother’s.” Fiona just nodded.

“He’s been lookin’ for ya,” Arhur said, turning his body to face the girl briefly. “Thought you should know,” he turned back around. Fiona looked down at her lap, covering the smile that formed on her features. Her father looked for her, it made her heart beam with joy.

“We’re here,” one of the men said as they came to a stop in front of their home. John helped Fiona out of the car and she followed closely behind them as they entered. A woman sat at the table in a kitchen, her eyes peering at Fiona curiously.

“Who’s this?” She asked. Her nephews just smiled and Arthur opened two green doors Fiona hadn’t even realized were there. Fiona looked away from the older woman and at the crowded secret room. People ran around yelling and fussing. Some were at desks and others were standing outisde.

“Everyone out!” Arthur yelled. Everyone stopped, and looked at the Shelby in confusion. “Now!” Arthur said after no one moved, less than a couple seconds later, men began scurrying away and leaving the premises quickly. Fiona watched them go, her eyebrows raising at how fearful they looked. The woman stood from her chair, looking at her nephew in anger.

“What are you doing, Arthur?” The woman asked as she approached him. Arthur didn’t respond as a door slamming shut caught all of their attention. Everyone turned to a man standing with a cigarette lit in his mouth, his blue eyes scanning the empty room. He looked at his brothers for an explanation and John walked forward, putting his hand on the man’s shoulder.

Thomas,” John said. Fiona’s breath caught in her throat as she stared at her father. He was clean shaven and did have her bright blue eyes. His hair was styled neatly to one side and he wore an expensive suit. Fiona could feel herself begin to get nervous, and she tried to hide behind Finn’s and Arthur’s taller figures. “We found her,” John said. Thomas looked at his brother, still waiting for an explanation as he brought the cigarette out of his mouth, blowing smoke into the air.

Who?” Thomas asked, his voice sounding impatient.

Arthur suddenly gripped onto Fiona’s wrist and tugged her forward. Aunt Polly and Thomas looked at the teenager in confusion, Thomas just now realizing a stranger was here. Thomas looked at her, wondering why his brother was bringing her towards him.

“Thomas,” Arthur said as they stopped in front of him. “Meet your daughter.”

Thomas dropped the cigarette he was holding, and Fiona watched it fall to the floor. She heard the woman behind her gasp and bring her hands to her mouth. Fiona looked back up at her father, watching as he scanned her face for familiarity. He suddenly snapped out of whatever trance he was in, bringing his eyes into a cold stare. Fiona knew he was going to turn her away, maybe he didn’t believe her.

“What’s your name?” Thomas asked. Fiona couldn’t believe she was having a conversation with her actual father, something she never knew she would be able to do.

“Fiona,” the girl answered. Everyone was startled when Thomas stumbled back, flashbacks of him telling Elizabeth that he liked the name Fiona coming back to him. He remembered Elizabeth clear as day and now that he looked at the girl in front of him, he could see the similarities between both Elizabeth when she was a teenager and Fiona.

“Fiona,” Thomas repeated. “Fiona,” he said again this time reaching for the girl. She was surprised when he pulled her into his arms, hugging her to his chest. She hugged back, closing her eyes as the men and woman around her began cheering. She heard the woman crying as Thomas released her. He cupped her hair into his hands as he pressed his palms against the sides of her head. He stared down at his daughter, his child of whom he only had dreamed before that he would meet. The pair embraced again and Thomas stepped away when she heard a sniffle. He looked down at the crying girl.

“I can’t believe I’m hugging my father.” She said, tears spilling from her large blue eyes. Thomas and the rest laughed, small tears forming in Thomas’s own eyes.

“Fix her some tea,” Thomas told his aunt as he turned to face her. She nodded and quickly walked into the kitchen. “Come,” Thomas told the girl as he handed her a handkerchief. She dabbed at her eyes as she followed him into the office he was in before she arrived. Thomas walked her to a chair and she sat as he walked to the opposite side of the desk.

“Tell me,” Thomas said eagerly. “Where have you been? How old are you? Has your mother come with you?”

Fiona laughed, her tears coming to a hault as her hands dropped to her lap. “I’m from Sheffield.” She answered his first question. Thomas nodded, wondering if he had even checked Sheffield but he probably hadn’t as he has no connections there. “I’m sixteen,” Fiona said. Thomas nodded again, but his heart broke. He missed sixteen years of his daughters life. “Mother hasn’t come with me.”

“Why?” Thomas’s eyebrows furrowed and he leaned forward. Why would Elizabeth send a sixteen-year old out into the world by herself?

“She’s passed,” Fiona sighed. Thomas leaned back in his seat, sadness washing over him. “Months ago, from an untreatable disease.” Fiona tried not to become sad herself. Her mother was everyhting to her, they only had each other for the past sixteen years.

“Where are you living now?” Thomas asked, clearing his throat as to not show he was phased by the death of his first love.

“The motel just a couple streets from here,” Fion said. She looked at Thomas who pursed his lips.

“That won’t do.” Thomas shook his head. “I’ll take you to get your things, your my daughter. I won’t let you live in some motel.” Thomas looked at Fiona, eyes glinting with joy when she smiled. Her smile reminded him of Elizabeth.

“Thank you,” Fiona gasped. “So much,” she smiled even wider.

“You family, Fiona. I won’t have my family living on the streets.” Thomas reassured the teenager. Fiona got more that day than what she came for. She got to know her father as he years passed and the weeks grew. They grew close, bonding mainly over horses and Elizabeth. Thomas kept Fiona away from the family business and got her a proper education, the finest that a woman could recieve. He was able to bless her wedding and watch her grow a family of her own. Fiona never left Birmingham, and she wished on many nights that her mother never had too.

Okay but can we talk about Pidge and Matt’s mom??????? first she looses her husband and son, then her daughter gets all rebellious with trying to find her dad, did Pidge’s mom even know about Pidge going to Garrisson Galaxy under another name? was Mrs. Holt in on it? was she proud of her daughter and was she hoping Pidge would find her husband? Did she do everything to stop her? Did Pidge run away without telling her mom about her plan? does Mrs. Holt know that her daughter is out fighting giant robot creatures? Does she even know if Pidge is alive?????

fireflyfish  asked:

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi: Known Aliases: Ben Kenobi, Rako Hardeen. Wanted for High Treason, Privateering, Racketeering, Grand Larceny, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Espionnage, Kidnapping and lesser felonies and misdemeanors. BEWARE: Kenobi is considered armed and dangerous. If spotted, please contact your nearest Imperial Garrisson. There is a reward of 10 million Imperial Standard Credits for information leading to the Capture and Imprisonment of Kenobi. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COMMUNICATE W/ HIM.

😍😍😍😍😍 wahhh this is so good! I can’t wait to plaster this all around his sassy face. Though I’m tempted to tack on ‘and outrageously swooshy hair’ on to that list of crimes 😂 thank you!!!

catastrofik  asked:

there was this one fic on ao3 where lance is a ghost but he doesnt know it yet, and keith is working in a hospital with the rest of the team but only he can see ghosts. it was like, pidge and hunk and lance were in the same group but like lance died or something and keith was admitted back in their group. they were in the hospital as extra work for the garrisson stuff. shiro died and came back to life, im sorry im just spewing out random shit but pls help me

I’m 90% sure the fic you’re looking for is The Quiet by MilkTeaMiku :) 

Soulmate AU F*** up

Sooo I’m back for more

I always liked the color soulmate AU more because it’s the more soundproof if you asked me. Except when you’re blind, I’ve read a fanfic on Dear Evan Hansen about a blind Connor it was adorable, and sad. Never seen one with a color blind person. Anyway if I find that DEH fic again i’ll put the link there.

People already made the joke for the Wristname au with Sherlock about this thing with too common names, or too original one. So I wont expend on it. 

The countdown clock is pretty safe, but you better hope it does not reach zero while in the subway at the rush hour otherwise good luck finding your soulmate among the dozens of people. Or it’s an alien invasion and you have to run for your life. Dunno both would suck. If it were to happen it’ll probably be in a marvel comic or movie.

The last word au (where you have the last words of your soulmate on your wrist so you find out who they are when they’re dying) has been made by a sadist and if that guy were a demon I wouldn’t be surprised. Imagine a Puella Madoka Magica were at each “reboot” the words on their wrist change and Homura check her wrist everytime to see what’s Madoka last words and if she’s going to die young or not.

The drawing au (IDK about that one real name but in clear you draw something on you it appears on your soulmate) is beautiful but at the same time I can’t help but imagine some little shit drawing dick on themselves to embarass their soulmates, but too bad that day they got a job interview. Or a student that wrote notes on themselves before an exams and then there soulmates write back: “Marignan was in 1515 not 1551.” And I just pictured Ron and Hermione. No really as I was writing this I saw Ron and Hermione. Imagine Ron Making those notes and Hermione that just can’t stop herself from correcting him, comment on his orthographe, and getting mad at herself because technically she’s helping him cheating.

And another one Soulmate Au that can go wrong is the first sentence AU. Wich was the point I was getting to when I started writing but I got sidetracked. So we’re never got too much into the how it worked with that AU. I mean most of the time when you meet someone you’re going to say : Hey nice to meet you ! So what does fate make sure you’re not going to say this to your soulmate? ANd what if the person deaf? or mute? Does the sign language count? Same for foreign language, I mean if it’s english ok, (I’m french so for me english is foreign) but what if the soulmate is arabic, or an alien? You’re Screwed! And I’m just being technical here. What if your soulmate isn’t listening when you speak to them for the first time?

As many of us had since last year, I’m currently in Klance hell. One thing about the Klance is that in the show Keith forgot that Lance was in his classes while Lance saw him as Keith’s rival and Keith still sour about Lance forgetting their bonding moment. (That was for the ones not in the voltron Fandom)

Now imagine this in the context of the first sentence AU, how far can we get Keith ignoring and forgetting Lance in the Garrisson? If we were to take it to it maximun we can ever speculate that Keith completly block out his classmate as to not get in trouble for Shiro’s sake. So he wouldn’t be paying attention to anyone or anything that’s not a teacher, Shiro or training. Therefore Lance would have made some big declaration to Keith about surpassing him. But Keith wouldn’t have paid attention to it, he’ll be aware someone talking to him but would focused on training and so be completly oblivious to Lance and the fact someone said his soulmark words. In the pilot When Keith say Lance’s word it can go two way, either Lance doesn’t realise it because of course Keith did talk to him before, they were rival! or so he thought or he do and gets pissed off. In case one a good reveal would be to let Keith see the words on Lance’s wrist during the bonding moment, and have him completly lost on what to do, you can even keep him doubting their soulbond for a while and let him deal with the dilemna to actually ask Lance first word to him and admit that he actually managed to not listen to his soulmates words. Wich is a very shitty thing to do.

On the second case Lance would make his damned best so no one would know, especially Keith, probably act even more agressive towards him and hope that any new hot alien chick he met say his words so he can prove Keith not his soulmate. And then Shiro goes missing and Lance became Keith right hand man and Lance can’t find in himself to be mad at him anymore but doesn’t know how to approch Keith about it and start doubting instead of wishing he is indeed Keith’s soulmate. 

So yeah all that for that, just some ideas about soulmates AU I hope I can inspire some of you out there!

ADHD lance

I’m just gonna dump here bc I have a lot of emotions about ADHD Lance

I love Lance so much and he’s my favorite because I relate to him so much. I headcanon him ADHD because I see a lot of the same mannerisms in him that I have myself. I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade and I’ve been on medication ever since. I definitely don’t have the worst case of ADHD (it varies from person to person) but there’s barely any representation of it in media. Which is why I’m so excited about Lance.

The thing about ADHD is that if you don’t have it it’s kinda difficult to understand. If you don’t know already it stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Because I have a somewhat mild case I didn’t think it was super bad until we were doing a mental health unit in health class and it was one of the topics. It was honestly really weird talking about a disorder that I have and honestly I didn’t know how to feel about it.

Having ADHD is hard. It’s a constant struggle to focus and it’s a lot of rambling and getting off topic. My mom has it and she does this thing where she pauses for a really long time because she’s distracted by something on her iPad. I sometimes rapid fire ramble people’s ears off and talk and talk and talk. It’s definitely horrible in an academic environment.

One of the things I related to was during Pidge’s flashback his first reaction in to getting in to the fancy fighter pilot program (at least that’s what I think it is. Memory is also another ADHD thing) he instantly focused on celebrated and picking up some girls. I learned that people with ADHD like me have less dopamine receptors so it’s hard to keep outer attention because we don’t derive and pleasure from it and get bored. So Lance saying “hey lets go pick up some girls” after getting in to the good class is like “yay I got in, now what?”. I bring up reward a lot when I’ve accomplished something.

I also relate to him being “the annoying” one. Constant chatter and running his mouth off and accidentally running in to a rock while he’s talking? I’m so guilty of focusing too much on what I’m saying and not enough on what I’m doing and while it’s hilarious it’s also a real problem sometimes. Like I’m learning to drive and if I get too caught up in a conversation with my dad I just end up driving in circles in second gear. Lucky I don’t crash in to space rocks like Lance but you get the picture.

I doubt Lance is on medication since he’s in space and all, but a part of me wonders if he was medicated in the Garrisson (is that how you spelling? I never passed a spelling test in my life). It would be helpful since ADHD in an academic environment is quite literally hell. I’ve takes a few different kinds of medications but now I take Ritalin only during the school year. It reduces appetite but that’s the sacrifice you make to be able to function in class. I could imagine Lance going through a day of classes and then realizing in the middle of it that he forgot his medication that day and that’s why he’s extra bouncy and talkative.

There’s another thing. His movements. This has been pointed out before but like when they’re all waiting for Sendec (how the fuck do you spell words???) and he’s constantly moving around. That’s the H in ADHD. Hyperactivity. It’s annoying, but with ADHD your body has to always be moving some how. Sometimes my leg just straight up vibrates because I need to move something. He’s gotta move and he does a bunch of hand gestures and he moves his arms a lot and all that stuff.

It’s so nice seeing someone I can relate to on that level on screen because I don’t have a lot of ADHD friends. I had a friend with ADD but it’s not entirely the same. Or it might be…I can’t remember…

But anyways thanks for reading my long post about ADHD Lance and my experience with ADHD and why I relate to him okay bye

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Sorry to bother you, I really don't mean to sound aggressive about this, but you do know that Lance is 16-17 and Matt is 23-24 right? And that age gap is rlly creepy and pedophilic and not good so uh,,,, that ship, la/tte or whatever you're calling it? that's just as bad as sha/ladin

How am I supposed to not take this as aggressive? It’s like stepping through glass with this fucking fandom I knew I would accidentally do something eventually and attract SOMEONE.

first off 16 is mid teens, I’m sick of seeing that. they were announced as LATE teens which is 17-19 (unrelated to the shipping. I’m just tired of shows about 16 year olds)  
Matt’s age was never announced like Shiro’s was. I always saw him as being maybe 20 (which is why I was ok with drawing Latte since that’s a 3 year age difference at most), noting how young Pidge is in the garrisson and would probably graduate early. Matt probably would have been the same way, he seems like a smart guy. Sam isn’t the same age as  Shiro, why would Matt be too? He’s allowed to be younger. He SEEMS younger. I’m sorry you assumed otherwise. I wouldn’t have drawn the ship if I had thought Matt was the same age as Shiro, trust me!

Personally I’m not a huge fan of shiro and paladin ships,they make me uncomfortable, that’s why I don’t draw it! that and people like you like to hound everyone on anon. If you want to have more of a conversation about this so we can see eye to eye, I would love to! Just shoot me a message off anon so I don’t litter my dash with this. 

Knowing people who are close to me who DO like those kinds of ships I know for a fact that this is the #1 way to just piss people off, NOT change minds. Honestly the best thing to do is just block people and leave. Which if you would like to do that with me, that’s fine! I don’t care if you block me if it makes you feel more comfortable scrolling through your dash. That’s what those features are made for. 

This is the last of the drama I want to see on my blog. If anyone has beef with me for accidentally assuming Matt is younger than Shiro then you can privately message me so we can talk it out like civil human beings


Woodhorn Invasion-July

Another event i seemed to have neglected a review for. This one was pretty local for me so not much travelling was involved. An hour/maybe two up the road can change how tired you can be for these events!

External image

The morning started off with a group meeting of the costumer’s who were going to be onsite, this being the Garrisson, The north charity daleks and the UKCM: Hadrian’s wall regiment before heading to the changing room to get changed. This was one of the first drops for one of my best mates Tiago, who was dressed as a weyland Yutani scientist to help “spot” for me while i was in the xeno.

External image

The venue was amazing, plenty of grassy area’s and good places for public encounters. The weather on this day was perfect too! The exhibition was intresting, plenty of ALIENS related goodies in there ;)

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I was part of the “bug hunt” staged at 1.30 that afternoon in which Abi the alien got loose from her handler, Tiago, and was on the riot in the venue. The marines then had to take a group of kids, i say group…it was a HORDE! to find the loose bug. Myself and Tiago had hidden behind one of the main buildings until the marines (Scapegoat, Boltrig) had the last clue from the Doctor (Claymore) and headed our way,

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……in which Tiago then THREW herself from behind the building (the kids screams were…well its hard to describe something that awesome!) and abi followed suit, mauling her into the floor! (owch!) By the end of it the Doctor had subdued Abi with the use of his sonic screw driver and the marines had her back in chains. (poor abi!) to end the whole thing we took the kids back to the UKCM table and gave them certificates for taking part. Great bug hunt all around!

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The rest of the day consisted of walking around taking pictures, and Abi managed to get herself on a train ride!! which was amusing!

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Before we all packed down and left for the journey home :P The organizer's did a great job for this and hopefully we’ll be involved for next year!

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