garret and kate

Dear Marvel,

The real Hawkeye is young, sassy and depressed, he is deaf and sweet and athletic and always regains from some serious injury. He lost his mother and abusive father at a very young age and ran away from an orphanage with his brother to join the circus. When his brother left for the army, Clint shortly decided to go with him but when he arrived at the bus stop, he was too late. Natasha Romanoff was Clint’s first love and he turned into a criminal for her. Iron Man inspired him to become a good guy and helped him become an Avenger. Clint and Captain America didn’t get along in the beginning, because Clint is a hot head. But it soon developed into a big brother-little brother dynamic. He admires Cap. Clint Barton forgave his big brother for almost killing him even though Barney never gave him a reason to do so. He is not capable of having a healthy long term relationship and already fucked up his one and only marriage. He loves dogs and hates people. In Kate Bishop he found some sort of a little sister that he admires, but even with her he has interaction deficits. He has an inferiority complex and depression and doesn’t believe in himself. Yet he is lovely and protective and believes in the good cause. Clint Barton bought an entire building to protect the people who live in it. He climbed  on top of the roof in the winter to repair the TV antenna. He doesn’t like to be called an Avenger, but he doesn’t like being called Iron First either. He doesn’t give a shit about his appearance and doesn’t necessarily realize that he’s actually quite good looking. Clint Barton can’t use technical devices. He’s very proud of what he owns even if it’s broken. He is very intelligent and builds all his arrows himself. He fucks 90% of everything up. Even when he’s being held captive or when he’s being humiliated he doesn’t lose his hurmor.

Clint Barton is a very, very well developed character wth so much depth and background. He is relatable.


Stop. Fucking. Him. Up.

Sincerely, Me.

Today (May 23rd) marks the 15th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager’s final episode: Endgame.

This show certainly greatly impacted my life as I am sure it did many of yours! Without it certainly wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today.

First time I saw our Director and Executive Producer Manu Intiraymi was on Voyager, and I discovered many of my other favorite actors and actresses there as well!

Were you happy with the way Endgame wrapped up the show?

- AM