garret reynolds

Alison: “The four of you remember more about that night then you think.”

What the liars actually remember…

Oh Marlene!

Fucking really? I’ve spent seasons theorising and wondering what the fuck really happened to Maya and whether she was really dead. We never saw a body and Nate never actually admitted to killing her so it seemed really open ended! Especially since half a season before that was spent giving us clues that A had killed Maya. The whole ‘MAYA KNEW’ thing was meaningless, as was her website?? Her relationship with Noel and her time in Cape May?? I’m so frustrated by this bullshit! I feel like I really overestimated the amount of thought and intricacy that has been put into this storyline.

Not to mention the fact that Marlene answered so many seemingly important questions like who killed Ian and Garret via an interview just makes me so mad. They could have removed some of the irrelevant relationship bullshit in this season to put these answers into the show, despite how disappointing they are! I’m so annoyed with how the final played out and even more so the way Marlene has handled social media and her interviews since!

Who literally cannot be Charles:

Jason DiLaurentis: We’ve already seen him in flashbacks when Alison was alive, and interacting with her. Charles + Jason are not twins, which has been proven to us without a doubt, through the release of the Dilaurentis home movies. They couldn’t have switched places. It’s not Jason.

Ezra Fitz: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and brother, we’ve learned about his past with Maggie + Jackie, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls 

Toby Cavanaugh: almost had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his mother and step-sister, we’ve learned about his past with Jenna + being locked up in reform school, major betrayal and lies already found out by the girls

Caleb Rivers: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we’ve learned about his upbringing + actually met his father and learned about his Rivers family history through Ravenswood, we’ve learned about his past and all the places he’s lived + illegal things he’s done, he’s been the most involved in trying to expose A. 

Bonus: Caleb is very obviously Native American, and this was supported in learning his family history in Ravenswood. He cannot be a Dilaurentis, he comes from a long line of Rivers’. 

Lucas Gottesman: is disgusted by Alison and her damage, we know that Lucas has his own non-Dilaurentis parents through Caleb living with them for awhile and mentioning his parents a few times, A-Team involvement already found out by the girls, which has honestly always been shown/revealed to us

Bonus: Lucas is the absolute wrong build and structure to be Charles. He’s too small, too pale-skinned and his bone structure is way to different. Even if plastic surgery is an optional explanation, there should still be a hint of Dilaurentis in whoever Charles is. It’s not Lucas. Plus, can you imagine Alison’s disappointment if it were? I’m pretty sure she’d throw him off the roof at Radley herself, let’s be real here.

Noel Kahn: is afraid of Alison turning on him, to the point that he was prepared to blackmail her with proof she was never kidnapped; that doesn’t even sound like Charles at all. We know Noel has his own non-Dilaurentis family + actually met his brother, we know that Alison is holding Noel’s own secrets over him, his shady involvement has mostly been found out by the girls

Bonus: see Bonus for Lucas above; Noel is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Ian Thomas: had a physically intimate relationship with Alison, Veronica Hastings talked to some of Ian’s non-Dilaurentis family after he died, shady background has already been found out by the girls + mostly explained/revealed to us

Garrett Reynolds: the girls know his non-Dilaurentis family, already revealed to have pretended to hit Alison + NAT club involvement, he was used + abused by Jenna, arrested for murder and then murdered himself; Charles is much better than that. 

Bonus: see Bonus’ above for Noel and Lucas; Garrett is physically nothing like a Dilaurentis.

Minor Characters: such as Travis Hobbs, Johnny Raymond, Alex Santiago, Nigel Wright, Ted Wilson, Sean Ackard; these characters never served the main plot, but rather the filler story lines.

New Characters: Dominic from Prom, Rhys Matthews; Marlene has promised Charles is someone we’ve already met and know pretty well.

Characters of Color: Nate/Lyndon James, Caleb Rivers, Clark Wilkins, Garrett Reynolds; for hopefully extremely obvious reasons. 

Bonus: This goes for Redcoat + Black Widow as well. We’ve already seen the promo for the finale, and Redcoat’s skin is very pale. We’ve seen Black widow at Wilden’s funeral, and her neck + legs were pale. Neither one is Maya. 

Extra Bonus: Black Widow is not Jenna, because Black Widow sat right behind Jenna + Nigel Wright at Wilden’s funeral. 

Female Characters: Bethany Young, Sara Harvey, CeCe Drake, Lesli Stone; Marlene has already promised that Charles is a guy, and that the show will not be touching on Trans issues. Not to mention, ignorantly associating trans issues + serious mental instability seems pretty offensive, in my opinion.

Who still could be Charles, but it’s a stretch: 

Andrew Campbell: We know he was adopted, and that mention hasn’t been explained; Alison and Spencer made a connection to this + Bethany’s drawing of a boy potentially being “switched by a Goblin”. He’s obviously connected to the old Campbell Farm. He’s gotten close to Spencer + Aria. He physically perfectly fits the Dilaurentis look, he actually looks a bit like Alison. However, I don’t think the ages match up + he’s already been found out by the girls and somewhat explained to us. There just isn’t a lot to go on for Andrew right now.

Darren Wilden: We think the ages match, he physically looks quite a bit like Charles as a kid, he was at Noel Kahn’s Halloween party in The First Secret, he got close to Hanna’s mom. However, we also know from The First Secret that Wilden was already a police officer before Alison even started getting A threats. Wilden being Charles doesn’t make sense because Jessica would be out of her everloving mind to allow Charles to have a gun; it doesn’t seem plausible that she would allow that to happen. Also, we were led to believe that Wilden was Alison’s “Beach Hottie”, but in all fairness, that is purely speculation. We do know that CeCe dated Wilden, and later allegedly killed him.

Who could easily be Charles, and why it works: 

Wren Kingston: no known connection to being Alison’s love interest, no known family connections, no known friend connections, and no known connections to A. All we know about Wren is what he’s told and shown us: he has family problems and a family history of mental illness; he was working at Radley as part of some kind of deal, “Quid Pro Quo”, and this deal likely involved Mona + Redcoat. Speaking of Mona, she also “made a deal with the Devil, and she gave me a way in and out of Radley”. We also know that Wren’s deal involved tricking Veronica into getting herself dismissed from Ashley Marin’s case. This showed us that he is manipulative, yet charming. We know that his being a “Doctor” has been called into question by Mona + the police. His shadiness has never been explained, and that’s important. It means Wren is not a Red Herring. Everyone else mentioned in this post has been at least mostly revealed/explained, except for Wren. The show has never even touched on this. All we know for sure is that Wren + Mona each made a deal with someone during the same time, Mona said “it was fun for awhile, having a partner”, Wren was revealed as being shady, and then he was gone + Mona was kicked to the curb by the new A. Those last two things happened simultaneously. There are no coincidences in Rosewood.

Wren would be the most shocking to the girls because they have never had reason to suspect him, and Mona has never said a word to them about her secret relationship with him, whatever it was. He has never been implicated as being involved with A activities, except to the viewers.

These are the facts, based on logic and process of elimination. This post isn’t trying to explain everything, but to recap what we know for sure. 

Personally, I’m placing my bets on Andrew or Wren, but I think almost all of the viewers will be badly disappointed if Andrew is Charles, and it’s not what I’m hoping for. I’m not even entirely convinced it could even work. 

Have You Ever Wondered How Things Would Look If Everything In PLL Happened In Real Life....?


Let’s Start From The Beginning….

“15 Year Old Alison DiLaurentis of Rosewood: MISSING

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A.D. is an original!!

In a recent (pre-season 7 premiere) TV interview with Lucy, Troian, Shay and Sasha on The Talk, they said that Uber A (I believe it’s been said they are also A.D.) has known that they were Uber A from the start. This makes me very excited and means that we can cross people like Lorenzo and Toby’s fiancé (totally blanking on her name, soz) off the suspect list!! Andrea Parker has stated that she is not Uber A bit is working with them so we can disregard her too! Below is a list of people that have been in the show since season one. Let’s just add the possibility of any of them having a secret twin, this is PLL after all!! I’ve noted if the character is dead or likely to be irrelevant in terms of Uber A.

Alison Dilaurentis
Spencer Hasitings
Hanna Marin
Emily Fields
Aria Montgomery

Jason Dilaurentis
Ken Dilaurentis
Melissa Hastings
Veronica Hastings
Peter Hastings
Ashley Marin (probably irrelevant)
Tom Marin (probably irrelevant)
Pam Fields (probably irrelevant)
Mike Montgomery (probably irrelevant)
Ella Montgomery (probably irrelevant)
Byron Montgomery (probably irrelevant)

Jenna Marshall
Toby Cavanaugh
Mona Vanderwaal
Caleb Rivers
Ezra Fitz
Noel Kahn
Paige McCullers
Wren Kingston
Lucas Gottesman

Darren Wilden (dead)
Maya St. Germain (dead)
Ian Thomas (dead)
Garret Reynolds (dead)
Jessica Dilaurentis (dead)
Wayne Fields (dead)

Sean Ackard (probably irrelevant)
Ben Coogan (probably irrelevant)
Alex Santiago (probably irrelevant)
Meredith Sorenson (probably irrelevant)
Barry Maple (probably irrelevant)

Bethany Young (dead)
Marion Cavanaugh (dead)

Basically we’re left with the liars, the Dilaurentis family and the Hastings family. Then we have;

Jenna (probably not but working with them)

Toby (he’s been on the team before but this could have been a cover? He was framed by Ali for blinding Jenna and could still have beef but I’m leaning towards not after the work he put into finding out about Rollins)

Mona (would LOVE and hate this at the same time)

Caleb (after the writers were willing to write him out of the show for Ravenswood, I doubt it)

Ezra (season four. Need I say more?)

Noel (Ali said that he has secrets, we still don’t know what they are!)

Paige (meh, I doubt it)

Wren (🇬🇧 🤓 I am a Wren is A enthusiast and would for him to be involved!!)

And Lucas (mistreated from the start, obsessed with Hannah, probably the one who attacked Ali in ‘The First Secret’).

It probably all comes down to the two families though, there’s so much back story and they definitely seem to be going this way. I don’t think a liar twin is out of the question and Spencer seems the most likely to me at the moment.

What do y'all think??

Sorry for the long post!!

PLL - Still unanswered questions

Who did Spencer hear scream that night? 

Was Spencer already awake when she heard the scream, or did the scream wake her up?

How did Toby’s jacket have Alison’s blood on it? 

Since Mona is the “Original A”, how did Mona get a hold of Toby’s jacket, considering Alison did not have the jacket when Mona took Alison to the Lost Woods Resort?

Who took the photo of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the shot that night?

Did Alison go straight home after giving Emily the snow globe, or did she go somewhere else?

Where did Ian go after he left the bell tower?

Why wasn’t Ian that shocked when he saw Alison in the bell tower?

Who was the individual that was in the Dilaurentis house when Jason moved back in in Season 2?

When did Garrett slip Jason the note saying “I know what you did”?

Who was in the haunted house when the girls walked past it in 2x13?

Who was videoing Noel’s party in 2x13?

What was Jessica doing when the NAT club was in Alison’s room?

What happened to Ian after Jenna and Garrett left the Dilaurentis house?

Did Alison see anyone in Brookhaven the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Shana was the one who met Jenna in the park the day of the masquerade ball, what was her purpose of being there?

Who drugged Emily the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Who is responsible for taking Emily to the graveyard that night?

Where did Jenna and Noel take Emily to that night?

In Pretty Dirty Secrets, why did it seem that Garrett thought Noel was the one calling his house?

Who was the Red Coat that walked behind Lucas in Pretty Dirty Secrets?

Was Wilden the anonymous figure who Mona gave the pills and bullets to?

Were Melissa and Wilden the ones who tried to push Aria off the train? 

Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?

Who was the Red Coat that was across the street from Hanna when A had set up the fake job interview?

Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night of Alison’s disappearance?

Who is the Beach Hottie?

Who was Alison sleeping with?

Was Sara the one in the Red Coat the night “Alison’s grave” was dug up?

Since Cece stated that Jason never saw her that night, is Jason’s flashback of seeing Melissa talking to someone dressed similar to Alison real or not?

If Jason’s flashback is real, but he misidentified the individual Melissa was talking to, then who was Melissa speaking to?

Did Melissa take the photo of Alison, Cece and Wilden in Cape May?


Did Wren grant Cece a Radley pass after she had escaped Radley (with Mona’s help), or was Wren lying?

Why did Wren lie about Melissa calling Cece about Mona, considering how Cece was already a patient at Radley at that point?

How did Melissa know the girls were going to be at the lodge?

Who is responsible for hitting Toby the night of the fire at the lodge?

If Sara is responsible for pulling Aria, Emily,  and Mona out of the fire, how did Sara avoid detection from the other individuals by the lodge, and get to the lodge in time, especially since she stopped in the woods to talk to Cece?

Why would Cece have thought Alison removed the girls from the lodge if it was Sara?

Why were Shana and Jenna afraid of Melissa?

Why was Jenna’s hand burnt when she saw Emily in the first episode of Season 4?

Was Jenna simply lying when she told Emily that Garrett told her Wilden saw Alison the night she went missing?

Is it possible Garrett actually saw Wilden with Cece that night?

Was Cece the one in the Dilaurentis house in the second episode of season four when Hanna was talking to Mrs Dilaurentis?

Why were Melissa, Shana and Jenna afraid of Wilden?

If Shana and Melissa were on a team, why didn’t Shana tell Melissa Alison was alive?

Why was A (Cece) blackmailing Wilden to blackmail Melissa?

Why did Shana and Jenna tell Melissa Wilden set the fire when it was actually Shana?

Did Shana and Wilden both trap the girls in the lodge and start the fire?

Why were Shana and Jenna in Ravenswood?

Who was in the Red Coat, wearing the Emily mask, holding up the guilty sign?

Why was Nigel apologizing to Jenna for failing to keep quiet?

Did Shana tell Jenna Alison was alive, or was Jenna making her own conclusions?

Why was Jenna so scared of Cece?

Since the Red Coat living in the Dilaurentis house has a button missing, was it Cece who was sleeping in the Dilaurentis basement and the Red Coat who attended the hoedown, or was it Sara?

What was Mona referring to when she told Wren he had been withholding things from her and that he was untrustworthy?

Who was Wren on the phone to when he told them to take care of their end?

Who was Cece on the phone to when she said she was not returning to Rosewood?

Why was Shana in Wren’s house in 4x12?

Why did Shana go to Mona’s house in 4x12?

Who was Shana referring to when shed said that she didn’t have a choice?

Since Cece appears to have been the one giving Ezra the pictures seen in Ezra’s liar, why didn’t Ezra suspect Cece of being A?

Was Alison the Red Coat Spencer saw in the episode Hot Water, since Cece claimed she saw a blonde girl in the Red Coat when spying on the liars, and it seems Cece took the photo of Wren and Spencer found in Ezra’s lair?

Who was Mrs Grunwald referring to when she said one of the liars has been touched by the one Alison fears most?

Did Alison phone the police the day of her disappearance or not?

Since Ezra is Bard Shorts but not A, why was Tippi calling the anonymous figure in the episode “Bite Your Tongue” Board Shorts?

Who scared Shana out of Rosewood?

Who was the blonde girl at the zoo?

Why did Cece say to Ezra that Jessica payed her to stay silent about witnessing the fight between Alison and Spencer?

Considering Spencer’s flashback in Cover For Me, is it possible Spencer did hit someone that night?

Who was in the Dilaurentis house when Jessica was in Spencer’s room?

Who was the anonymous figure Spencer was following when she left the bridal show, since the anonymous figure was not carrying the suitcase that Jessica gave to someone (presumably Cece)?

Who turned Cece in to the police?

How long has Noel been aware Alison was alive?

What secrets does Alison possess over Noel?

Was Ezra the one who took the photo of Alison in the Red Coat when she revealed tot he liars that she was actually alive?

Who was Jessica on the phone to when she told them to bring help?

Why did the body in the Dilaurentis backyard have an Alison bracelet?

Who killed Jessica?

Why did Alison state to Emily that Cece killed Wilden partly for her?

How did Mona know the girls were actually in New York?

Who was the individual Jessica was going to send the email to?

Since it was supposed to be Melissa’s hat in the Horse stables, does that mean Melissa knew Bethany or not?

Why was Noel so distrustful of Alison in his confrontation with Spencer?

Who was Melissa talking to on the surveillance camera, in the episode, “A Dark Ali”?

Did Mona (the Original A) get the photo of Alison in the hospital when she visited Hanna in Season 1?

When did Melissa bury “Bethany” that night, in regards to the timeline?

If Cece (A) was the one behind the shelf after A attacked Hanna the night of the Ice Ball, then where was Alison that night?

Is Cece responsible for placing the broken blood vial in Spencer’s bag, even though she was all the way in London?

If the Dilaurentis’s and Hasting’s were neighbours for 15 years, how did they not know about Charles/Cece?

(If Mona hit Bethany with the shovel, then that means Bethany was buried before Alison, since Mona found Alison on the road after Mrs Grunwald saved her; however, when Melissa found “Bethany”, the grave had already been dug up., indicating Alison was buried first. 

If “Bethany” was buried by Melissa first, then someone must have pulled “Bethany” out of the grave prior to Alison seeing Byron, Garrett and Jenna that night. The backyard must have been fixed by whoever pulled “Bethany” out of the grave, since Cece mentions nothing of the backyard already being dug up.

If Mona is telling the truth, then that means a third body was buried in the Dilaurentis backyard, and Bethany was within the vicinity of the Dilaurentis house when Alison was first in Spencer’s barn with the girls.

The only other plausible explanation regarding this revelation of Mona hitting Bethany is that it was not Bethany who Melissa buried, and Melissa found someone else’s body after Mrs Grunwald saved Alison.)

Whose body is actually in that grave?

Is Bethany actually dead? 

Was there a third body buried at some point during that night or not?

How does this fit into the timeline regard the day Alison disappeared??


Ezra’s Research

(Not going crack theory on this post but if I were, it would make perfect sense that Ezra has all the files and history on his patient, Aria and the girl she murdered. But no, this post is if everything is as we are seeing it).

This spying/peeping goes way farther back. Ezra has a picture of Alison that dates back to The First Secret, 2x13. This was Halloween 2008. Zoom in on the picture and its Alison dressed as Lady Gaga. They were 13/14at this time. 13/14!!! This was almost one year before Alison “disappeared”.

So, why did Ezra have this photo in his research? Is this proof that he is NAT? And has been watching them from the beginning?? Maybe! And If so I think he very well could be this A. Melissa Hastings might be Black Veil against him. Maybe Wren is helping Melissa take down NAT Club, one body, Ian, Garret, Wilden (I think he was in on NAT) at a time. Maybe that’s why Jason was almost killed and then subsequently disappeared for so long. Things were getting too close for comfort for him.

Ezra could be the mysterious NAT member that was paying Ian for the videos.

Hmmmm now there’s a twist on things.

Any other ideas???

Maya is -A theory

The first tweets about the reveal of –A in the cast were absolutely frustrating for everybody. But now we know that the truth left them all speechless. They were shocked. But the question I’m going to ask is: What could really come as a shock in PLL? I mean we thought about everyone being –A, from Aria to Hanna’s mom, with the obvious Cece, Melissa, Jenna, Mona again, Lucas, Toby, and Alison in-between. What could really come as shocker now? What –A could really makes us go crazy? Are they going to tell us that -A is Melissa’s baby? Aria’s pig? All of us? Barack Obama? I think not. BUT we are now used to the writers and the only twist that could (truly) be a shock is –A being someone that we know, of course, but someone that we thought dead.

In term of death faking this show runs wild. Alison, Toby, Mona (I hope). Who could have faked their death in order to be out of the suspect and quietly harassing and killing every inhabitant of Rosewood? Let’s see what happened since the very beginning.

First of all who’s dead? The list is quite long but here we go (chronological order to be clearer):

-Bethany Young

-Marion Cavanaugh

-Ian Thomas

-Maya St Germain

-Lyndon James

-Garret Reynolds

-Darren Wilden

-Shana Fring

-Jessica DiLaurentis

-Mona Vanderwaal

Now whose body have we all clearly seen? Who’s dead for sure? (not that we could really know but let’s try):

-Bethany Young (maybe not her but at least there is a body, and the cops seem quite sure)

-Ian Thomas (Wren, Melissa and the four saw his dead body)

-Lyndon James (Emily shot him)

-Garret Reynolds (I think that Aria still remember him)

-Darren Wilden (The girls can testify that he was in his coffin)

-Shana Fring (Aria killed her and saw a thousand time the video of her funeral)

-Jessica DiLaurentis (I think that the dog still remember her)

I won’t put Mona because I’m still grieving and full of hope at the same time, but know that she is not the centre of my theory. But that leaves us with Marion Cavanaugh and Maya St. Germain. Well, well, well who’s going to come for the Q&A for Halloween three years after the death of her character? Yes! You got it! Maya St. Germain actress…

So I think it is time for me to explain my theory about Maya:

Ten little Indians, or Ten Little Niggers or even And Then There Were None, all of them are titles given to the famous Agatha Christie’s novel about ten murderers that have escaped to the justice and that are killed one after the other until no one is left. But it happens on an Island, and there is only ten person, and SPOILER, we discover at the end that the one who kill them all faked his death at the beginning not to be suspected by the others. Why am I telling you this?

Because I think that Maya is –A, and that she faked her death in order not to be suspected of anything, lots of clues:

1) Nate never ever admitted killing Maya. He talked about harassing her sure, and everything in his little speech to Emily could make you think that he killed her, but he never said those words. Maybe he really fell in love with Maya and put up with whatever she told him to do like acting as if he killed her and getting close to Jenna.

2) Isn’t it troubling that Maya’s body appeared the same night that Mona was discovered? Could she have been afraid of Mona telling the truth about her taking the game, and be sure that Mona would not have any credibility if she told the police that Maya was –A?

3) We have never seen her parents, and for all we know her trip to the “Christian Centre Anti-Marijuana Whatsoever” could be completely invented and just gave her time to plot against the girls and Ali and to take the game from Mona.

4) Well she moved in Alison’s house. She could have access to everything –A could dream of. Either she knew Ali before and wanted revenge, or she discovered something in Ali’s room that made her want to ruin Alison’s life, it was absolutely the best place to be for –A.

5) Which better liar could she come close to know all of Alison dirty little secret? Yes, right, Emily.

6) Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife. Maya knew. Maya knew what? Ok here it’s completely out of my imagination BUT imagine that little Maya is completely happy and in love with a girl named Bethany Young. And then BAM an Alison appears make Bethany go to Radley and then kills her (or not, the point is not here, because Bethany is dead, and it is more or less Alison’s fault). Maya cannot do a thing, she’s hurt. She looks for Bethany everywhere. Ok, starting from then she could have known from the beginning that Alison was Bethany’s cause of death and convinced her parents to come to Rosewood for revenge. Or, she wanted to come to Rosewood to be closer to Radley to have answers but she found it directly in Alison’s house or with Mona. Anyway Maya knew for Alison and Bethany.

7) If this theory appears to be magically true, I would feel bad for Maya. Like Marlene King said, we are going to feel bad for –A. And in a certain point of view she could be seen as a black widow.

8) There is something really weird about Maya’s “vacations” in Noel Kahn’s cabin and her relation with Garret before her disappearance, she truly had (has?) something to hide. And isn’t it just perfect that she films herself saying that she is afraid of her stalker only when Emily can’t do a thing about it? I mean in this case, why not just call the police? Or at least describe him!

9) She has an obsession with Emily, maybe she is the one wearing the mask of her face in the car and in the video where she holds a board saying “guilty”.

10) Well to finish, being dead leaves you a lot of time to be –A, I think she is the most credible suspect for this role.

Edit: 11) Oh yeah and “one of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most”? Guess who again? Emily for sure.

Thanks for reading all of that, tell me what you think about this theory!