garrett post

listen keith would tell hunk about his crush on lance and hunk would keep it a secret

but don’t tell me hunk wouldn’t always make shiro put lance and keith together on missions

don’t tell me hunk wouldn’t always wink wink nudge nudge at keith whenever he’d see them standing next to eachother

don’t tell me hunk wouldn’t always say things like “some things just go together, peanut butter and jelly, aliens and space, red and blue…”

hunk would 100% be Keith’s wingman and try to get him with lance every chance he had

okay i know a lot of people hc Keith as Not Being Able To Deal With Situations™ but in episode 9 of season 2 we distinctly see Keith calming Hunk when Hunk starts to panic about being inside the Weblum.

Keith immediately addresses the situation, maybe not in the best manner, but still addresses it.

But Hunk is still panicking, understandably so.

So Keith, albeit frustratedly, calmly states their situation, and understands that it’s not an ideal one, but the one they’re in nonetheless.

He compliments Hunk while also tapping into his survival instinct.

And then asks if he’s going to be okay.

Yet, again, albeit frustratedly.

After this, Keith even cracks a joke about Hunk’s tendency to throw up, causing him to be surprised and even laugh at the joke, which completely redirects his focus off the thing worrying him and onto something better.

Then at the end, Keith acknowledges that Hunk did an excellent job and helped keep them both alive.

Ya boy may not be the best when it comes to comforting someone and dealing with heavier emotions, but he’s not as lost as people think he is. 

hunk: coran, when did you learn how to fix the castle with the efficiency you do?

coran: well, you see, when i was a young boy-

hunk: [eyes widen in fear] coran, no-

keith: [bursts in wearing a my chemical romance shirt and too much black eyeliner] MY FATHER TOOK ME INTO THE CITY