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Is it okay if this is only i can do?


Attack on Titan Dream Cast Part 2:

Anne Hathaway as Hanji Zoe
Jennifer Lawrence as Sasha Braus
Jake Abel as Jean Kirstein
Josh Hutcherson as Marco Bodt
Chris Evans as Erwin Smith
Patrick Stewart as Dot Pixis


April 24, 2017


By Okuda San Miguel

With local funding support from 64.6 Downtown—and curation by JustKids who also curates the Las Vegas Life Is Beautiful festival—Ft. Smith, Arkansas, is now two years into an effort to revitalize its downtown through installation of public art by an impressive list of internationally renowned artists. For the Universal Chapel at the end of Garrison Ave. in Ft. Smith, Spanish artist Okuda painted his unique mix of multi-colored geometric patterns merged with organic forms—a style he categorizes as “Pop-Surrealism”—covering all four walls and even the roof. He says his work often explores contradictions in or around the concepts like existentialism, the universe and the meaning of life, but told Dumbwall that ultimately his work is simply influenced by “Everything that I live, that I feel, that I hear, and that I see.”  @okudart  @unexpectedfs  @justkidsofficial  @646downtown