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Garrett McNamara rogue wave off Portugal
said to be the biggest wave ever

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Garrett McNamara Surfed Waves 90 Feet High at 2011 ZON North Canyon Show in Nazare Portugal. Here is Garrett McNamara Nazare Video. According to this November 8, 2011 report, Garrett McNamara broke the record for the biggest wave ever surfed. McNamara surfed the 90-foot wave at Praia do Norte off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, an area known for generating giant waves.

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Garrett McNamara makes history again, during the two month period of the ZON North Canyon Show he broke a surfing world record!

Off the coast of Nazare 70 miles north of Lisbon in Praia do Norte, Portugal McNamara rides what has been said to be the biggest wave ever successfully negotiated during a “tow-surfing” session! Garret was towed into a rogue 90ft wave at the North Canyon, check out this impressive video!


Before he surfed Praia do Norte, he sat on the cliff overlooking the waves and felt their power in his chest. It made him wonder. He e-mailed his friend Kelly Slater, arguably the greatest surfer in the history of the world, about the break and its range of possibility. Slater had once sat on the same cliff and felt the same things in his chest. One mistake will be your last, he wrote. McNamara has seen friends come out of waves like that with their legs dangling by just a flap of skin, with their shoulders pulled out of joint. Rogues can rip your head clean off.

Surfer Garret McNamara on riding the biggest wave ever

I’ve watched this video probably 30 times, still gives me chills.

Well, this is pretty unbelievable.

American extreme surfer, Garret McNamara just set the world record for riding the biggest wave ever.

McNamara rode the wave - estimated at 90 feet high - during a competition in Portugal.

Ready for it?

To put this monster in perspective, the peak of The Predator (roller coaster) in Darien Lake, New York is 90 feet tall.