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What To Tag Custom OCs As

I’m just dropping by to say something that’s been happening a lot, both with custom Sheps as well as custom Hawkes in the DA fandom.

  • Jane Shepard is the default female red head & only refers to her (unless someone really named their Shepard-Jane)
  • Jane Shepard is not someones custom Shepard.
  • John Shepard or the abbreviation, Sheploois the default male Shepard, modeled after Mark Vanderloo (unless someone really named their Shepard-John)
  • John Shepard/Sheploo is not someones custom Shepard.
  • Do not use Sheploo for custom male Shepards.
  • Femshep is for any female Shepards, maleshep is for any male Shepards, Commander Shepard or Shepard are good for any regardless of gender. All of these are acceptable for default & custom Shepards.
  • Marian Hawke is the default pale short black haired female Hawke.
  • Garrett Hawke is the default pale black haired grizzled male Hawke.
  • Do not use “Marian Hawke”, “Garrett Hawke”, “Default Hawke” for custom Hawkes, regardless if they use the same hairstyle.
  • Hawke is an acceptable tag for those who you are unsure of their first name & are good for any regardless of gender & regardless if they are custom or default

Please, out of courtesy for the original poster do not misname/tag their OCs, especially for POC characters (that’s white washing, eeek!). This is why I conveniently have two separate tags for default Jane & custom Shepards that I do not know the names of off the top of my head.

In the future if you reblog a custom Shepard from me & incorrectly name them, I will ask you to fix it. It takes two seconds to look in the tags for their name, but it means a lot to the OP. 

Thank you


Terribly phone quality pictures of my two favorite Shepards: Garrett on the left and Gabriel on the right. I didn’t realize how similar they looked until now, but they have their (albeit subtle) differences. Garrett is a Paragade Infiltrator, romancing Jack. Gabriel is a Vanguard and is full Renegade (well he will be, just started ME3 with him) and he’s romancing Tali. Gah, I wish my PC could handle Mass Effect so I could make these guys look waaay better than I can on the Xbox.