Best anime. This is my favourite anime

Do Galra have human-like life spans?? Because if not, imagine Keith living longer than the rest of the paladins and having to watch all of them die. 

h e a d c a n o n

team voltron is at some type of desert planet and holy shit it’s blazing there

the only one not effected is keith cause a. he’s the red paladin and b. he lived in a freaking desert shack

anyway, it’s to the point lance is too hot so he takes off his shirt

and keith just loses his shit

like he turns redder than his armor and can’t seem to talk, only sputter

and cue lance groaning and shouting, “why the hell is it so hot?!?!”

“because of you” keith whispers in a dazed awe

w h a t.

both keith and lance freeze, eyes going wide as they go red from head to toe

“w-wh-what - ” lance squeaks

pidge is just dying of laughter in the background

bonus: afterwards, lance snatches keith around the corner of their rooms and kisses him. when they part, they’re breathless and lance pants, “i think you’re the hot one, by the way”

and keith just. dies

Voltron playlists for when you're feeling_____

F e e l i n g m e l a n c h o l i c ?

Voldemort- With Confidence
LUST- Outthepond
Long Nights- emaycee
Melancholia- greetings from
Heartbreak- Don Juan
Fragile touch (go to YouTube, it’s the first one)
Mom- through and through
Tycho- daydream
Koi pond- James
On the way out- Home
Hot milk- Snails House
Cry baby- The neighborhood

F e e l i n g a n x i o u s ?

Keeper- With Confidence
Dreamcast- Blank Banshee
I can’t do this- Lil Lotus
I guess is okay- utsush
Robotic- Frank Flektor
You me- nion
Unsaved info -junyii
Trees- twenty one pilots
s o l i t u d e- BONI
Secret for the mad- Dodie Clark
Afraid- the neighborhood

F e e l i n g a b a n d o n e d,
b e t r a y e d ?

Archers- With Confidence
Fools- Troye Sivan
Pure imagination- ROOK1E
Tokyo train- Klimeks
THE QUIET- Troye Sivan
Fun- Troye Sivan
Brother- Mighty Oaks
Don’t wake me up- Robots don’t sleep.
Northern lights- Jaymes Young
You- Dodie Clark
Beach- the neighborhood

F e e l i n g l i k e a b u r d e n ?

Dinner Bell- With Confidenec
We are finally landing- home
Ghost Under my bed- Johnny Goth
Easylike- corya
Lost and different- Nymano
The eye of the truth- driver
Lonely- idealism
Besidju- Joji
The loser- zach farache (bimyo remix)
War of hearts- Ruelle
Johnny boy- twenty one pilots
Sweater weather- the neighborhood

N o t f e e l i n g e n o u g h.

Higher- With Confidence
6/10- Dodie Clark
Implicit demand for proof- twenty one pilots
When- Dodie Clark
Sick of losing soulmates- Dodie Clark
Talk me down- Troye Sivan
Sippy cup- Melanie Martinez
Soap- Melanie Martinez
Gasoline- Halsey
Roman Holiday- Halsey

F e e l i n g n o s t a l g i c ?

Waterfall- With Confidence
Hometown- Twenty one pilots
So sad- Varsity
Home- before the night
Her- eery
Netflix and Chillwave- cameragrammar
Flood- HOME
Drive- Halsey
S p r x n g- invention_
Smile from you-jinsang
Daddy issues- the neighborhood