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I’ve never laughed so hard at a video.

At a party on Balmera
  • Lance, to Shay: I have to tell you, I don't think I've ever seen Hunk so happy before.
  • Shay: Aww, I'm gla--
  • Lance: If you hurt him, I will kill you and make it look like an accident.
  • Shay:
  • Lance:
  • Shay:
  • Lance: Pfff...Hahaha! I'm just messing with you! Don't look so freaked out!
  • Shay: ...Oh, a joke.*relieved* Ha...
  • Lance: *calls and waves* Hey, Pidge!
  • Pidge: Hey, Shay! *finger guns* We're gonna kill you!

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Hunk and Lance both planned on proposing at around the same time, but both found the other's ring. They both decided to let the other propose first. Lance takes Hunk to a nice dinner at the first restaurant they went on a date to because he already had reservations for the proposal. Hunk is ready to fake surprised, so he waits. And waits. Annnd waits. No proposal. The next day Hunk makes Lance his favorite dinner, because he already had the ingredients. Lance expects Hunk to propose. 1/2

I’d sell my soul to satan for corn chip crumbs if the VLD writers will give me canon childhood friends Hunk and Lance.

Boys with their Starbucks + a quick Insta selfie (థ౪థ)

[flies into the sun] bye

Voltron Sinbad Au

ok so idk if anyone’s thought of this yet but hear me out..

Lance is Sinbad
-ur classic swashbuckler
-ladies man
-constant complaining
-secretly selfless and insecure
-hides it with an overconfident facade
-just wants to chill on an island w/ some hot babes anD YES HUNK HE KNOWS THEYRE CANNIBALS
-conSTATLY bickering w/ keith <br> -water boy
-started crushing on keith the moment he saw him and dealt with it by sailing to the opposite end of the world
-childhood friends w/ shiro
- scales a fucking cliff to save keith and forget an actual rescue plan

Keith as Marina
-prince of altea (syracuse) and engaged the shiro
-alluras cousin
-boi needs to chill
-jumps in without thinking ahead
-boy gay af he doesn’t give 2 fucks about those sirens
-quick thinker
-sarcastic boy who can handle himself
-“i’Ll ShOw YoU rEpReSsEd”
-puts duties before emotions
-lives for fighting
-loves shiro with all his heart but he belongs on the sea

Shiro as Proteus
-ambassador of allura
-engaged to keith
-seriously bless this boy he wants keith to marry him out of love, not political obligation
-trusts lance enough to put his head on the chopping block <br> -seriously this guy is so trusting and loyal to his friends
-cares so much about his country
-super understanding when keith wants to go w/ lance
-he just wants keith to be happy

Allura as the Queen of Altea
-she just wants to protect her people
-pls give her a break,,, she’s tired
-as much as she cares about her country, she’s willing to putting her throne on the line if it means saving shiros life
-honestly she’d do it even if she didn’t have a crush on him.. not that im saying she does
-its not easy for her to trust people especially when the safety of her kingdom and friends are on the line (plus come on lances a thief can u really blame her)

Hunk as Kale
-the voice of reason
-lances best friend and trusty first mate
-the only one who can poke at lances conscience enough to make him feel guilty
-thief with a heart of gold <br> -buff boi
-come with me….. we will speak of love…….
-just imagine hunk if he walked around without a shirt all the time

Pidge as Spike
-ok this ones a little iffy but hear me out
-Smol & Angry
-asexual, sirens can suck it
-always ruins the moment
-constantly messing with lance
-really bonds with keith
-idk probs over cryptids and ancient greek conspiracy theories
-like they’d probs flip when they saw the fish island or the roc beCAUSE I FUCKING TOLD THEY WERE REAL
-also constantly betting
-they’d also probs do the thing rat does where he drops down from ropes and shit
-she’s more like a weird combination of the whole crew than anything

Coran as Coran
-there wasn’t really a character that fit him so i made one up
-alluras right hand man and chief advisor
-lances father figure when he was growing up at the castle
-he was so upset and worried when lance ran away,,, like that’s his child,,,,,
-almost had a heart attack when lance was sentenced to death
-probs would’ve called for substitution himself if shiro hadn’t beaten him to it -hes the only one allura trusted to help break shiro out of prison
-he always secretly wanted to be a pirate,,,, he has an outfit in the back of his closet,,,,,,,,

Zarkon as Eris
-i know this is the way it has to be but it kinda pisses me off
-like eris is such a fucking amazing antagonist and i know that zarkon wouldn’t act anything like her
-he’s too bulky and stiff to do the wispy stuff and lord knows he wouldn’t take a bath in space
-whatever back on track
-okay so zarkon is god of chaos
-he knows the best way to bring chaos is the steal the book of piece and kill the heir to the throne
-but turns out the heir to the throne is keith (who is half galran) so he does the next best thing and tries to get him to switch sides so he can destroy altea from the inside
-that doesn work he settles for stealing the book and making sure either keiths best friend or lover has to die

ill probs do more with this later like plot stuff but post is already too long

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Net anon back to say this was actually used in gladiatorial fights! The gladiator would spin their net in a figure eight and when it wrapped around the enemy, they would be entangled enough that they couldn't strike back. The gladiator would then use their grip on the net as leverage to plunge their weapon deeper into the target. Sounds a little brutal, but I headcanon that Si-guy gets a little frenzied when he smells blood.


I am here for this 100%. Like honestly, I love the idea of Sidon fighting like a gladiator now. Perfect.