garret taylor

Stay For The Night~*✲゚*✧~*✧⋆

Don’t want the world to know what makes me weak
Don’t want the world to know that side of me
When I never even leave

Don’t want the world to know I’m by myself
Don’t want the world to know I’m on your shelf
But if you want to try at all

Stay for the night, tell you why nothing’s right if you’re gone
Stay for the night, if it’s all a lie, I wouldn’t mind if you’re wrong
Stay for the night, we’ve been alright for so long
There’s no coloring around us anymore
You either know or you don’t

(In which Clarke gives into her feelings, still shaken by the idea that Lexa could have died and Lexa comforts her.) 

5SOS Imagine - Father's Day (Calum)

/Just a little something for Father’s Day./

“Mommy, mommy! Watch this!” Tommy yelled out from the shallow end of the pool.

Your eyes tore away from Calum’s naked back to look at your son, who proceeded to puff out his cheeks and push his face into the water. When he resurfaced he had a giant grin on his face, his pudgy cheeks sticking out, just like his dad’s.

“Wow baby, you held your breath under the water! You’re gonna be swimming like a fishy before long, huh?” Your son giggled back at you before puffing his cheeks and submerging his face once again.

You returned your gaze, fixing your eyes on Calum once again, his back flexing as he placed the burgers on the grill. Even with the hot sun beating down on your skin, chills shook your body as he closed the top and turned around. He smiled in your direction before sitting at the edge of the pool, sliding his feet into the cold water. You slipped off of your tanning float and swam over, pushing yourself up enough to peck his lips quickly.

“I just texted everyone, they’re all on their way except for Luke. He said something about having trouble getting Taylor calm enough to get ready then there was screaming and I heard Luke yell about her taking the fish out of the fish tank.” You laughed at that, sounding exactly like what would probably happen.

“Mommy, Daddy! Is Taylor and Garret coming to swim with me?” Thomas asked as he tried his best to swim over in his blow up ring and arm floats.

You stepped forward and brought him closer to the both of you. “Yes, they are and Aunt Mali is even bringing baby Rosie to swim for the first time ever.” Calum explained.

Tommy’s face lit up at that, and he started asking all kinds of questions about what games they could all play.

After everyone had showed up and the kids were splashing around in the pool, you finally got a minute to just sit and relax while Ashton chased Tommy around the pool pretending to be a shark.

Calum motioned you over to where he was sitting in a lounge chair in the shade, and pulled you into his lap when you got close enough. He kissed your lips a few times before you rested your head on his shoulder while you held each other.

“Happy Father’s Day, baby. I couldn’t have picked a better man to be the father of my children.” You mumbled, waiting for his reaction.

At first he just squeezed you closer saying thanks, but then he pulled away and made you look at him.

“Wait, what do you mean by children.” The confusion on his face slowly changed as he watched you bite your lip and pull his hand to rest on your stomach.

“I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you and I figured this would be a pretty good day…” You smiled.

“Holy shit, are you serious? We, we’re having another baby?” He asked, a smile growing large on his face. You nodded quickly and he pressed his lips to yours forcefully.

He pulled away, but only enough to mumble lowly, “This is the best Father’s Day present ever.”