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Monster High at San Diego Comic Con 2016 | Monster High

This lovely video features my Frights, Camera, Action/SDCC Robecca Steam cosplay, plus a few shots of my dad in his Hexiciah Steam cosplay! 

What you see here is documentation of one of my proudest moments in life. I feel so happy and honored. Thank you so much, @monsterhigh.

If you want to give a shout out to Blaise, his blog is @blaiseworld! :)


We are happy to announce that our new EP “Covers (Side A)” where we cover some of our favorite songs from the 90’s is out now on iTunes

Along with a brand new video for “Steal My Sunshine” featuring Derek from Mayday Parade!

Hope you enjoy all the new music!!!!


The Maine

Finally I took some time finishing those two ladies <3

This time I made the flat colors with Copic Markers, and the shadows were done with colored pencils.

I really hope you like it :)

This is also especially dedicated to Garrett Sander, the coolest ghoul out there :) Please visit his tumblr here:

You inspire me a lot, therefore, this is a little thank you from my side. :D

I know I’m a not very well known artist, but I love doing Monster High art so much. It helps me to cool down :) I also love the character designs so much, they are so lovely :)

Rochelle Goyle was my first Monster High doll. She is still my favourite ghoul! :D

Hope you guys like it too!


I had the most fangtastic weekend at Wonder con!  Found everything I was looking for (and some things I wasn’t). Got to meet Garrett Sander (oh my ghoul!) Totally decided my con theme was bats and cats, giggle~  Big thanks to all my freaky fab friends who dealt with my other more umm high maintenance costume. I don’t even care that my feet are so swollen from the heels that I’d give big foot a run for his money, best weekend ever!

Christmas just got Creepy, in memory of Cassie England

This year, I lost my best friend and the Monster High fandom lost one of its most dedicated members. You might remember the name Cassie England from this post, written by her dad, Logan. I can’t possibly explain better than he did how much Cassie suffered, and how much Monster High meant to her, how it buoyed her up on her bleakest days and got her through her worst pain.  

Still, Cassie was the kind of kid who loved giving presents even more than she loved getting them, and every year she’d fundraise and more for kids less fortunate than her. Over the years she and her family collected and donated toys to places like St. Jude’s Childrens’ hospital and St. Vincent De Paul. 

We want the tradition to continue this year. 

I know we all want those shiny new dolls for ourselves and our kids, but if you can spare a few extra bucks this holiday season, let’s wish some kids a freaky fabulous Christmas in Cassie’s name. 

This is the Christmas Just Got Creepy Amazon wishlist, run by Cassie’s dad. Dolls purchased from this list will go towards our local chapter of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the that always took care of Cassie when her condition got bad enough that she had to be hospitalized. They’ll be donated in Cassie’s name. 

It’d mean a lot to us if we could blow this up for Cassie. Thanks, guys. Pass it on. <3 

Ok but can we just take a moment to give Garrett Sanders the BIGGEST round of applause? He honestly listens to his fandom- a part of the fandom that isn’t even the target audience at that!- 100000% more than any creator and 10000000000000000% than all the poor fandoms experiencing wank right now you know who you are and I feel for you I mean seriously.. “Guess what guys? You get not one, but TWO new movies! And GUESS how many new lines? Just GUESS! Oh you want a Spectra movie? Done! You want this selected group from the trademarks? Ok! Let’s reveal those at Comic Con! You want a Loch Ness Monster ghoul? A Grimm Reaper ghoul? Another manster? You get ALL THE THINGS!” he probbably is responsable for Lizzie coming out when she did to be honest, knowing how many people wanted her even though she hasn’t gotten as much air time (or hadn’t before her announced release) as, say, Kitty or Duchess, who are next, I’m sure, because fans, honestly this man is such a gift, can he work on all our heart-breaking TV shows too?? 99% sure that if he did Sterek and Destiel would be canon by now I’m just saying because he loves his fans so much and wants their happiness

Well since I saw that pic with a few of the new dolls for this 2014, I get so excited to see this two … but something in my soul tells me that  they are going to be an exclusive of the San Diego Comic Con… and because I can’t be there for so many reasons… I wanted to ask and kind of beg to one of my idols Mr. Garrett Sander … PLEASE PLEASE let them be available for everyone around the world …. :)