Big Brother 17: Second Chances, 24 former houseguests, fans vote for 16 houseguests to re-enter the house. 

My cast would be -

Males: Eric Stein, Memphis Garrett, Brian Hart, Lane Elenburg, Russell Kairouz, Dominic Briones, Zach Rance & Donny Thompson

Females: Jen Johnson, Chelsia Hart, Libra Thompson, Keesha Smith, Danielle Murphree, Elissa Slater, Candice Stewart & Brittany Martinez

Katy Perry and Sam Smith both think Brooklyn songwriter Kevin Garrett is the next big thing.

Young performers dream of getting signed or playing that big breakthrough show. Kevin Garrett’s big break happened in a way beyond what most artists couldn’t dream of. His lush, haunting instrumentals and soulful croon so captivated Katy Perry and Sam Smith that both mega-stars took to Twitter to proclaim their love for his work — and when you hear him, you’ll agree.