My Playlist - September 2015

Foals – Mountain At My Gates

The Strokes – Welcome To Japan

Jack Garrat – Worry

Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

Fossil Collective – Let It Go

The Strypes – Eighty-Four

Balkan Beat Box – Dancing With The Moon

Jamie xx ft. Romy – Loud Places

Bon Iver – re:stacks

Editors – Life Is A Fear

AWOLNATION – Jailbreak

Tame Impala – The Moment

The Last Internationale – Wanted Man

Barefoot And The Shoes – If I’m Getting Old

The Cat Empire – Qué Será Ahora

Beck – Dream

Gavin James – For You

The National – Sunshine On My Back

Atlas Genius – Stockholm

Baio - The Names

Frank Turner – The Next Storm

Lost Frequencies – Reality

Muse – Mercy

Plants and Animals – The End of That

The Royal Concept – Smile

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Django Django – First Light

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

Balthazar – Last Call

Stromae – quand c’est?

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Homesick

The Vaccines - 20/20


Random PokeOC Giveaway Art for No Reason (Wave #10 and Final Wave)


((OOC)): This is it, the tenth and final wave! I always save the best for last! This wave is MY tribute to a couple of ask-blog veterans I’ve met and personally enjoyed having interactions with in times past! Don’t even care if some are inactive today! These guys were great! Such awesome people!

I thank each and every one of them for making friends and enemies with my stupid little water bug even to this day!

Well, folks, unfortunately this giveaway is now officially OVER. Sorry if anyone had missed their chance, but thank you guys for participating anyway!

All the questions that need to be answered

  • Who is the person that died as Toby with the matching tattoo?
  • Was Mona working for Red Coat or was that in her head?
  • Who killed Wilden? I don’t believe Cece did.
  • Who killed Garrat?
  • Alison pushed Ian off the Bell Tower does that mean she staged his suicide aswell?
  • Who is Bethany Young and what is her connection?
  • Who hit Alison? Was it Mona?
  • Who killed Mrs D and who was she protecting? Was it the same person that hit Alison?
  • What happened with Toby after he was found to be on the A team? Did he leave? Did he stay?
  • How did Aria know about the fake James Leland before he came?
  • Is Uber A the same person who tried to kill Alison?
  • Who is Black Widow?
  • What is Nohl Kahn’s secret?
  • Why was Cece wearing Alison’s outfit the night she was hit?
  • Was it a coincidence that Mona happened to be where Ali was that night?
  • What is the mystery surrounding Radley?
  • What really happened to Marion Cavanaugh? 
  • If Ezra is Board Shorts, who is Beach Hottie?
  • Who did Alison have a pregnancy scare with?
  • Why did Toby go to London to find Melissa?
  • What were Cece and Melissa talking about that night?
  • Who was living in Alison’s basement? Was it A?
  • Who’s body are the liars getting the remains of? Maybe Sara Harvey?
  • Who is Sara Harvey?
  • Who has the twin?
  • Who killed Mona?
  • Where’s Holden? Sydney? Jenna? Wren? Kate?
  • When Melissa burried Bethany, the grave was open but it was supposed to be after Alison was hit and then pulled by Mrs Grunwald?
  • Is Jenna blind? Can no longer remember!
  • Who pulled the girls from the cabin fire if Ali only pulled Hanna out? Why did that person leave only Hanna behind?
  • Who framed Toby for the fire? Was it the same person?
  • Was Ali the one in the plane?
  • Who was the ghost girl Ashley Marin saw from Alison’s twin story?
  • Who was the creepy boy from the doll shop in Season 1?
  • Why can’t Mrs Grundwal tell us who A is? Or Mona’s killer? Or anything!
  • Who gave Ali the scar on her thigh?
  • What actually happened with Cyrus?
  • Who owned the nightclub in New York?
  • Who is Ezra’s friend that the cabin belongs too?
  • Where did Alison go when she disappeared? 
  • Who is Eddie Lamb? Why did he recongize Aria?
  • Alison only took 3 of Jessica’s sleeping pills, who did she give them too?
  • Who’s red cup of the liars did Jason find on the patio?
  • Was it a coincidence that Jason was completely wasted that night?
  • What is the secret the NAT club had?
  • Why did Melissa take the photo of Alison, Wilden and Cece? Why was she there with them?
  • Who was the blonde Spencer saw in Maya’s room?
  • What actually happened to Maya? Lyndon never admitted to killing her?

Just to name a few! If anyone has answers to any of these questions please let me know! Ugh I hope the writers tie up all the loose ends!